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Jefferson County Health Department, Midfield, Alabama.  Dealer project manager: Garner & Associates.  Cabinet series 1200-C and 3200 with a premium StevensWood woodgrain texture.
Stevens Advantage Library Systems are a Page apart 

The latest Stevens Advantage furnishing catalog includes a technology media / library selection.  Over the past 40 years, Stevens has provided shelving and accessories typically incorporated in library and media areas.  This latest section has been expanded to enhance high-end architectural applications. 

Only Stevens can offer the latest woodgrain textures.  These designs have exclusive embossed in registration woodgrain textures that can set your project above the rest.  Conventional solid and woodgrain laminates can also be produced.

Shelving is typical of efficient starter and adder combinations.  The span of sizes and designs optimize storage of book volumes from small to large.  All Stevens shelves are 1" think in combination with an exclusive 5-point support system.  This structural support method minimizes deflection and creep that could result from overload conditions.

Stevens shelving have an integral top design but can also be equipped with continuous overlay tops.  Shelving can be selected in front face self-edge style or 3mm radius high impact edging.

Media facilities require specialty use units to fill out the areas.  Our offering includes special displays, book trucks, research stands, individual student study carrels, laptop and tablet storage, and accessories. 

Entries generally revolve around the circulation center.  Stevens array of circulation desk models can provide all the combinations needed for a complete facility.  A custom look can be achieved using the reveal Oxford II construction style or the continuous overlay Bradford collection. 

Include Stevens media and library collections as part of a total solution for complete education or research facilities. 

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Digital Camera with Wide Angle Lens Vintage Browny Color Grading.
Project Photos Needed

Your project photos are important!  Stevens is creating a 2015 "Year in Pictures" book of all casework and millwork projects.  These will be tremendous sales tools for your fast-moving bidding season. 

Submit photos to Amanda Emmerich, Please include one outside shot including the building sign, along with five to six interior photos.  If possible, try to hide away boxes and clutter to achieve clean, attractive photos that can be used in marketing.

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Hardware Overview

Need a quick reference page for the updated hardware collections?  Check out the hardware overview in the Resources - Literature section of
Winning in Minnesota

Lance Service recently landed a school job in Minnesota, a great thing in itself, but even better because the job is just down the road from a big competitor.  The 2016 Stewartville New Elementary School is going up in Stewartville, Minnesota.  President of Lance, Al Johnson, says, "We were only low bidder by 1%, exactly where we want to be.  It's great to be able to win work locally in Minnesota when we have to compete with a manufacturer less than 10 miles from our office and much closer to the job site. This is a material only project with a prime contract and bonding requirement."  Congratulations to everyone on the Lance Service team!  
Thank you for reviewing these updates.  We look forward to our continued partnership.  Have you taken the time to like the Stevens' Facebook page?  Check our page for project photos, product updates and more!  




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