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"For there are three that testify: the Spirit and the water and the blood; and these three agree."
1 John 5:7-8 (ESV)
August 19, 2013
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newadminsLeaving your mark

How long has it been since you've played with Silly Putty? If you're like me, it's probably been awhile. Maybe you're even wondering if they make it anymore? Well, they do!  


Silly putty is a modeling compound which is used for a variety of purposes and pleasures, but the one image that comes to my mind is its transferability. You can "lift" images from newsprint or other textile sources - even those as detailed as a finger print. It's a way to leave an impression or your mark.


Scripture talks about leaving marks. The first is the mark that God put on Cain so his life would be spared (Gen. 4:15). Further in scripture we hear of how Thomas would not believe unless he could see and touch the nail marks of Jesus (John 20:25). These are two very important "impressions" made, as they both signify the saving grace of our Heavenly Father.


What kind of mark or impression do you hope to make this year? As you open your doors this year there will be excitement and enthusiasm in the air by students, parents and teachers. The opportunity to leave the Gospel mark is your number one priority - whether you teach music, art, science or religion. Take every opportunity to share Christ, in all His fullness. That mark is one with eternal blessings!


Joy and peace this school year!




Mark L'Heureux
Education Executive
newadminsNew Administrators
Welcome to the following new administrators:

Pamela Amling - Concordia University School-Pilgrim Campus, Wauwatosa

Trenae Howard - Concordia University School-Granville Campus, Milwaukee

John Kellerman - Grace, Menomonee Falls

Kay Koenitzer, St. John's, Mayville

Jon Pickelmann, St. Paul's, Oconomowoc

Article1Lutheran School Portal

The September issue of the School/Early Childhood Mailing has been posted on the Lutheran School Portal.


Alight (written by Terry Schmidt) - Something Old, Something New

Computer File (written by David Black) - Do You Want Power? Control?

Early Childhood Devotions (written by Andrea Lohman) - Friends and Prayer: They Go Together

Family Matters (written by Dr. Steve Christopher) - Punctuation Parenting: Tool #1 - The Comma

Growing in Governing (written by Paul Brandt) - Why Bother?

Insights and Ideas (written by Calie Vera) - The First Commandment

Parent Pages (written by Kim Marxhausen) - Get Focused ... Stay Focused

Professionally Speaking (written by Dr. Neil Sandfort) - Getting to Know Students

Rattles and Prattles (written by Judy Williams) - It's Time to Teach About Jesus

School Shepherd (written by  Rev. Bob Riggert) - Loving Shepherds

Time Out for Directors (written by Drew Gerdes) - Leadership: What's in It for You?


To access current and archived issues go to:

       RESOURCES > Mailing > The School Mailing
      RESOURCES > Mailing > The Early Childhood Mailing

Premium Services
This is the last call for premium service orders for first semester. Late orders will be held until the next ordering opportunity in December. Orders are due August 20.
ChapelChapel Presenter

Mark is available to present at one of your chapel services this school year. Please contact Mark or Robin for available dates.

Article2LEA Convocation 

If you haven't signed up yet, following are the links to register for the convocation and sign up to volunteer at the convocation.

Register for the Convocation

Sign up to volunteer



article3National Lutheran School Accreditation
Congratulations to Milwaukee Lutheran High School,
St. Paul/Sheboygan and Lebanon/Watertown for receiving National Lutheran School Accreditation at the last National Accreditation Commission meeting in August.  There were 106 schools accredited at this last meeting.  They are 1 of 675 schools nationally accredited.


article4Convention Hymn

"Baptized into Christ Jesus' Death," composed for the 65th Regular Convention of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, is now available from Concordia Publishing House (CPH) as a free PDF download. Both the accompaniment and a reproducible page are offered for congregational and school use through December 31, 2013. 


The hymn, based on the "Baptized for This Moment" theme, was written by Stephen P. Starke with music by K. Lee Scott.


Go to www.cph.org/ConventionHymnto download.


CPH can be contacted at copyrights@cph.org for further use beyond December 31.

article5Voyages Curriculum
If you have any outdated Voyages Curriculum, there is a mission in Papua New Guinea that is seeking old Voyages Teacher manuals for grades K-8, along with the accompanying materials and pertinent teaching aids. They would be distributed to teachers in their schools for use beginning in January 2014.

They hope to have a video available soon to tell of the need and instructions to mail the items.  If someone has these items, please check with the post office first for size and weight limits for packages to be sent directly to Donna Meyer P.O.Box 803  Mt. Hagen, Western Highlands Province, PAPUA NEW GUINEA.  If someone has direct questions they could call Donna at 011-6772670487 (they are 15 hours ahead of CDST)  or you could e-mail
wendysueWendysue Music Ministry
My touring music ministry is back! Three years ago, I traded in my tour bus (OK, it's a mini-van) for an office at my church as full time manager of worship and music. Well, a new season has begun and I am happy to be returning to traveling ministry this fall! I am actually stoked (that implies fired up) to once again sing at a church in my area or enjoy a road trip to another beautiful state in this great country (I've served in 25 states so far).


I am seeking to assist the Church in three main areas:

....WORSHIP (guest worship leader or consultant)

....CONCERTS (family, community, or retreat events)

....EDUCATION (private instruction plus grade school enhancement programs in vocal music and drama)

Would you like to help? Here are a few ways you can:

-PRAY that God will use me and the gifts He's given me to assist His Church and spread the gospel of Jesus.


-VIEW my updated website - see the video on the home page, leave a reply to my blog.


-VISIT AND LIKE ME - on facebook - so, asking people to 'like' you is now acceptable - and encouraged! ;-)

-REFER me to a church and pastor anywhere in the country who may have an interest or need in their music and worship ministries.


Thank you in advance for your support. It is a joy to partner with you in the mission of Christ, as we encourage one another and build each other up.


I look forward to hearing from you!






article6Services to Military Families
If you have military families in your school, please share this information with them. The Department of Defense has paid for your Sittercity membership to help you meet your family's care needs. Find local sitters and nannies in your neighborhood. Military families can activate their fully paid membership at www.sittercity.com/DoD. Get started today!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at jennifer.r.armstrong2.civ@mail.mil
v/r, Jennifer

Jennifer Armstrong
Family Programs Financial Readiness Program Manager
Desk: 703-607-5981
DSN: 327-5981
111 South George Mason Dr
AH2, 1PN136
Arlington VA 22204-1373 
savethedateSave the Date
October 7 - Administrators' conference, location TBD
October 24-26 - LEA convocation, Milwaukee, WI

November 1-3 - District Youth Gathering

November 8 - Firm Foundations, Martin Luther High School, 

January 26 - Educator of the Year awards dinner

January 26-February 1- National Lutheran Schools

February 14 - Firm Foundations, Martin Luther High School,

February 22 - Passionate Believers Conference,
               Divine Redeemer, Hartland


Click on the link for
Registering for any of these events.  If the event is not open yet, we will communicate when it will be.

Passionate Believers...Changing Life!

Mark L'Heureux
Education Executive

Robin Mueller
Administrative Assistant

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