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Hyatt Regency New Brunswick
Two Albany Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901


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Wednesday September 12, 2012 from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM EDT
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There are only thirty days left until the Council's  21st  Annual Summit - Creating Healthy and Safe Communities.  The Summit will be a day of Celebration, Recognition and Learning.  Registration is quickly reaching capacity so be sure to REGISTER NOW if you want to join in:     


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Celebrating National Recovery Month with Keynote Speaker Gov. Jim McGreevey.
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Recognizing the W. Cary Edwards Statewide Volunteer of the Year Award Recipient and other Volunteers of the Year.
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Learning about leadership, healing communities, statewide trends, recovery programs, keeping kids drug-free, and much more.


Don't forget the Northeast Conference on Behavioral Health and Addictive Disorders immediately follows the Summit and is offering many more training opportunities. The Conference hosts are providing Summit attendees the chance to participate in the opening night's keynote presentation at no cost and discounted registration for the remainder of the Conference.


You can click on the links below to register for the Summit and to learn more about the impressive faculty presenting at the Northeast Conference.  I look forward to seeing you at this year's Summit.




John Hulick


Executive Director

Registration is limited,  so be sure to register now. 
Limited vendor tables are also available, requests required.

Northeast Conference on Behavioral Health and Addictive Disorders
Registration discounts available to
Summit attendees

The COUNSELOR magazine and US JOURNAL TRAINING (USJT) accepted GCADA's invitation to hold its Northeast Conference in association with the Council.  The Conference will immediately follow the Summit, September 12th through September 15th.

Summit attendees are invited to attend Robert Ackerman"s opening keynote presentation, "Developing Healthy Families: Show Me the Way to Grow Home", on the evening of the 12th at no cost.  If you would like to attend Robert Ackerman's opening keynote presentation, please 
indicate "Yes" in the Northeast Conference section of  the Summit registration form.

The conference also features nationally known speakers and workshop presenters addressing key issues of interest. USJT is making ten percent discounts available to Summit attendees for full program and daily registration. 


To learn more about the Northeast Conference, click hereBe sure to use discount code 32204 to receive the discount.
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