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 Spring Edition, 2015
ENCA Farm Product Highlight: Arabica Shade Grown Coffee 
Kape ENCA is one of our largest grossing crops in local markets. While coffee popularity is on the rise around the world, we believe that few avid coffee drinkers truly know the process of bean to cup. At ENCA Farm, we know this process well and are excited to teach our supporters. 

Kape ENCA is harvested by manually picking each individual red ripe fruit, drying the fruit for weeks, de-pulping it, and then hand roasting each small batch of beans which Lola Carmen Cosalan does over an open fire. The aromatic beans are then packaged and delivered to our various markets and buyers. 

Watch the video below of Lola Carmen Cosalan explaining her slow fire roasting process.

Lola Carmen Roasting Coffee

Up-Coming Event:
Denver Film Screening of Agbalbalitok  

Join Friends of ENCA Farm for a special film screening of Agbalbalitok on Wednesday April 15th at 6:30 pm at the Posner Center for International Development.
Agbabalitok is a Filipino- made documentary about the impacts of the small scale mining industry in Benguet Province. 

There will be a live Q & A with filmmaker Ferdinand John Balanag after the screening. 

Watch the Film Trailer Here and Save the Date!

Friends of ENCA Farm Establishes New Community Partnerships 
Sibol: A CU-Denver Student Group
Last Spring, Students at CU-Denver founded Sibol: the first Filipino-American Student Organizaiton in the State of Colorado. Friends of ENCA Farm is excited to have this new partnership and help the next generation of Filipino-American's in Colorado learn more about their homeland and support our projects on the ground in the Philippines. Thanks to this new partnership, four Sibol members volunteered at our annual Nourish! event in November of 2014. Thanks for your support Sibol! 

The Salo Project 
Filipina Chef Yana Gilbuena has been cooking up delicious Filipino pop-up meals around the country, doing a 50-state, 50-week tour. The tour features Filipino Kamayan style (hands only, food on banana leaves), which raises awareness of Filipino Cuisine and raises money to build a classroom in a school in Capiz (an area effected by Typhoon Haiyan last year). The money raised will also support a farming and feeding program with a local organization in the Philippines, ARK: Advancement for Rural Kids
We met with Yana in October, and are excited to continue promoting healthy, delicious Filipino Cuisine. To learn more about her amazing tour and passions visit the Salo Project Website and follow Salo on Facebook
Filipino Recipe Corner 
Each newsletter will now include a delicious Filipino Cuisine recipe. The popularity of Filipino food is on the rise around the globe, so what better community is there to inspire with this culinary tradition than the Friends of ENCA Farm?!
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