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Spring Forward
April 2012 - vol. 1, no. 1
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The Council's 21st Annual Summit has been scheduled for Wed., Sept. 12, 2012 in New Brunswick, NJ.

Stay tuned for exciting announcements regarding this year's Summit.
For last year's Summit wrap-up, click here.
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It is with great pleasure that I introduce the Council's first e-newsletter, Council Connection. Its theme, Spring Forward, is certainly one that is fitting, ushering in a new season, looking toward a future rich with opportunity. The Council's goal is to broaden its scope of communication with its constituency, the vast network of Alliance members and the general public, so that we can keep you informed and connected. Simply stated, it's our way of staying in touch!
The wind is surely at our backs with unprecedented support from Governor Christie and his administration. The Governor has seized the bully pulpit, bringing significant focus to the state's number one public health concern -- addiction.  By boldly stating, "addiction is a disease", he is busting stigma thereby providing thousands of individuals and families with hope and dignity as they strive toward wellness and recovery.

Governor Christie has charged the Council with developing a "Blueprint for a Drug-Free New Jersey - 2020" as part of his effort to address New Jersey's number one public health issue - addiction. The Blueprint will serve as a guide as to how the State's future substance abuse prevention, treatment and recovery services will be delivered.

The Blueprint will also outline a plan which will focus on the alarming rise in heroin and other opiate use amongst New Jersey's youth and young adults. Your good work and dedication is especially crucial as we strive to honor the Governor's charge.
We are also invigorated by the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) New Jersey Training Academy which is currently underway to immerse the Alliance network's efforts in the kinds of environmental and holistic strategies that create a healthy infrastructure upon which communities can grow and flourish. With nearly 400 Alliances encompassing more than 500 municipalities involving thousands of individuals who have made it their passion and commitment to create healthy and safe communities, we have the ability to employ these strategies at the most local of levels.

The size and scope of reach, along with the ability to impact communities at this most local of levels, makes the GCADA Alliance to Prevent Alcoholism and Drug Abuse unique in the nation. It is also what inspired the new Alliance tagline "It Doesn't Get More Local" pictured below.
We are pleased to Spring Forward with you knowing this is just the beginning of all good things to come. Thank you for your dedication to creating healthy and safe communities.
Very truly yours,
John Hulick

Executive Director
Governor's Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse


Panel of National Addiction Experts Convene at New Jersey Statehouse
Statehouse dome


"I believe we're going to see the Governor's Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse really become the force that the original legislation intended to be," said Asw. Mary Pat Angelini (R-11, Monmouth in her opening remarks  at the first meeting of the Advisory Panel held on Tuesday, February 28th.


The Council's Advisory Panel, established in December 2011, consists of nationally recognized experts in the fields of addiction treatment, prevention and recovery.  The Panel is expected to play an important role in aiding the Council to more effectively meet its charge to develop a "Blueprint for a Drug-Free New Jersey 2020" and other statutory duties. 


Some of the focus areas of discussion for this first Panel meeting included integration of addiction services with mental health, criminal justice and primary care to create a coordinated effort to address the complexity of addiction. The Panel also recommended the need for increased access to addiction treatment by addressing the State's current infrastructure in addition to focusing attention on re-entry initiatives for criminal offenders in a post-release setting.


To learn more about the Advisory Panel and its members, click here.


$8.3M in Alliance Funding Approved
Solo house


As of January 2012, the Council has approved eighteen of the twenty-one calendar year 2012 County grant awards totaling $8.3 million with the matching requirement doubling the impact of the awards to a total of $16.6 million.  The awards fund Municipal Alliances to Prevent Alcoholism and Drug Abuse which plan for and develop local community and evidenced-based addiction prevention strategies and programs as well as public education and awareness activities at the local level.


"New Jersey led the nation in 1989 with the establishment of its network of community-based anti-drug coalitions which has since been replicated by communities throughout the United States," said Acting Director John Hulick. "These grant awards are consistent with federal direction that calls for prevention to be rooted in communities in order to be most effective. They also ensure that the Alliances remain an integral part of the State's overall addiction prevention strategies allowing them to continue to lead efforts to address alcoholism and drug abuse in communities throughout the State."


To learn more about the Alliance program, click here.



CADCA Names GCADA 2012 Outstanding State Member


Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) named the Council its Outstanding State Mcadcaember during CADCA's 22nd Annual National Leadership Forum, held Feb. 6-9, 2012 in National Harbor, Md. This prestigious award recognizes an outstanding state program that has made significant contributions to community-based drug prevention coalitions in their state and has helped support CADCA's mission of creating safe, healthy and drug-free communities.


The Council was recognized for a 20-year commitment to supporting community anti-drug coalitions throughout their state and for its outstanding investment in training and technical assistance for local leaders. "We are very fortunate to have partners like the GCADA, who understand the importance of community-based drug prevention and support the efforts of local community anti-drug coalitions in their state," said CADCA Chairman and CEO, Gen. Arthur Dean. "Together, we can help create safer and healthier communities for our young people."
John Hulick, GCADA Executive Director, stated, "The Council's Alliance to Prevent Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Program - unique in scope not only in the State but in the Nation - works every day to create healthy, safe and drug-free communities throughout New Jersey. This award speaks directly to the yeoman's work of the hundreds of local Alliances and the thousands of volunteers who have made it their passion and commitment to address New Jersey's number one public health concern - alcoholism and drug abuse. On their behalf, the Council thanks CADCA for bestowing this honor."