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Special event-Monday, September 15

Brothers in ministry:   Some of you might know or might have heard of LCMS pastor Greg Finke. He will be in town for a free "taster event" on September 15th at Greenfield Park Lutheran Church (English District).  I'm in the middle of reading his book, "Joining Jesus on His Mission:  How to be an Everyday Missionary" and have found it to be a clear and compelling case for what is sometimes called "missional living."  This is a free event, and is intended to be not only for pastors, but for lay people as well.  I hope to see you there.


Greg Finke, Executive Director of Dwelling 1:14 (reference from John 1:14 and the incarnational, missional nature both of Jesus and of those who would follow Him into the world), is coming to our area on Monday, September 15. Greg has been a pastor in the LCMS for more than 20 years and is the author of "Joining Jesus on His Mission: How to be an Everyday Missionary." Dwelling 1:14 helps pastors and leaders rediscover how to disciple their people to be everyday missionaries in the places they live, work and go to school. The goal of our time with Greg is to give us the opportunity to "kick the tires" of the Dwelling 1:14 process. If you have been thinking about how your congregation can become more intentional about joining Jesus on His mission, this event is for you. We will be meeting at Greenfield Park Lutheran Church, 1236 S 115th St, in West Allis. We gather at 9:00 a.m., begin at 9:30 and we will conclude by 11:30. Pastors, staff and lay leaders are all invited. There is no cost for attending. Please contact Pastor Fred Reaman @ 414-774-3019 or Pastor Peter Kelm @ 414-464-8101 to register, or simply click the gray "Yes, I'm looking forward to attending" box above to send a quick email to Peg Raabe.

For more information, visit Dwelling 1:14 and  
Joining Jesus on His Mission.