A Newsletter from Baby's Space   September, 2013   Volume 4, Issue 9

Baby's Space is a holistic, research-based approach to infant through 3rd grade education, adolescent mental health services and support for children and families residing in poverty and violence.

It's Back to School!

Last week on a hot, sunny morning, Tatanka Academy welcomed 62 K-3rd grade students. We've grown by nearly 20 children over last year. And, with 78 children ages six weeks to five years who attend Baby's Space, our 150 total is a big jump from the 21 children served when we opened more than 10 years ago.


While our numbers are small compared to most elementary schools, the consistency of our relationships is anything but small. Consider this: All kindergartners who attended Baby's Space scored ready on Minneapolis Public Schools kindergarten readiness tests.


The foundation for learning established by our early education team will promote

continued success as these same children master reading, math and science.
dad back to school
Parents are key to success


Parent Involvement Key

Parents attend our carnival, parent

-teacher conferences,

family nights and parent advisory and education meetings. With school reform in the news, we are reminded that stable, consistent and responsive relationships are the best predictor of school success. It

is not because relationships make children smarter - it's because nurturing relationships build empathy, compassion, and the confidence to discover and learn.



Thanks to your continued support we keep growing in any ways. Thank you!


Best Regards,


Terrie Rose

Founder and CEO


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It's Easy to Support Baby's Space at Lakeshore Learning

Did you know that Baby's Space has a wish list at Lakeshore Learning? If you'd like to order an item from our wish list, we'll put it to good use in one of our classrooms! We also appreciate Lakeshore Learning gift cards for use as door prizes for training and meeting for teachers. Click here to check out our registry.
Lakeshore Art
Baby's Space art was featured at the St. Louis Park Lakeshore Learning store
 TargetLegal Vol1Heroes Thank You Target Legal Services
Thank you Target Legal Services! Tatanka Academy students enjoyed a fun day when 14 volunteers from the Target legal services department visited the school. The adults helped students plant marigold plants and spent time reading and playing math games. TargetLegal Vol 2

"Volunteers at Tatanka Academy are a highlight of any week," said Debbie Lund, executive director."A highlight was a break on the playground when the whole group was blowing soap bubbles. The Target volunteers had as much fun as the kids!"

Interested in volunteering?

Contact Debbie Lund at (612) 729-5171 or



2013 Carnival 1 Family Fun at Back to School Carnival

A record 275 parents, children and neighbors attended our annual back to school carnival. Tatanka Academy students got to meet their new teachers and children of all ages enjoyed games, face painting and food. Thanks to all of our volunteers, teachers and staff who ran the games and face painting stations.


 2013 carnival 72013 carnival 62013 carnival 5

 2013 carnival 42013 carnival 32013 carnival 2


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The foundation of Baby's Space is about developing the child's emotional health so that they are successful at school and in life. Read all about emotional readiness in a new book by Baby's Space founder Dr. Terrie Rose. Buy the book at by clicking here.


"Emotional Readiness connects the dots across genes, epigenetics and experience, linking the critical roles of parental and child health, mental health, and nutrition, early education and community supports in children's school readiness and success in life."
T. Berry Brazelton, clinical professor emeritus of pediatrics, Harvard Medical School
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