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Prayer List:
Rev. James Kubow recovering from heart surgery.

Rev. Christ Gugel fell and broke his ankle and had surgery to repair it.

Rev. Peter Brinkman in hospice care.

Rev. James Keuch respite care after brain surgery.  Jim is now on permanent disability.

John Rayner, husband of Karen, recovering from hospitalization with heart issues.

Rev. Mike Nielsen and his wife Emily as they welcomed their second daughter Miriam Grace.

Judy Scott-Steinberg, wife of Rev. Don Steinberg recovering after a car accident.
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Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) is giving away more than $25,000 to LCMS ministries this February. Help your church win $1,000 by taking the "Young Investors Club Challenge" between Jan. 26 and Feb. 16, 2014.

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New Well Needed
Good Shepherd, Liberia:  
Pastor Kollie and the people of Good Shepherd are in need of a new well after theirs dried up.  For more information read Pastor Kollie's letter here Gifts for this special project may be forwarded to the district office marked "Liberian well water".
CUW Pastoral Conference: 
Let's Talk abut Homosexuality with Dr. John Oberdeck on January 27, 2014 at 11:30 am with lunch. Presentation in the Lake Shore Room at noon.  Call 262-243-4470 with questions. 

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January 14, 2014
Supplement to the Diploma of Vocation
Called and Ordained
Dear Brothers in Christ:

One of the several tasks that are part and parcel of serving in this office of district president involves conflict resolution. Sometimes leaders of a congregation point a finger at their pastor saying that he is not doing his job. For that reason I carry along a"Supplement to the Diploma of Vocation" in my bag. It's a good thing for each of us who serve as"called and ordained" to consider. It is basically our job description. It outlines our responsibility to our Lord and His Church, His Bride, His people.

I hold it up for us all here...for your consideration.

Read the full article here 

Other SWD News:
SWD Financials:
There are a couple of noteworthy items regarding SWD financials.
a)  Looking at the SWD congregational intentions there is good news.  You (our pastors) and God's people have once again been extremely generous.  Here are the latest numbers through the end of December 2013: 131 of our congregations are current with their intentions.  56 are a bit behind in their intentions.  26 congregations have neither submitted an intention nor have they supported our SWD/LCMS mission effort with gifts through SWD.
b)  At its December meeting our SWD Board of Directors committed the district to set an example of tithing.  In addition to sending 25% of every unrestricted gift which we receives from congregations, the SWD Boar decided unanimously "to forward 10% of net (positive) income from 2013-2014 operations to Synod unrestricted."  We look forward to our Lord's blessing!
c)  Both the congregational intentions and the SWD Statement of Activities are attached.
Good News Regarding Camp LuWiSoMo:  
Due to hard work on the part of the Camp Board and the generosity of camp supporters the SWD Board of Directors learned that the Camp has recouped its financial shortfalls and is currently operating well in the "black", with a positive cash flow.  The SWD Board also gave the Camp Board authority to "employ" Mr. William Durling as the Camp General Manager, if it sees proper.  Bill brings to the table both a passion for the Camp as well as a strong business background.  The Camp board is asking Rev. Mark Meier to assist in overseeing its religious education for this summer.
A Word from Herman Sasse: 
Please keep these words in mind as you review your sermons.
God desires that after the pious human "I" - consciously or not - was the object of the sermon for so long, now again His dear Son, the crucified and risen one, and He alone, be the content of the sermon.  He desires that the justification of the sinner through faith alone be preached as the evangelium aeternum ["eternal Gospel"].  He desires through the simple preaching of this Gospel and through the unpretentious Sacraments of Holy Baptism and the Holy Supper to build the church on earth as the Body of His Son.  And just as in the Sacraments of the Altar the true body and the true blood of Jesus Christ in, with, and under the elements of the bread and wine are really present and dispensed to all who come to the Table of the Lord, in the same way God desires to make the external Word of our preaching, be it ever so simple, the bearer and instrument of the Holy Spirit.  Because we know this, we therefore know that God will also preserve and sustain the Lutheran Office of the Ministry today.  And we know that it is His will and commission which will do do, and not our desire or the force of our personality.   Sasse, Herman (2013-01-09).  Letters to Lutheran Pastors-Volume1 (Kindle Locations 11923-11931).  Concordia Publishing House.Kindle Edition.   
Passionate Believers Conference:
Saturday, February 22 at Divine Redeemer Hartland 
The purpose of this one day "Passionate Believers" conference is to provide God's people and their called workers the opportunity to learn and to interact with representative of the LCMS and SWD, as we share resources which can be invaluable to our various SWD ministries.  In short order, next week, you will receive the brochure detailing the breakouts.  This years plenary speaker is Ted Kober, Ambassador of Reconciliation.  He will lead us in a discussion of the various governance models used by congregations, their pluses and minuses.  My prayer is that this conference will be a blessing to you as it has been to so many in previous years. 
Circuit Counselors Retreat:
February 24-26, 2014 Holiday Inn Stevens Point
Conflict Resolution training for Circuit Counselors of the North & South Wisconsin Districts and district vice presidents.  The presenter will be Ted Kober, Ambassadors of Reconciliation. Hotel rooms are based on double occupancy.  Please let Karen know as soon as possible if you are planning on attending and who your roommate will be, if you have not already done so. 
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