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Mission update
Pastor Peter Kelm, Missions Exec
October 2013

"I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice..." (John 10:16)



Acts 15 is a marvelous chapter for the church.  The first part is quite familiar. The church comes together at the Jerusalem Council and beautifully hammers out a theologically sound approach to reaching out to Gentiles. But it's the last few
verses of 15 that have always intrigued me. You know, the fight. 

St. Paul wanted nothing to do with St. Mark. Why? Because Mark had let him down, had left the missionary team, had "deserted them in Pamphylia." And from Paul's perspective, Mark didn't deserve a second chance. Wasn't worth the risk.

So Barnabas took him.

But... who was right? Was Paul right for standing up and insisting that Mark's desertion of
the team had to have consequences? Was Barnabas right for giving Mark a second chance? Who was right?

What makes it especially difficult is that this wasn't a theological argument. The Jerusalem
Council--that was theological. Paul's fight with Peter (Galatians 2)--that was theological. And
Paul was right. Peter was "clearly in the wrong." But this one?

It makes me think of how often I am invested in being "right." You know... on the winning team, on the side of the angels, with the group that "gets it." For some reason, being at a pastors' conference made me think of all this. 

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Several readers responded to our request for a car for Pastor Alphonso Prada for his work at St. Martini in Milwaukee. By God's grace, Pilgrim Lutheran in West Bend was able to secure a minivan for the Pradas. Thank you Pastor Fischer and the saints at Pilgrim for your generosity!






Once again the South Wisconsin District (SWD) is partnering with Brookfield Lutheran church to provide "Thanksgiving Baskets" to families and individuals in the central city of Milwaukee, who may not otherwise enjoy a Thanksgiving meal. The meal consists of vegetables, potatoes, rice, yams, apple juice, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, pie topping, dinner rolls and a turkey. The goal every year is to fulfill the requests for Thanksgiving baskets we receive from central city Lutheran pantries in Milwaukee. Last year 1032 baskets were delivered. Through your prayers and financial help, together our goal this year is to increase the number of baskets to 1056. Your generosity not only provides nourishment, it also shows the love you have for your neighbor. 


Thank you, and may God continue to bless you as you have been a blessing to many others!


For additional questions or needed information, please contact Rev. Peter Kelm, SWD Mission Executive at (414)464-8100 or kelm@swd.lcms.org or Barb Slak at (414) 464-8100 or slak@swd.lcms.org. Donations appreciated by Thanksgiving.

MISSION TRIPS Mission trip


Brookfield Lutheran Church is going on a mission trip to Mexico at the end of July (they'll be there from July 25 to August 1). BLC has made this trip to help build houses and build souls through teaching and sharing the Word at this independent Lutheran congregation in Tijuana for a number of years. They would love some company this year! You can contact Mr. Dan Schultz from BLC at dschultz@goblc.org for more information.

Pastor Steve Vera from Bethlehem in Sun Prairie is looking for other mission trip opportunities the last week in July. Please contact him if you are organizing any at that time and could accommodate some extra missionary volunteers. His e-mail is pastorvera@bethlehemlc.org 

If you are going on a mission trip in 2014 and would be willing to host some others, let me know and we'll post it here.


Did you see them at Pastors' Conference? Loris and Lois Rather are retired teachers who work with the Synod's congregational evangelism training program called 72 Partners on the Road. They have a whole slew of seminar topics to choose from as they work with your congregation and unique community needs to put together an outreach plan. From usher and greeter training programs, to planning critical events to invite the community, they can help. And...they're Synod-approved!

Contact them directly at
Rather7130@gmail.com or let me know of your interest and I'll make the introductions.


For more information about the program, visit www.lcms.org/The72
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