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COABE 2016 Conference
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Nearly 8,000 adult educators have joined the Adult Educator's Repository, since its launch at COABE 2015. It's a free service provided by COABE, in partnership with Essential Education, that enables members to download resources and presentations, as well as providing the opportunity to upload your best practices to share with the field. 

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Raising Awareness During National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week

COABE members and adult literacy advocates from around the country celebrated National Adult Education & Family Literacy Week September 21-26, 2015. COABE launched two social media campaigns to call attention to adult education and family literacy and to celebrate successes.

Keys to Success Campaign Winner
Congratulations Jaleesah Hea-Young Marie

Adult learners and practitioners submitted photos and videos of their "Keys to Success" to COABE's Facebook Page in celebration of AEFL Week. Visit our AEFL Week Photo Album to view the photos and read the stories they shared.

Participants were eligible to win a free COABE Conference Registration via drawing. All participants will receive a free COABE phone charger. Congratulations to Ms. Jaleesah Hea-Young Marie, the lucky winner of the draw for a free COABE Conference 2016 registration! Our national conference will be held in Dallas, Texas on April 10-13, 2016.

A,B,C's of Investing in Adult Education - In 140 Characters or Less

With thanks to Tom Sticht, COABE published tweets Mr. Sticht prepared using his well-known ABC's of Investing in Adult Education. Many of the original tweets used the #COABE and #AEFLWeek hashtags. To track the results, COABE used The Archivist to archive all tweets using the hashtags #COABE and #AEFLWeek. The Archivist documents the number of tweets and impressions (Impressions are the total number of times tweets are delivered to timelines using the hashtag.). It also captures all of the tweets for downloading, and provides a graph of the top users, words, and URLs; hashtags, images, and influencer index.
The results are below.

#COABE Tweet Archive


#AEFLWeek Tweet Archive
Thank you to all who participated in raising awareness of adult education and family literacy during AEFL Week!

Celebrating National AEFL Week - Seven Consecutive Years and Counting

National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week Resolutions were introduced in the House for the 7th consecutive year and in the Senate for the 5th consecutive year.

The 2015 Resolutions were introduced by  Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) in the Senate on September 17th, and by Representative Jared Polis (D-CO) in the House of Representatives on September 22nd.

Senate resolution  was cosponsored by Senators Lamar Alexander (R-TN), Barbara Mikulski (D-MD), Susan Collins (R-ME), Jack Reed (D-RI), Joe Donnelly (D-IN), and Gary Peters (D-MI).

House resolution was cosponsored by Susan Davis (D-CA), Rep. John Sarbanes (D-MD), Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), Rep. John Yarmuth (D- KY), and Rep. Raśl Grijalva, (D-AZ).

Thank you to all who contacted their Members of Congress to sign on in support!

LINCS Community Discussions and Events

The landscape for adult learners in the 21st century has changed, and with it the roles and expectations of adult educators. Adult educators prepare adult learners to pass rigorous high school equivalency exams, be digital age learners with the reading, writing, numeracy, and critical thinking skills needed to be competitive in today's economy, and successfully transition to college and careers. They design engaging lessons aligned with new college and career readiness standards. Many also teach in a linguistically diverse classroom while helping immigrants integrate into society and participate in civic life. The vast majority do this part-time while often juggling multiple jobs in order to make ends meet. For more support, join the following discussions taking place in the LINCS community during the month of October.

September 29-October 2: Doing it all, Successes and Challenges in Teaching Adult Education

October 5-9, 2015: Positive Psychology, GRIT, Academic Resilience & Your Adult Learner discussion

October 12-16, 2015: Unlocking the Promise of Pell for Incarcerated Learners

October 19- November 5, 2015: Reentry Education Model Implementation Study: Findings and Lessons Learned
Click (here) to join the discussions hosted by LINCS, a strand partner for the COABE 2016 conference.  

You may also be interested in the new LINCS Learner Center (here)