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May 2014 
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Calling All Graduates and GIS Alumni
GIS Career Center
43rd Annual Conference
2014 Conference Sponsors to Date
CAS Puzzler
Introducing CAS Student Central
Olivet College MBA in Insurance
Chapter News: Beta Alpha
ChapterNews: Beta Zeta
Get to Know the CLM
CPCU-Loman Financial Aid Program
St. John's University Graduate Programs
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Derek Hughes/NAPSLO Educational Foundation Insurance Scholarship Deadline

June 1, 2014


CPCU-Loman Educational Foundation Financial Aid Program Deadline

June 1, 2014


 Association of Insurance Compliance Professionals (AICP) Scholarship Deadline

June 2, 2014


The Actuary of Tomorrow - Stuart A. Robinson Memorial Scholarship Deadline

June 2, 2014


The Curtis E. Huntington Memorial Scholarship Deadline

June 20, 2014


Harry House Captive Insurance Scholarship Deadline

June 30, 2014


View all scholarship deadlines and events.

Executive Committee
 John Hammond



Meg Allwein

Executive Vice President


Jason Warden

Vice President


Alan Hoffmann

Vice President

(Past President)


Jeffery W. Lamb

Vice President

(Immediate Past President)


Jake Timmins



Brian Bowerman



Josh Hart

Alumni Representative


Christopher Place

Industry Representative


Dr. RB Drennan

Faculty Representative


Dr. Karen Epermanis

Faculty Representative


Alyssa Bouchard

Student Representative


Mike Kelly

Student Representative


Noelle Codispoti 

Executive Director


Dear Students,
Congratulations, Spring graduates, and to all of you wrapping up the semester! Of course the work doesn't stop here, as we all embark on the next adventure. Many of you will step into the workforce and others will continue your academic pursuits. Haven't yet lined up a summer job or internship? Check out the GIS Career Center. Looking to explore the types of careers that suit you and equip yourself with valuable tools? Check out the Career Resources hub, which will help you map out your path. Find your way, make your mark.

Fraternally yours,

Noelle Codispoti, ARM
Executive Director, Gamma Iota Sigma
Calling all GIS graduates!
Stay in touch - update your contact info!

Shield Only
Help us keep your contact information current! GIS boasts an alumni base of over 21,000 individuals from our 60 chapters and we need your help in updating our current records. Alumni and soon-to-be-Alumni, please use the link below to update your information, and pass it on to as many fellow graduates as you can.

GIS Career Center: Own Your Future
Have you signed up for the GIS Career Center? There are currently over 20 postings from companies offering internships and entry-level jobs, including the AIG, Liberty Mutual, Starr Companies, Wells Fargo and more. These employers are also able to search through student profiles, so if your resume is not on there you are missing out! It's easy:
  1. Go to the Career Center website
  2. Upload your resume
  3. Check out the posted jobs and internships
This is an exclusive benefit for Gamma Iota Sigma members to be seen by companies and organizations who are actively recruiting and to apply for internships and jobs. Don't miss out!
43rd Annual International Conference
Mark Your Calendars!

Gamma Iota Sigma's 43rd Annual International Conference, co-hosted by Beta Zeta Chapter at the University of north Texas, will take place October 2-4, 2014 in Dallas, Texas. The agenda will include a two-day career fair, educational sessions and keynote addresses, in addition to valuable leadership seminars and plenty of networking opportunities. We have been working hard to make this the most robust event yet, and we already have 35 sponsors committed. Save the date!

Please note: attendance is at the sole discretion of your chapter's faculty advisor. Registration links for students and faculty are sent to schools directly and will be made available over the summer.

2014 Sponsors Committed to Date



Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers





Brown & Brown

The Hartford

Hull & Company

Liberty Mutual Group

Lockton Companies

Markel Corporation



Amerisure Global

Casualty Actuarial Society

Derek Hughes/NAPSLO Educational Foundation

Munich Re

RIMS Student Advisory Council

Spencer Educational Foundation

Swiss Re


Wells Fargo Insurance Services



American Association of Managing General Agents

A.M. Best Company


Lloyd's America

National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research

Towers Watson

Westfield Insurance



All Risks, Ltd.

Ezra Penland Actuarial Recruitment

Gen Re



Accident Fund Holdings, Inc.

Boyden World Corporation

Gibson Insurance

Hoffman & Associates Insurance

Regional Excess Underwriters


Sponsor Listing as of May 6, 2014
Conquer the CAS Monthly Puzzler:
Don't Run over the Bicycle


On a clear dark night you are driving your car with your headlights on along a narrow but straight country road.  A stopped bicycle 30 meters away, with no lights of its own, no reflectors, and a rather dull paint job, would be visible with 10 times the minimum brightness for you to notice an object. Suppose you are driving 30 meters per second and need to notice any such stopped bicycle at least two seconds in advance to safely avoid a tragic collision.


Can you safely avoid a collision with such a stopped bicycle? If your headlights had totaled 100 watts of power, what would be the minimum headlight power to have four seconds of advance warning?


Submit your solutions to


Courtesy of the Casualty Actuarial Society.
Jon Evans created this puzzlement.
Introducing CAS Student Central!


The Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) has launched a new student membership program - CAS Student Central - designed to provide university students with the tools and expertise to make the transition from the classroom to a career as an actuary.


In conjunction with launching the new program, the CAS has unveiled a new website,, which provides a centralized location for student members to access information and advice as they embark on the path to earning CAS credentials.


As a partner of Gamma Iota Sigma's, the CAS is working with GIS to allow students to sign-up for CAS Student Central through the GIS member application. That will be implemented in the upcoming academic year, but for now, GIS members are invited to join by signing up online. There is no cost to join or any fees to maintain membership in the program. Membership is automatically renewed each year.


Joining CAS Student Central opens the door to tools that help students successfully navigate their actuarial studies and advance their career. Initial benefits to members include:

  • Access to resources, including skill-building tips.
  • Invitations to networking events to help connect students       with casualty actuarial professionals.
  • Participation in an online community of peers.


"The CAS Student Central online community will allow members to stay connected with fellow actuarial students and the broader network of credentialed CAS members," said Mike Boa, CAS Director of Communications and Marketing, and member of the GIS Board of Trustees. "This new student program is an important step in helping tomorrow's casualty actuaries jumpstart their success."


Accessible only by members of CAS Student Central, the online community features a blog, discussion forum, and calendar of activities, plus access to the CAS membership directory. The blog, Future Focus, will share insights, tips and perspectives from practicing casualty actuaries, university professors, students, and others.


Join the more than 6,000 credentialed casualty actuaries who have made the CAS their professional home. Your future starts here!


Olivet College: MBA in Insurance


Did you know that Alpha Alpha Chapter at Olivet College has a graduate degree? The first live, online, professional MBA in Insurance where you can see and talk with your instructor!  It has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission - North Central Association.


To apply for the MBA program, applicants must have a 3.0 GPA undergraduate degree and at least two years of professional experience in the field of insurance or risk management. Applicants can submit the online application at along with a resume, official undergraduate transcripts, official CPCU transcripts or GMAT scores, and two letters of recommendation. If the applicant has their CPCU designation, up to 24 credits can be waived.


A total of 48 credits must be completed within 7 years to earn the degree. Each course is 3 credit hours. Students must earn a 3.0 or higher grade point average to continue in the program and to graduate with the MBA degree.


Delivery of the classes will be via a blended online approach featuring live interactive audio-video streamed classes where students and faculty can see and talk to each other in real time, and the use of Blackboard software to post assignments, submit work, and participate in discussion threads. This will require access to broadband or DSL Internet connection, and a webcam, microphone and earphones. Physical attendance is not required at Olivet College.  Four eight-week terms will be offered each year.


Questions? To learn more about the MBA in Insurance, contact Kelly Parker at the Risk Management and Insurance Center at Olivet College at or phone 269.749.7626 or apply online at



Interview with John Daley, Ph.D.
Beta Mu Chapter Faculty Advisor 

Dr. John Daley
 is a Senior Instructor and the Assistant Director of the Finance and Risk Management & Insurance (RMI) Program at the University of Colorado Denver's Business School. Beta Mu Chapter was chartered on April 26, 2014 during RIMS 2014 in Denver, Colorado. 


1. What drove your school's interest in forming a GIS chapter?


Two things: Our industry partners suggested it, and the benefits that GIS offers our students. Our RMI program was built in close association with local industry leaders. Having our own GIS was mentioned early on, but we didn't have enough students to form a viable chapter.


2. What does it mean to you to have a GIS Chapter?


It puts our program on par with other national programs. GIS is an important part of any RMI program. Students learn to take responsibility for running and/or sustaining an organization. They learn the importance of and have an opportunity to organize and participate in community service projects. GIS also benefits our students as they search for a career through the job and internship opening listings posted on their website.  The national conferences are also anotherhuge benefit.


3. What are your hopes for the new relationship?


That our students will realize and take advantage of the value added by the relationship. It's a terrific opportunity for students to take leadership roles in a structured, supportive environment. When we first began the chapter formation process, two of our students attended the President's conference in Philadelphia. They returned full of ideas and energy. This energy seemed to spread to other members of our unaffiliated club. I hope that the next set of leaders will find the same energy and transfer it to new group members. And of course, I hope that all will find stimulating and long-lasting careers.


4. What do you think will be the most immediate impact on your students?


The opportunity to get involved in a viable student organization with a sense of history. A GIS chapter is not just another student club. It's one small piece of an international fraternity of students with a common interest - managing risk. Hopefully, this sense of belonging to a larger whole will develop a sense of stewardship amongst all of our members.

Chapter News: Beta Alpha
On-Campus Accolades 


Gamma Iota Sigma's Beta Alpha Chapter at the University of Iowa has achieved outstanding success over the 2013-2014 academic year. The organization has grown its membership, enhanced and diversified the speakers' series, and increased participation in the Mentoring Program. The Beta Alpha Chapter recently won two awards at the Tippie College of Business Student Leadership Awards Reception for two new initiatives that were implemented over the academic year. GIS received the Best New Program of the Year for the Ambassador Program and Outstanding Service to the Community for the Ronald McDonald House risk assessment. The Ambassador Program was implemented to reach out to high school students to instill a greater understanding for risk management and insurance and promote education in this field. In order to give back to the community, GIS performed a risk assessment for The Ronald McDonald House of Iowa City in which members identified significant risks the House faced and suggested recommendations. Thanks to all of the dedicated members and the executive board, GIS experienced an outstanding year. 


By Ali Rosenberg, Beta Alpha Chapter's VP of Mentoring Program

Chapter News: Beta Zeta
Gaining Hands-on Risk Management Experience

Daryl Wigington, CPCU, ARM, CSP, ALCM, vice president of Risk Management at Ben E. Keith Company in Fort Worth, TX hosted 10 Beta Zeta Chapter members for a day-long tour of the company's Fort Worth operations. Mr. Wigington, former president of the DFW RIMS Chapter and President-Elect of the Fort Worth CPCU Chapter, presented a wonderful history of the 108 year old company. He also shared valuable information on his professional career journey and gave the students excellent advice for launching their careers.


UNT students and GIS members Winfred Amondi, Kimberly Anderson, Angela Beebe, Matt Davis, Margaret Dean, Daniel Guerrero, Diane Nguyen, Stephanie Noguez, Michael Pradith, Annette Scharping and their professor Debra Richardson, CPCU, CIC, CRM, AINS, learned hands-on what it takes to manage the loss exposures and business risks of the largest Anheuser Busch distributor in Texas (second largest in the U.S.). Having the responsibility for 14 beer companies and 9 food companies presents Mr. Wigington and his team of risk management professionals opportunities and challenges daily. "My job is to protect the company's assets on a daily basis, and find opportunites to minimize our exposures to risk", said Mr. Wigington. The RM department, in addition to insurance policy contract management, handles corporate safety, training, claims, food safety, warehouse management, and regulatory matters with DOT, EPA, OSHA, NIOSH and a host of other entities.


The new automated beer warehouse with robotics used in the customer order fulfillment process was one of the highlights of the tour. Students also enjoyed touring the refrigerated coolers which go as low as -20 degrees below zero. The state-of-the-art operations of this leading company were very impressive.


Ms. Beebe, a senior in UNT's RMI Program, said "What an excellent opportunity to bring classroom education to life! Having just returned from the RIMS 2014 International Conference in Denver, it was great to see risk management in practice." All participating students are members of the Beta Zeta Chapter and recipients of numerous scholarships awarded by the risk management and insurance industry. All plan to enter the industry full time upon graduation.  

Submitted by Debra Richardson, Faculty Advisor to Beta Zeta Chapter.
The CLM: Industry Events and Education
By Susan Wisbey-Smith

The Claims and Litigation Management (CLM) Alliance is the only national organization created to meet the needs of professionals in the claims and litigation management industries. Founded in 2007, the CLM currently has more than 25,000 Members and Fellows - a number that grows by hundreds each month.


For students of insurance, risk management or actuarial science, joining the CLM brings tremendous benefits - and it's FREE. Simply visit and click on the link to join as a Fellow. Membership in the CLM provides you with many benefits:

  • Free subscriptions to our publications, Claims Management and Litigation Management (available in both print and digital versions)
  • Complimentary registration to many local and regional educational and networking events (check out our calendar of events)
  • Ability to attend webinars at no cost
  • Inclusion in our email list to learn about upcoming events and internship opportunities

The CLM also hosts the annual Claims College in Philadelphia. The College currently has seven schools and three levels within each school. The curriculum is designed by and for claims professionals. The Claims College is a true educational experience, not an industry seminar or conference. Successful completion of all three levels of a school earns participants a respected industry designation.


To learn more about the CLM, visit



NEW! Scholarship/Financial Aid Program from the CPCU-Loman Education Foundation


Internships are a great way to discover the limitless opportunities within the insurance industry. But sometimes finances can get in the way of following your path. That's where the  CPCU-Loman Education Foundation Internship Financial Aid Program comes in!


You can earn up to $3,000 in financial aid through this new CPCU Society program, designed to offset the costs of professional clothing, travel, housing, and other expenses so that you are able to pursue an internship that will allow you to explore a career in the insurance industry.


To qualify, an applicant must be:

  • A college sophomore, junior, or senior
  • Applying for, securing, or accepting a paid insurance-related internship requiring an average of thirty to forty hours a week for at least eight weeks total
  • Registered for internship credit
  • A United States citizen
  • Able to submit his or her application by the June 1 deadline

For more information about this great opportunity, or to apply to the program, visit the  CPCU-Loman Education Foundation website.



St. John's University: Graduate Studies in Risk

You might not be familiar with the School of Risk Management (SRM) at St. John's University. The SRM, a division of the Peter J. Tobin College of Business, is a relatively quiet school in spite of its distinguished 100 plus year history, outstanding alumni network, unsurpassed connections with the leaders of the risk management and insurance industry and world-renowned professors. The School of Risk Management is home to the Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Library, which holds the largest and most significant risk and insurance collection in the world.


The School of Risk Management's endowment allows for substantial merit-based financial aid to students seeking Masters of Science degrees in Enterprise Risk Management and Management of Risk, both of which can be completed in a calendar year. Numerous opportunities for professional internships are available to graduate students while they pursue their degree. Faculty, administration and staff work together to ensure high job placement rates for SRM graduates; the SRM placed all of its domestic graduates over the last three years with companies like JPMorgan Chase & Co., Deloitte & Touche, Travelers, ACE Group, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.


The School of Risk Management will relocate to a brand new, state-of-the-art building near Astor Place in Manhattan's East Village in June 2014. We hope you will apply and join us there in the fall.



To learn more about continuing your education at the School of Risk Management at St. John's University, please contact:


Stephanie Taylor, Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions


Phone: (212) 284-7017




Mark J. Browne, PhD

Robert Clements Distinguished Chair in Risk Management & Insurance

Chair of the Faculty of Risk Management, Insurance & Actuarial Science


Phone: (212) 277-5175

A.M. Best Video: RIMS 2014 Preview

On the occasion of RIMS 2014 in Denver, A.M. Best presented a highlight video covering key trends and happenings. The video features GIS Executive Director Noelle Codispoti discussing the Anita Benedetti Student Involvement Program, and what it means to students of risk management and insurance. Check it out here!
FREE Subscription to Best's Review!

Be sure you are taking advantage of the special offer from our partner company A.M. Best! Students and faculty can access a FREE subscription to Best's Review magazine - digital version. Link to the registration page here! Best's Review is the premier insurance industry monthly magazine, providing the latest global news and trends, plus industry analysis and featured articles.
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