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This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us.  And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers. 1 John 3:16 

Prayer List:
Rev. Herb Mueller LCMS First Vice President after aortic repair surgery.

Rev. Tim Benninghoff who is trsnsitioning to home care after his stroke.

The family of Rev. James Keuch as they mourn his entry into life eternal.

The family of Rev. Vernon Mickow as they mourn his entry into life eternal.

President Wille as he recovers from surgery.

St. Paul - Oconomowoc brings ministry into focus with LCEF's VisionPath.

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May 23, 2014
Being Faithful in our Current Culture
Dear Brothers in Christ:
It was a snapshot of the strange twist that has become all too ordinary in our current American culture. In the days after the NFL draft where one of the athletes kissed his same-sex companion when he learned that he was drafted, a debate has raged between those who celebrate such "freedoms" over against those who hold to traditional, Christian values.

That debate surfaced last week when four commentators engaged in an energetic debate over the issue. One of the out spoken commentators lambasted another for holding on to her traditional values and not celebrating this "freedom". The other defended her right to hold to traditional Christian values. However, the more liberal commentator harassed and belittled the other for being narrow-minded. Beleaguered, the more conservative commentator picked up her papers and left the stage. Sarcastically the other said, "Oh, you are leaving?" A bit later another commentator branded any who held traditional Christian values as being "extreme".  


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A Word of Gratitude and Thanksgiving:
Please accept my sincere thanks for your prayers and the prayers of God's people during my recent surgery and recovery. I cannot express how humbling and moving it is to know that God's people lifting you up before the throne of grace. Thank you each for your prayers, for your calls and cards, and for your compassion. I am convinced that our Almighty God both hears and answers the prayers of his people. We have dramatic evidence of that in how the
church prayed in Acts 4. Regarding my recovery, things are going well. I am back in the office on a limited basis as I write this. I am back in the pulpit June 1, as I am leading divine service at St. Peter's Lebanon as they move into a pastoral vacancy. I rejoice in our Lord's blessing that the prognosis is very good, as I mentioned in an earlier email. That said, I still covet your prayers in these days of recovery. "Oh, give thanks unto to the Lord, for His mercy endures forever!"

We have also received word that LCMS First Vice-President Herb Muelleris doing well after aortic repair surgery. My understanding is that Herb is still in the hospital; but the surgery went very well. He will be at home recovering for a while. We rejoice at this good news as well!!


Placement of candidates and Vicars:

Candidate Jonathan Meyer to Divine Savior, Hartford

Candidate Joshua Rusert to Trinity-Freistadt, Mequon

Vicar Mart Hartsough to St. Peters, Arlington

Vicar Jens Jenson to Grace, Racine

Vicar Zachary Marklevitz to Luther Memorial, Shorewood

Vicar David McCarty to Trinity, Howards Grove

Vicar Daniel Vang to Trinity Freistadt & Beautiful Savior, Mequon  


PW's Schedule for the next few weeks:

among the various office meetings etc: 


June 1, preach at St. Peter's Lebanon

June 7, family wedding.

June 22, possible preaching date at Living Word Jackson

June 20-21, LWML Convention



A Word from Herman Sasse: 

Missouri would be no Lutheran Church if she had not asked herself again and again on what her understanding of the missionary duty of the church is founded. Missouri would have no right to call herself Lutheran had she not again and again measured her own actions by the Word of God, and acknowledged and confessed her own sins. However, the errors and sins which were committed in this area do not change the fact that this church has recognized the missionary duty of Lutheranism. The Lutheran Church does not exist merely to preserve the religious home of those people who by historical chance and by the manner in which they were led bear the confessional stamp "Lutheran." Rather, it is her task to preach to all men she can reach the Gospel as it was rediscovered during the Reformation and attested to in the Lutheran Confessions.


Sasse, Herman (2014-01-03). Letters to Lutheran Pastors - Volume 2 (Kindle Locations 332-338). Concordia Publishing House. Kindle Edition. "Confession and Theology in the Missouri Synod"


Pre-Retirement Workshops:
September 12, 2014 from 9 am - 3 pm at Bethlehem 300 Broadway Dr. Sun Prairie 
September 13, 2014 from 9 am - 3 pm at SWD office 8100 W. Capitol Dr. Milwaukee

Concordia Plan services and the South Wisconsin District are hosting two 1-day workshops for professional workers and their spouses to help them understand the process and importance of planning for retirement.  There is no cost for you to attend a workshop.  The district will be providing morning refreshments and lunch.  Advance registration is needed to make sure you have the materials and a seat, so please register with the district office, Karen, no later than Monday August 22, 2014.  We will need your name, spouses name if attending, an email address and phone number.   Please make sure that all benefit-eligible workers at your church or school are aware of this workshop! 

See Workshop Flyer 

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