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June 2013 
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"Get Your Motor Running!"
Calling All Recent Graduates and GIS Alumni
Chapter News: Alpha Phi
Spotlight on: Alyssa Bouchard
Spotlight on: Jordan Nadler
Can Math Make You a Millionaire?
RIMS Recap
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Harry House Captive Insurance Scholarship

June 28, 2013


VCIA Distinguished Scholar Award

June 28, 2013


 ACORD Young Professionals Scholarship Deadline

September 3, 2013 


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Executive Committee
 Jeffery W. Lamb



Dr. Alan C. Williams

Executive Vice President


Alan E. Hoffmann

Immediate Past President


John D. Meder

Past President


Lance A. Lancour



Brian Bowerman



John Hammond

Vice President


Meg Allwein

Vice President


Josh Hart

Alumni Representative


Dr. RB Drennan

Faculty Representative


Christopher Place

Industry Representative


James Heuker

Student Representative


Noelle Codispoti 

Executive Director


Dear Students,
The summer is rife with opportunity! We know you have your work cut out for you as you prepare for internships, settle into new jobs, gear up for a new academic year, and hopefully still find the time to continue developing professionally through exams, designations, and industry publications. And of course leave some room for fun!
We have been experiencing unprecedented early interest from sponsors for the 2013 Conference, and we can't wait for you all to experience this year's career fair line-up. Our continued growth is testament to all that you, as driven and accomplished students, consistently bring to the table. Keep up the good work!


Fraternally yours,

Noelle Codispoti, ARM
Executive Director, Gamma Iota Sigma
"Get Your Motor Running" at the 
 42nd Annual International Conference

The 2013 Conference will take place October 3-5, 2013 in Charlotte, NC, co-hosted by the Rho Chapter from Appalachian State University. We are having an excellent - and early! - response from sponsors, and we anticipate an even bigger and better event than last year. Stay tuned for registration and reservation details.
Charlotte Skyline
Are you a Recent Graduate or GIS Alumnus? Stay in Touch!

Help us keep your contact information current! GIS boasts an alumni base of over 15,000 individuals from our 54 chapters and we need your help in updating our current records. Alumni and soon-to-be-Alumni, please use the link below to update your information, and pass it on to as many fellow graduates as you can.

Chapter News: Alpha Phi
Old Dominion Students Dominate GEICO Awards


Congratulations to the Alpha Phi students who impressively swept three of the four 2013 GEICO Achievement Awards available in the region: Mariana Aragon, Laniece Blackmon and Daniel Jefferis.


The awards are presented across the country to college sophomores and juniors majoring in business, computer science, mathematics and related fields - all of which are critical to the success of companies like GEICO.


Mike McShane, associate professor of finance and director of the Emergent Risk Institute at ODU, said the three students are terrific representatives of the school and the CBPA's risk management and insurance track.


"GEICO looks for great students from any major. The fact that three of the four regional winners of the award were not only ODU students, but also risk management and insurance majors, speaks to the quality of students that are coming through this program," McShane said.


Read the full article.

Spotlight on: Alyssa Bouchard '14
Appalachian State University/Rho, RMI Major 

You just finished your junior year, what are your summer plans?
I have been awarded a NAPSLO internship for the summer. I'm currently completing the first half of my internship with Western World Insurance Group, and will spend the rest of the summer with Preferred Concepts. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity for such a hands-on learning experience. I'll be exploring both the underwriting and brokerage parts of the excess and surplus lines market, and hope to find which part of the industry I can use my abilities most efficiently in. It's also great to reconnect other GIS members who are NAPSLO interns and share experiences!

What are your expectations for your senior year?
My senior year will be a busy one as I take on the role of President of the Rho Chapter. I look forward to attending the GIS President's Conference and exchanging ideas with other presidents to better our chapters!

This year, the Rho Chapter is co-hosting the 2013 GIS International Conference. I will lead the Rho Chapter's student committee for this event, and I'm excited to be a part of a great conference with many networking and educational opportunities!

I also hope to secure a fantastic full-time job in the E & S market this year. I look forward to the career fair at the GIS annual conference, and I am confident it will be instrumental in my job search process.

How has GIS helped prepare you for where you are now?
GIS opened my eyes to the incredible number of opportunities available in the insurance industry and, more specifically, in the E & S market. It was at last year's conference that I was educated on this particular sector of the insurance industry and had the opportunity to meet professionals who have been instrumental to my personal and professional development.  Gamma Iota Sigma has truly primed me for success in this business!
Spotlight on: Jordan Nadler '13
Missouri State University/Alpha Lambda, Mathematics Major (Actuarial Science Concentration)

You just graduated, what's next for you?

The thought of what's next after graduation can be quite daunting. For me, next includes moving to Chicago and beginning my dream career in actuarial consulting. Beyond that very broad description, I have no idea what next entails. I'm equally terrified and excited, but with an open mind I feel the options are endless!


Tell us about the job you have lined up.

Come August I will begin my professional career at Ernst & Young in the Insurance and Actuarial Advisory Services practice. For a lot of students, it takes time and exploration to discover what career path they hope to pursue upon graduation, but that certainly was not the case for me. At the age of 13, my dream was to become an actuary and work at one of the Big Four accounting firms. Now, eight years later - it's my reality! Words cannot describe how excited I am to have the opportunity to work and grow in a firm characterized by its dynamic environment and global mindset. The wealth of knowledge and opportunities available to me at Ernst & Young is infinite, and I simply hope to learn anything and everything I can!


What would you say to students considering actuarial science as an academic or career path?

Being an actuary is a great profession - the consistently high rankings on lists of top jobs can attest to that. However, one thing that often gets downplayed is the level of dedication and passion required to be successful in this career path. It's a career that is equally rewarding as challenging, and one that provides an increasing number of opportunities. The actuarial skill set is unique and with growing popularity recognized as invaluable in a variety of contexts. Actuaries are no longer just employed by insurance and consulting companies. Actuarial students could find themselves working in job capacities 20 years from now that don't exist today; that's very exciting!


How has GIS helped prepare you for where you are now?

While some may disagree, I feel that the main point of attending college is to get a job, but in today's competitive job market it is no longer enough to simply earn a degree. Gamma Iota Sigma provided me with all the "extra stuff" beyond a classroom education that has helped me pursue a career. Through GIS I've had countless opportunities for industry exposure, professional networking, and real-world applicable learning. I love that GIS has a cohesive focus on insurance, risk management, and actuarial science. Gaining a better understanding of the bigger picture beyond just the numbers is so valuable as an actuarial student. The transition between a college classroom and professional workplace can be intimidating, but I know the experiences I've gained through GIS will help make it a smooth one.

Want to Be a Millionaire?
Put Your Math Skills to the Test!


Solve the Beal Conjecture, a number theory problem that has for decades stumped mathematicians the world over, and the $1 million prize money could be yours! Read the full announcement.


RIMS Recap: GIS in the News
GIS Students Highlighted Every Day of RIMS 2013!

Thank you to RIMS and Business Insurance for featuring one of our students each day in the Show Daily!
  • Monday's issue, featuring Michael Kelly (Lambda)
  • Tuesday's issue, featuring James Heuker (Alpha Alpha)
  • Wednesday's issue, featuring Victoria Vu (Beta Gamma)
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