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The Fall Harvest Edition, 2013

Friends of ENCA Farm Joins Posner Center for International Development


We are happy to announce that over the summer we moved into the Posner Center for International Development in Denver, Colorado. This exciting collaborative office space for over 30 international development organizations is the first of its kind in the United States. Being a tenant of the center will broaden our partnerships around the globe and connect our work in the Philippines with like minded organizations both domestically and internationally. 


Posner Center Building  

Join us for our 3rd Annual Nourish Fundraiser on Friday, October 4th to see the Posner Center. This year's event will feature Filipino-inspired cuisine prepared by guest chef Heidi Peterson.


Come enjoy delicious food and local beer, and learn how you can support international organic farming and environmental education initiatives at ENCA Farm. 


REGISTER NOW for Nourish, October 4th, 2013 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm, and spread the word to your friends!

Cosalan Family Reunion Honors the Past and Looks Towards the Future


This July, more than a hundred Cosalan Family descendants gathered in Las Vegas to reconnect, remember the past, and celebrate their cultural heritage. Sherry Manning of Friends of ENCA Farm was humbled to attend as a representative of the Enrique Branch of the family that maintains and runs ENCA Farm. 


Reunion Quote  

The Enrique Lineage 


Lolo Enrique was the 4th born child of Tarilja Aguinaya Acop and Fenando Cosalan. Enrique was known amongst his family as the Formidable One. Of the few brothers not to engage in politics, he is remembered as down to earth, focusing his time on feeding the family. Enrique taught his family that simplicity is what matters in this life, and that being together as a family is the most important element of our existence.


Enrique and Carmen's greatest legacy is indeed ENCA Farm. Through ENCA Farm, they were able to raise and educate their 11 children. And in 2006, prior to Enrique's death at the age of 93, Carmen and their children agreed with him to not divide their ancestral land. Instead, they sought out to cultivate something more lasting. ENCA Farm, born from Enrique's love for family and the simple life, thrives today as a model of sustainable stewardship and compassion for our earth.   


To read more about Enrique and his siblings please CLICK HERE to access the program from the reunion. 


What's Inside
-Joining the Posner Center for International Development
-Reflections on the Cosalan Family Reunion



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