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I Wish You Enough!
This time of year I see and hear many moms and dads...families, struggling with saying "good bye" to their child(ren) as they embark on a new world. It doesn't matter if its the first day of kindergarten, or off to college, It may also be seeing your spouse off at the airport for a business trip, or returning home after a nice vacation with family, or visiting a friend or loved one with a terminal illness.  Those good byes are never easy!  Parting ways can be difficult especially if you don't know when you will be reunited again. On the surface you know everything will be fine and you will see each other soon, but there are those times we get a feeling of "what if?" What if something happens that we are never reunited? 

I can't promise the "what if's" won't occur, because they will. I know I've been there, but as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, we will be reunited one day with Christ in heaven where we will never have to say "good bye" again!

Serving Him together!
Assistant to LCEF District Vice President
Born in Walburg, Texas, the second youngest of nine children, John Kieschnick received a B.S. in Education from Concordia Teachers' College, River Forest, Ill. Throughout his ministry, John has served on a variety of synodical boards and committees, both national and district (Texas). He has authored numerous stewardship Bible studies and programs.

Early in my ministry I recall a time during the Divine Service when I said to the congregation, "The Lord be with you," and waited for a joyful response. When they began to drag back very slowly and much too halfheartedly, "And 
with thy...." I raised my hands and said loudly, "Wait just a minute! What did I just say?" When I said, "The Lord be with you," this time they responded with much greater vigor, "And with thy spirit!" Perhaps it was inappropriate for me to act as I did, but it was a life changing experience for the church - and for me! No, I wasn't fired, but it seemed to me that it really revitalized our worship life together.

LCEF Congregation Advocate
We Need Your Help!

We are very excited and blessed to renew our partnership to help promote the ministry of LCEF within your congregation and surrounding community. 


This is where we need YOUR Help! As an LCEF Advocate, you can help move ministry forward with LCEF, by continuing to promote investment partnerships and ministry services to the members of your congregation.

To learn more about what it means to be an LCEF Advocate, contact Diana Raasch at the South Wisconsin District office by phone: 414-464-8100 or email: 

St. Martini Multicultural Celebration

St. Martini Lutheran Church and School will host a multicultural event on Friday, September 26 at 5:30 p.m. Those attending are asked to bring a dish of food from your culture to share, or just come and enjoy!


If you would like to have your multicultural group represented by a display, dance, or musical number, please contact Pastor Prada at 414-233-0569, or email


St. Martini is located at 1500 S. Cesar Chavez Dr., Milwaukee, 53204.

New to LCEF? Check out ConnectPLUS!
With ConnectPLUS you join the powerful partnership between individuals and The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod (LCMS) ministries that are ensuring more people hear the life-saving Gospel message.

Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) invites you to join the family of investors who are empowering LCMS ministries to build relationships, energize believers and serve communities.

With your investment, you connect to LCMS ministries and rostered church workers, helping to fund custom loans and support services they need for carrying out witness and mercy work in their communities and around the world. 

ConnectPLUS* features:
  • Opportunity to empower ministries
  • 3% fixed rate on the first $5,000
  • Second-tier rate on balances over $5,000
  • $500 minimum to open
  • Two-year term
  • Additional investments of at least $25 allowed

ConnectPLUS is available to individuals 18 and older who have not had an LCEF investment in the past 24 months. Offer subject to change.


Invest with ConnectPLUS today! Visit or contact Diana Raasch, LCEF District Vice President at 414-464-8100, ext. 25 or


* For more information about eligibility and to get an application, visit or call 800-843-5233

          * * * FREE * * *
          Parent Night Event
"Performing a Balancing Act for our Kids"
Dr. Tim Elmore
Monday, September 22, 2014
7:00 pm
Milwaukee Lutheran High School
9700 W. Grantosa Dr., Milwaukee

Invite your parents from your school and church! Friends and neighbors too! 
2014 CRSP Administrative Guide Now Available Online or by Request!
The CRSP Administrative Guide has been updated for 2014. Due to the mid-year changes to the Concordia Retirement Program, the release of the 2014 CRSP Administrative Guide was delayed until the changes had taken effect and new administrative policies created.

Updated information in this guide includes:
  • CRSP contributions rates (applicable for employers not in the Concordia Health Plan )
  • CRSP administration for a worker on disability
  • Remitting worker and employer contributions
  • CRSP Employer Match administration and an 'Estimating Your Cost' worksheet
  • Updated EBSO, Metlife, and FASCore contact information.

Since the guide is being released mid-year, printed copies are not being mailed to employers. Click here to view or download an electronic version of the guide. For a printed version of the CRSP Guide email or call 888-927-7526 to request a printed copy. (8/14)

The Best Foods to Eat at Every Time of Day
It's not just what you eat, but when you eat that matters.

"Our food dictates everything from our mood and energy levels to sleep patterns and cravings," says  Marci Anderson, a registered dietitian in Cambridge, MA. So whether you want to feel alert in the morning, blissed-out at lunch or sleepy at night, smart food choices can get you there. You don't have to eat everything that follow in one day; just pick what suits your needs.