Important Technology Updates from Partners Advantage 

Internal Systems Enhancement - PartnersHQ

Partners Advantage is pleased to announce we have enhanced our agency operating systems. What this means is our internal service platform will be improved for our employees to help us better meet your needs. This upgrade will be relatively seamless and transparent to you.


During our initial few weeks of transition to our new system, the case search, appointment search and push notifications will be unavailable on the Partners Advantage Mobile App. Also, Case Status on our agent website portal will be temporarily unavailable for a few weeks, as we move over to our  new SmartSearch functionality. We believe you will see that this short interruption of service in these mobile app features will lead to many enhancements in the coming months.


"The new PartnersHQ system developed by NexusHQ will allow our company to take our service and technology platform to a new level of excellence for the agents and agencies we serve throughout the country," stated Partners Advantage President James Wong.


Are Your Emails Getting through to Partners Advantage?

Due to the number of spam emails that are sent from Public Email providers, such as Hotmail, Live, Yahoo, AOL and Gmail, there is a greater chance they may end up on a blacklist. If that provider does end up on a blacklist, there is a good chance that your emails being sent to someone at Partners Advantage may be rejected. You should receive a Bounce Back email stating that your email could not be delivered. If this does happen, we recommend you contact us by phone at 888-251-5525.


If you do not have a non-public email address or prefer use a public email address, we recommend using a Gmail account as we have not seen as many issues with their mail servers being blacklisted. This will hopefully alleviate any potential missed communication between you and Partners Advantage.


Does Your Web Browser Need an Update?

Is everything showing up on your screen? You may need a browser upgrade. When using the forms, eApps and other services on the Partners Advantage web portal, we recommend you use Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome as your browser. Also, enable pop-ups on your browser.
For financial professional use only. Not for use with consumers.
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