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Title: Better Together- Local WIOA Partnerships at Work that Work! 
The real opportunity in WIOA is building a partnership that will result in real opportunities for your learners. Recently, COABE surveyed adult education providers across the country to learn about how you're partnering with your local workforce development system.  
Come hear the results and then hear from a Florida WIOA Title I/Title II partnership who have taken the time, in a short amount of time, to strategically create partnerships that our expanding economy needs and expects and to create a collaborative culture in which everyone wins. Finally, get a quick run-down on select WIOA levers that could take your own local work from a perfunctory MOU to a powerful partnership.
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April 18-20

April 18 - April 20

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Calling All Administrators!

The University of Arkansas is conducting research on administrators' perceptions of necessary leadership skills in adult education. They are looking for participants who are willing to complete an online survey that contains questions about how administrators perceive their role as a leader and the tasks they believe are important for guiding their organization.  For more information please contact COABE and to access the survey, please click here.

Vote for the Candidates of your Choice! 
This year's slate of candidates for open positions on the board of directors is impressive! New this year, candidates will have the opportunity to campaign for votes at the 2016 COABE/TALAE National Conference, in Dallas, TX, and beyond. Join us at the COABE Awards Luncheon on Monday, April 11, at 12:00 pm, where each candidate will be introduced and give a one-minute speech. You will also have the opportunity to meet the candidates throughout the conference.The winners of the elections will be announced at the closing session of the COABE conference, on April 13th.

Jody Angelone, OH
Vice President for Membership 
Debbie Phillips, CA
Vice President for Membership 
Tracy Noles, KY
Region 2 Representative 
Kim Roush, PA
Region 2 Representative 
Michael Matos, IL
Region 4 Representative 
Sara Gutting, OH
Region 4 Representative
Debbie Faubus-Kendrick, AR
Region 6 Representative 
Martin Loa, TX
Region 6 Representative 

The COABE national conference continues to grow each year! This year we expect nearly 2,000 attendees to gather for state-of-the-art professional development, in Dallas, TX, from April 10-13, 2016. There are a number of exciting preconferences, networking, and special-one-of-a-kind off-site activities planned! If you have not registered yet or would like to add an event to your registration, there is still time. You will not want to delay, as onsite registration is more expensive.  



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