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"For there are three that testify: the Spirit and the water and the blood; and these three agree."
1 John 5:7-8 (ESV)
October 14, 2013
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callsandvacanciesCalls and Vacancies


Brookfield, Immanuel - Director of Parish Music

Janesville, Mt. Calvary - DCE/EC Director 
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nlsaNLSA Resources on the Portal

All NLSA resources have been consolidated to one tab  -  now accessed directly from the tool bar:


National - My District - My School - My Groups - Services - Resources - NLSA   (this is where you will find items and there is NO drop-down list)


The on-line NLSA application was removed as it created many issues and the best way to submit the NLSA application (with the check) is to complete the paperwork and can send the application and the check to the District office where the Mark can sign off and indicate a Consultant to work with the school in the accreditation process. Paperwork will be forwarded on to the St. Louis office for approval. 


There is no longer an NLSA applications section.

School Application Form

Early Childhood Application Form

trakCurriculum Trak Training

There is a training event scheduled for Friday, November 15, at the District Office, from 8:30 am - 11:30 am, for training on the Curriculum Trak program. Please email me your intention to participate. You may also bring a lead teacher if desired.

campCamp LuWiSoMo Future Ministry Campaign

e Camp Board has implemented a new campaign aimed at keeping the facilities and operations fluid for the next 2 years.  At that time, we will have completed the transfer of Camp from the District, to our own, independent tax exempt corporation.  We must act NOW.  The camp board has taken actions to reduce our overhead costs, but that in itself is not enough.

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taxcreditPrivate School State Tax Deduction Meeting

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State Tax Deduction Seminar with WCRIS Executive Director, Matt Kussow 

   St. Paul Lutheran School (Gym)

               210 E. Pleasant St.


When:    October 22, 2013, 
7:00 p.m.

Matt Kussow will discuss the new tax deduction that Wisconsin is offering for those attending a Parochial school. Following his presentation, there will time for Q&A.  
Please attend!

Article2LEA Convocation Volunteers Needed 
We are still in need of a large number of volunteers to help at the convocation. There is still a need for help with registration, greeting, worship, etc. If your staff could volunteer for two hours during the convocation, it would be greatly appreciated. 


If you still need to register for the convocation, click here


batteryBattery/Light Bulb Program
Following is the updated pricing for batteries, light bulbs and TVs. This offer ends October 31, 2013.


Light Bulbs
savethedateUpcoming Events
October 24-26 - LEA convocation, Milwaukee, WI

October 28 - Pastor Partnership Breakfast, District Office

November 1-3 - District Youth Gathering, Kalahari Resort,
                       Wisconsin Dells

November 8 - Firm Foundations, Martin Luther High School, 

November 15 - Curriculum Trak Training, District Office 
November 15-16 - C-LECT, Concordia University Wisconsin

January 15-17 - POLS Conference, St. John's, Orange, CA

January 26 - Educator of the Year awards dinner

January 26-February 1- National Lutheran Schools Week

February 7 - WCRIS Leadership Conference, Oshkosh
                   Convention Center

February 14 - Firm Foundations, Martin Luther High School,

February 22 - Passionate Believers Conference,
             Divine Redeemer, Hartland


Click on the link for
Registering for any of these events.  If the event is not open yet, we will communicate when it will be.

Passionate Believers...Changing Life!

Mark L'Heureux
Education Executive

Robin Mueller
Administrative Assistant

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