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New 1200�F Accelerometer Eliminates Noise   


UHT-12™ Crystals have Better Accuracy and Higher Temperature Capability

Depew, NY, USA - March 4, 2015 - PCB Piezotronics, Inc., is pleased to announce a new crystal technology being used in high temperature applications, called Ultra High Temperature 1200˚F (650˚C) or UHT-12™.  Accelerometers design with UHT-12™  make measurements with better accuracy and lower noise, during large temperature variations.  "This new development solves the gas turbine manufacturers problem with ceramic based sensors known as pyroelectric noise," said Bob Metz, PCB's Director of Aerospace & Defense.  "The material also has the ability to operate in shear mode, which isolates the accelerometer from thermal influences and base strain errors."


UHT-12™ technology allows accelerometers to be insensitive to temperature variations.  This is ideal for test and vibration monitoring applications of gas turbines, turbochargers, exhaust systems test and engine balancing.  

The UHT-12™ family consists of accelerometer
Model 320C52, and Series 357D, EX611, EX600B, 339A, and has been adapted to pressure sensor Series 115 and 176.


In summary, UHT-12™ technical advantages include:

  • Elimination of pyroelectric noise spikes, up to 1200˚F / 650˚C
  • Consistent sensitivity over a wider temperature change
  • Isolated crystal from base strain and transverse measurement errors 

For further information please contact Bob Metz, telephone 866-816-8892, e-mail: [email protected].

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