Newsletter Volume 3, May, 2014  
May, 2014 - In This Issue:
CFPD's 20th Anniversary:
A Celebration of Time

CFPD Honorees
The Event honored CFPD's founding members and their organizations. From left to right: Mary Anne Harvey, The Legal Center; Eric Solem,
Solem, Mack & Steinhoff; M. Kent Olsen, Olsen Traeger & Ursery, LLP; Patricia Clowdus, Robinson, Diss & Clowdus PC; Sarah Solano, Guardianship Alliance of Colorado; Benjamin Sachs, Levanthal Brown Puga PC; Mary Catherine Rabbitt, The Legal Center, Scott Glaser, NAMI Colorado; and Peter Komlos-Hrobsky, Colorado Legal Svcs. Not Pictured: Mike Auberger, for Atlantis Community, Inc.; Mary Jo Reimer, Arc of Colorado.
DIxie Herring & Liz Hunter-Ball Dixie Herring and Liz Hunter-Ball represent The Independence Center of Colorado Springs, honored as CFPD's Collaborative Partner of the Year.

CFPD Board Member Linda Chism Andre with Christi Romero-Roseth, Director of Community Relations

Chanda Hinton Leichtle, Executive Director of the Chanda Plan Foundation (right) was the emcee for CFPD's event. She poses here with Chanda Plan Executive Assistant Maggie Stephenson.
The Legal Center Executive Director Mary Anne Harvey arrives for the celebration.


March 13, 2014 was the premiere of CFPD's new video,
One Person at a Time.

Learn about CFPD's 20-year history from founding members, current staffers, beneficiaries and their families.

Click here to watch it right now. 
Celebrating Creativity
Anniversaries, Elections and Artistry
CFPD Board President M. Kent Olsen onstage at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science
First quarter 2014 has been a flurry of activity for us at CFPD. We celebrated our 20th Anniversary this past March, and it turned out even better than we'd imagined. Over 300 people joined us for a night of celebration at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science as we honored our founding members and their organizations.

At that event, we also celebrated the arrival of our new art work, pieces commissioned for CFPD and produced by nonprofit partner VSA Gallery. We were inspired to promote more work from people affected by disability, and are beginning in this edition to highlight our own "artists in residence," talented people who are beneficiaries of CFPD services.

Finally, one of our "own" just earned national recognition and a leadership role as president of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA). CFPD Board Member Brad Frigon takes the reins of NAELA beginning June 1 of this year. As with all of our Board Members, we feel proud and privileged to have his valuable time and insights.

Let us know about your contributions, to work, community and life in general. We'll be highlighting your successes in editions to come.
CFPD Board Member Named NAELA President
Bradley J. Frigon, NAELA President Elect
Our own CFPD Board Vice President was recognized as a nationwide leader among his peers last week as he accepted the Presidency of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA).


Bradley J. Frigon's expertise has been long in the making. He originally hails from Kansas where he began practicing in the family business with his father, ... Click Here to Read the Full Story. 

Creative Job Readiness Training =
Unique Corporate Art
Custom Art by VSA Gallery - Click the art to see more works in progress.


We really weren't sure what to expect when we  ommissioned several pieces of "corporate" art for CFPD. While everyone wants to beautify their office space, choices can be hard - tastes differ, of course, and the resulting picks end up rather bland, matching the walls and furniture instead of anyone's personal taste.


So, when our corporate art showed up and stunned everyone in our office, we were more than a little surprised. And very, very happy.


Our pieces were designed and produced by artists at VSA Gallery, a nonprofit enterprise that, unexpectedly, is in business to teach transitioning kids who are affected by disability the skills they'll need to be job-ready. They do it through art. ... Click here to read the full story


CFPD Featured Beneficiary: C. J. Mueller
Art by Carol "C.J." Mueller
Lakewood artist C.J. Mueller works in a variety of formats, with subjects ranging from her work with the Denver Zoo to misty landscapes to abstract art.
She's been a CFPD beneficiary since 2010.
Click on any painting to see more of her work.