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Spotlight Project
Jefferson County Dept of Health
Jefferson County Health Department's new Western Health Center in Midfield Alabama used 1200-C Series and 3200 Series casework throughout their facility.  Garner & Associates coordinated the project, which finished installation the first quarter of 2015.  Their facilities manager expressed a great deal of enthusiasm regarding appearance and quality. 
GREENGUARD GOLD Certified Music Cabinets. 

Stevens Advantage is proud to have achieved GREENGUARD GOLD certification status for many of our cabinets, including our music and instrument storage units. 
Music cabinet flyer

Site Conditions Impact Cabinet Performance

As our summer months heat up, it's worth noting that high humidity levels have significant negative impact on the performance of casework cabinetry.  The control of air temperature and humidity is vital to establish an ideal environment and maximize the performance of wooden furniture and cabinets.  Relative humidity below 20% or above 80% is particularly harmful to wood products.  As humidity increases, the MC increases, and wood expands, and as the humidity decreases, MC decreases, and the wood shrinks. The optimum indoor relative humidity levels, by region, are noted in the chart below.   We recommend checking your site conditions frequently during the summer months.  More information can be found in the AWS 2nd edition, under Care and Storage on page 36.

Site Conditions - Humidity
Warping caused by high humidity.

Celebrating 45 Years - Tom Wegman Retires

We have been celebrating with Tom Wegman, who has retired after 45 years of dedicated service to Stevens Industries.  On June 26th, his official 45th anniversary, we enjoyed a company-wide cookout with brats, hot dogs and lots of cake!  July 2nd, the celebration continued at Tuscan Hills Winery, with family, friends and associates all joining Tom to celebrate and reflect on 45 years of accomplishments.  He and company founder, Chuck Stevens, were great friends, and both were instrumental in transitioning Stevens into a 100-percent employee-owned company.  For this, and the passion and dedication to the company's progress, generations of associates will be blessed. We wish Tom a happy, healthy retirement as he heads off to engineer perfect sandcastles...instead of perfect cabinets. 

Special thanks to Dan Senseman and Jeff Virostko of Lee Company, for joining us at the winery.  Tom was so pleased to see many of his friends and colleagues.

Well wishes can be sent to Tom c/o of Stevens Industries, 704 W Main St., Teutopolis IL 62467, or to Tom's Email.   

Tom's retirement
Tom Wegman, with son Todd, President of Stevens, and granddaughter Mary Claire, marketing & graphics intern.

Thank you for reviewing these updates.  We look forward to our continued partnership.  Have you taken the time to like the Stevens' Facebook page?  Check our page for project photos, product updates and more!  




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