A Newsletter from Baby's Space   July, 2013   Volume 4, Issue 7

Baby's Space is a holistic, research-based approach to infant through 3rd grade education, adolescent mental health services and support for children and families residing in poverty and violence.

Dear Friends,

Since Baby's Space began, we've been spreading the word about the importance of early experience and seeing things from the baby's point of view. That's what we practice each day at Baby's Space. And now, we can spread the word through a new book, "Emotional Readiness. How Early Experiences and Mental Health Predict School Success." 


Emotional Readiness Cover
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I wrote the book because the mental health of babies is often overlooked. While we're quick to ensure that we are teaching the ABCs and 123s, we often miss that social emotional development sets the foundation for learning.


Getting my new book in the hands of policy makers and childcare professionals is just the beginning. We recently hosted a Rally4Babies event at Baby's Space to put the spotlight on increasing funding for early childhood education. It's an exciting time as we make changes that will impact future generations. Thanks for joining us on our march. It's going to be an exciting journey - from the baby's point of view.


Best Regards,


Terrie Rose

Founder and CEO


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Rally4 Babies & Book Signing Event at Baby's Space July 8
Thank you to friends and staff who visited Baby's Space to view the live broadcast of the Rally4Babies event and participate in the launch of "Emotional Readiness. How Early Experience and Mental Health Predict School Success" by Terrie Rose.


Book Signing 1

book signing 3book signing 2


Heroes Temple Israel
Temple Israel 2
Volunteers help with family night.
We salute the exceptional students and families from Temple Israel who have been volunteering at Baby's Space for many years as tutors and working at our monthly family nights. The students and their parents speak for themselves on the positive relationships that have formed between the two organizations.

"Chyna and I enjoy volunteering at Baby Space. The staff, families and volunteers at Baby Space are supportive, encouraging and kind." Lisa, parent


"I enjoy working with the kids because they are so happy to be there. When they are called up for their awards (like completing homework) they're excited. The family dinners are always fun." Sophie, student

Congratulations Tatanka Graduates!
Our extended school year concluded on July 3 with a special ceremony for our third grade graduates and their families. All of our Tatanka Academy students also displayed special projects designed during their study of rain forests.
2013 Tatanka grad 5
Deb applauds a proud mom and her students.
2013 Tatanka grad 4
Lots of smiles on a happy graduation day.
2013 Tatanka grad 2
Proud graduates!
2013 Tatanka grad 3
Students share their rain forest displays.
2013 Tatanka grad 1
Students displayed their hard work.
Emotional Readiness Cover "Emotional Readiness connects the dots across genes, epigenetics and experience, linking the critical roles of parental and child health, mental health, and nutrition, early education and community supports in children's school readiness and success in life."
T. Berry Brazelton, clinical professor emeritus of pediatrics, Harvard Medical School
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