A Newsletter from Baby's Space   March, 2013   Volume 4, Issue 3

Baby's Space is a holistic, research-based approach to infant through 3rd grade education, adolescent mental health services and support for children and families residing in poverty and violence.

Dear Friends, 

Jeff Werbalowsky is a long-time supporter and talked about the positive impact Baby's Space has on society


OH what a night 

BABY! Thanks to all of you who attended our fundraising party Friday, February 22 at the Walker Art Center.

We support child development from a baby's point of view. Consider this.

  • Brain development in early childhood years sets the foundation for self-sufficiency, emotional health and life success.
  • Chronic stress, like poverty, neglect and maltreatment weaken the hard wiring of the brain area responsible for successful learning and behavior.
  • Consistent adult support and interaction works - even when stress exists - by building a buffer so the child's resilient brain can grow and prosper.

Our programs work. Consider the significant achievement gap between white students and those of color in the Minneapolis Public Schools system. As a contrast, in 2012, 100% of our pre-kindergarten students tested school ready.


I appreciate your support now and in the future. Thank you for supporting Baby's Space! 


Best Regards,


Terrie Rose

Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Leischow 2013
Kelly Leischow, far right, was an event host and is joined by her guests (from left) Jennifer Prentice, Kristi Parkinson and Nancy Bigos


LRose 2013
Dario Anselmo and Larry Rose


OH BABY! Baby's Space Fundraiser February 22, 2013
Left to right. Andrea Mueller, event chair and board member, Louann Waddick, art auction, Lana Slavitt, board member
MPage 2013
Marcia Page, right, an event host, with Caryl Morgan
Bowles 2013

Let to right. Pete Makarov, Sue Makarov, Carla Vernon and Jason Bowles, member of the Baby's Space board of directors


Left to right. Andrea Mueller, board member, Terrie Rose, founder, Jennifer Zarth, Baby's Space development director and Jennifer Kline, mistress of ceremonies


government funding in Baby's Space budget
Last Friday, President Obama signed the order for cuts (known as sequestration) for domestic programs that provide services to young children and families
Heroes Sheena St. John
Baby's Space 'mom' shares her inspirational story with guests at the February 22, "Oh Baby" fundraising party
Sheena St. John, left, spoke at the OH BABY party. She is joined by Daisy Green and Julia Icemen


Sheena St. John has very busy, and sometimes stressful, days as mom to two-and-a-half-year-old Aiden and six-month-old twins Addison and Leighton. But despite its hectic pace, Sheena never worries about Aiden and the care he's receiving at Baby's Space.


Aiden has spent his days at Baby's Space since he was six months old. Sheena credits infant room teachers Jerry Nystrom and Shantel Hackley for helping Aiden. Developmentally delayed, Aiden began crawling at 18 months of age. "I was stressed out," said Sheena. "I worried that Aiden wouldn't crawl or walk but everyday Jerry and Shantel helped. They never pushed Aiden, they encouraged him until he was ready to crawl. They helped us both."


Sheena enjoyed meeting weekly with Brenda Evans Gekonge  for a play date where she played with Aiden and picked up parenting tips. "I loved my weekly play dates. Rather than going through the motions, I learned to take the time to play with Aiden and enjoy our time together."

Baby's Space is so much more than a childcare center - thanks to your support we are a full-service childcare, public school and parent support organization.
OH BABY! Art Auction
art auction 2013
The art auction features the works of local and national artists
We collected exquisite artwork from leading artists. Our thanks to the beautiful donations and our congratulations to the lucky bidders who won these collectible pieces. To learn more about the artists, click on the names below.

Reid Thorpe

Edward Lentsch

Holly Stone

Simona Nemcova

2013 art auction
A popular piece from rising star Jeremi Hanson

Chelsea Eul

K. Daphnae Koop

Kate Heegaard Hartfiel

Jeanette Swofford

Karen Ragus 

Isso Shojae   Donated by Jen Klise and Dack Ragus

Jeffrey Haddorff

Jeremi Hanson

O'Dell Designs Donated by Laura Davis

B.J. Christofferson


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