A Newsletter from Baby's Space   June 2013 Volume 4, Issue 6

Baby's Space is a holistic, research-based approach to infant through 3rd grade education, adolescent mental health services and parent support for children and families residing in poverty and violence.

Power to The Baby!

Dear Friends:


BabySpaceBoy On June 3, I addressed the "Building Power for Babies" conference. The words power and babies aren't typically used together because people gain and express power through knowledge, connections, confidence and language. But babies possess none of these skills or traits - yet. During the first years of life, babies learn about their own power through the actions and reactions of others: "When I cry, what happens?" They will become influencers and negotiators; communicators and listeners; connectors and responders. But what happens when the caring adults are burdened by their own challenges and restricted power? Who is building power for babies? 


Dr. Karen Cadigan, in her final days as director of the Minnesota Department of Education Early Learning, also spoke. Her voice gave power to babies. Karen believes that babies need to influence policies. While babies and their busy parents cannot line the legislative halls, lobbyist can. Babies need to be engaged in the political process in the same ways as K-12, affinity groups and the elderly to build policies that create affordable, nurturing, high quality everyday experiences. The scientific evidence is strong. We know what to do. We need to find the public will to make it happen. 


 Best Regards,

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Terrie Rose

Founder and President



Minnpost Features Baby's Space

Minnpost is publishing articles called "Driving Change: A Lens on Leadership" and Baby's Space was featured with the article, "Terrie Rose and Baby's Space model how to raise kids from the child's point of view." The article highlights how we've taken our research on the baby and created a model for our own center and for other childcare professionals to use. An accompanying article features Baby's Space and is titled "Driving Change panel: Rose used 21st century tactics to lead."


Miss Tatanka
Miss Tatanka
During the annual Mother's Day Pow Wow sponsored by the Little Earth of United Tribes on May 11, Desiree Meeter, a student at Tatanka Academy, was named Miss Tatanka.


Heroes Minnehaha Academy Students

Minihaha Academy 2 Minnehaha Academy 1 Each year since 2010, a group of Minnehaha Academy students spend time at Baby's Space. They're participating in a program called "Cultural Field Experience," where students travel to local schools and immerse themselves into another culture.


The students work in our classrooms helping students under the guidance of teachers. A favored activity is creating and performing skits for the students based on recently-read books.


"Our students really enjoyed connecting with the students," said Sam Terfa, mathematics and science teacher. "The kids are so sweet and it's amazing how quickly we connect with them each year. I was very touched this year when on our last day several students said they were going to volunteer at Baby Space this summer. They were very insistent on this because they were touched so deeply."


Our thanks to Minnehaha Academy for including Baby's Space in this meaningful program!


 New Development Director

Michelle Lichtig
Michelle Lichtig
Baby's Space is proud to announce that Michelle Lichtig has joined our team as director of development. The director of development leads our efforts generating philanthropic engagement through individual giving, grants, volunteer activities and in-kind donations to support families' needs.


"The best part of the first days here was being with the children. At Tatanka Academy I had lunch in the cafeteria with the children and it was fun talking and listening to them," said Michelle.

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Click below on the >donate icon and be directed to, a secure way to donate and 100% of your gift goes to Baby's Space.  If you prefer to contact us directly, download our Baby's Space Donation Form for credit card and check donations that may be sent directly to us.  Thank you!


Wanted: Board Games!
Can you donate new or gently-used board games? Our students benefit from playing games by building social, emotional, cognitive and problem solving skills. Great games include the following - but we'd be happy to have you share your favorites, too!


For our younger children

  • Zingo
  • Hi Ho! Cherry-O
  • The Ladybug Game


For our older students

  • Sequence
  • Chess
  • Monopoly
  • Battleship

To donate, contact Debbie Lund at (612) 729-5171. Donations may be dropped off at Baby's Space, 2438 18th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55404. Or, gift cards to Target or other like stores can be mailed to Debbie's attention at the address listed above.



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