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Great building for sale or lease in the Norwich Business Park.
136,000 square foot building, with 129,500 square feet of manufacturing space. Close to I-395, all utilities, perfect for many uses including warehouse, industrial, data center or moreComplete information hereOr call Jason Vincent at Norwich Community Development Center, 860.887.6964. 

Hiring Incentives are Available for STEM Jobs!

The Eastern CT Workforce Investment Board (EWIB) has funds available for On-The-Job Training of new hires in technical skills jobs. If you are hiring, Click Here first for more Info,  or call Susan Lewis at EWIB, 860-859-4100 x16

The region recently received unexpected bad news when the investment company owners of Fusion Paperboard in Sprague announced the plant's closing at the end of September. Since the announcement members of the Eastern Advanced Manufacturing Alliance (EAMA), Workforce Investment Board (EWIB), seCTer and Three Rivers Community College have sprung into action to place  Fusion workers in new jobs.  There are over 100 skilled workers with a variety of skills available and a job fair will be held at Fusion Paperboard on August 27 for regional manufacturers looking for new hires. Contact Ginnie Sampietro at EWIB for more information. 

 August 19: Annual Meeting of the Eastern Advanced Manufacturing Alliance (EAMA).  Holiday Inn, Norwich, 4:30pm.  Visit EAMA's Web Site for additional information.
August 20:  "PTAP Talks" webinar.  Join PTAP Director Lisa Wood from your own office to learn about HUB Zones and how your location can help grown your government contracting business.  For more information and to register visit the PTAP web site.

August 20: 
"PTAP Talks" webinar on "Succeeding with the Small Business Innovation Research Program - SBIR."  Join SBIR Fast Consultant to learn about funding your R&D  efforts.  For more information visit
PTAP web site.

August 26: Collins & Jewell Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at 5 Rachel Dr. in Bozrah.  5:00pm.  Click here for more information and to register.

October 8:
 Save the Date!  Fall Forum sponsored by Southeastern CT Entrepreneurs Network.  At Mystic Marriott . 4pm.  Invitations will be forthcoming. Watch Events Calendar at

November 20: 
Save the Date!  seCTer Annual Meeting.  Location TBA. 
seCTer and CT PTAP currently are seeking candidates for a

Click on above links for details.

The community was saddened by the sudden passing of Bob Hamilton, Spokesperson at Electric Boat and former Military Affairs writer of the New London DAY, at his home on July 18.  We all offer our sincere condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.  He will be missed.

In another military/defense related area,Rear Adm. Kenneth Perry, of US  Subase New London will be retiring on August 26. His final command, Sub Group 2, will be formally retired at the same time, as part of a general refocusing of flag commands in the Navy.  We wish Adm. Perry well.
I recently participated in a class at Three Rivers Community College on "Introduction to GIS."  We were reminded by the instructor of the "first" use of GIS in the hand drawn map of a devastating  1854 Cholera outbreak in London.    Following this class I read a book on the event, "Ghost Map" written by Steven Johnson of NYU's Department of Journalism.  The book would make great late summer reading for anyone interested in the vital role that Water and Wastewater Infrastructure plays in making a vibrant economy and a healthy society.  These issues are especially pertinent these days with the recent Toledo, OH water system shutdown, the New London Water Main break,  the even worse major Water Main Break in Los Angeles, and the many water and waste water projects that our CEDS recommends. Try it.

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Still Revolutionary

  We are in the midst of our New England summer and it has been quite lovely so far -- that is so far as weather is concerned, with relatively mild and sunny days and relatively modest humidity.  The most exciting event of the summer, with a formidable
Charles W. Morgan at City Pier New London.
impact on our Tourism and Maritime industries, was the "38th Voyage" of the Whaling Ship Charles W. Morgan.  After a multi-year and multi-million dollar restoration, the Morgan, built in 1841 in New Bedford, MA, set sail from Mystic and New London to a selection of New England ports, including her New Bedford birthplace, and most excitingly to the Stellwagen Banks off Cape Cod to search (non-violently!) for whales. A veteran of over 80 years of whaling voyages, and another almost 100 years as a derelict, a private exhibit in Massachusetts, a survivor (barely) of the 1938 Great Hurricane, and the centerpiece of Mystic Seaport's collection the Morgan  was brought back to life by the skilled shipwrights of Mystic Seaport and setting her sails again for sea, truly astounded all with her beauty and celebration of  the "Still Revolutionary!" maritime traditions and technology that built this region.

The Charles W. Morgan Heading down the Thames River  past Electric Boat on her way home to Mystic, August 6, 2014.

Still Revolutionary
On behalf of the CEDS Implementation Committee, seCTer has sent all municipalities a list of  development projects in their communities for review and updates.  Towns are also asked to send new proposed projects that may be eligible for EDA funding, and that have regional impacts, to seCTer, with their status.  The committee will be reviewing all regional projects for the Annual Report to be sent to EDA for review. 

One of the Vital projects in the CEDS was an upgrade of freight rail lines from the Port of New London to the Massachusetts border.  This project involves the Genessee and Wyoming Railroad.  A TIGER Grant application was submitted by the State of CT, with widespread regional support and a match of $2 Million from the G&W Railroad.  The State of CT is also allocating $3.6 Million for bridge repair on these lines.  This is a critical project for the region both for freight traffic and for future passenger rail.  We hope to hear positive news on the grant shortly.
The loan office, headed up by Annie Chambers, announced that seCTer has recently provided funding for Strategic Water Resources (SWR), on Williams Street in Mystic. SWR designs and engineers advanced technology, chemical additive free, water purification systems.  Each system is specifically designed for the customer's application. A number of other loans to local companies are currently in the pipeline and close to closing dates.

And we are happy to announce
Collins & Jewell, Bozrah
that  Collins & Jewell, founding member of  EAMA, and a recent successful loan client, is now fully operational in their beautiful new facility on Rachel Rd. in Bozrah.   A Ribbon Cutting, sponsored by the Greater Norwich Chamber of Commerce is scheduled for August 26.  



HUB Zones -- All About Location, Location Location! 


The HUBZone certification is a highly desirable certification in government contracting circles.  Many primes and agencies do not meet the requirement of 3% spend dollars on HUBZone certified entities.  Only 5000 HUBzone businesses are currently certified in the entire country, thus making it difficult for contracting officers to find qualified business in which to award contracts.  With certification you would have preference in competitive bids and would be sought out by buyers through the Dynamic Small Business Search mechanism found in SAM.  If you qualify for HUBZone certification, now is the time to take your business to the next level by certifying.  Check out our Webinar on August 20 to learn more.  This is a free program to help you succeed.  Call Joan Stanley at 860.437.4659 ext. 207 for more information and to register. 


             The 2011 CEDS identified six economic "clusters" driving the economy of Southeastern CT.  Following are recent news items on activities within those clusters.

AGRICULTURE:  Value added agriculture has been a winning regional success story for several years, including the launch and growth of the Farmer's Cow , the growing number of regional wineries  producing very good wine, and the opening of award winning Mystic Cheese, among other new and growing enterprises.  One of the most  interesting stories is that of Maple Lane Farms in Preston, whose owner Allyn Brown has been processing his crops of black currants into a delicious juice for several years and getting it out into the market.  In June Brown announced that he would be opening a greatly expanded manufacturing facility in the Norwich Business Park, with a new corporate identity as the Norwich Beverage Co.  He currently bottles not only his one Black Currant Juice, but also juice products for the Farmer's Cow and other companies.  Mr. Brown and partners JP Mereen of Norwich and William Sweeney of New London have started up another enterprise, "Foggy Harbor Vodka,"a growing concern, producing what is already an award winning spirit!

DEFENSE: In April, General Dynamics/Electric Boat (EB)was awarded a multi-year $18 Billion contract with the US Navy to build 10 Virginia Class Submarines -- 2 a year for five years.  Construction on the first boat began on May 1, according to 
EB officials.  "This award has great significance for the U.S. Navy, our company and the entire submarine industrial base," said Jeffrey S. Geiger, president of Electric Boat. "By continuing to produce two ships per year, the Navy and industry team retains the stability required to achieve increased efficiencies, providing the fleet with the submarines it needs to sustain the nation's undersea dominance."   Following up on this good news, EB held a contractor summit on June 16 attended by some 300 manufacturers, at UConn Avery Point in Groton.  The event was intended to make smaller businesses in CT and nearby RI and MA aware of the opportunities to subcontract with EB.  The conference was co-sponsored by Congressman Joe Courtney and US Trade Office Representative Anne Evens. Read the full story on this successful event.

TOURISM: Early this summer an icon of the region's tourism, the former Inn at Mystic, underwent significant and ongoing restoration under new owners. The restaurant is now open,and as are rooms in the inn, which are being renovated gradually.  We are all glad to have this lovely place once again available to visitors (and residents) to enjoy.  Other news that is an on-going story is the establishment of a Thames Maritime Heritage Park in Groton and New London, encompassing the historic harbor area, including many historic sites, and anchored by Forts Griswold and Trumbull, the New London Waterfront Park and the US Nautilus and Submarine Museum.  The park has long been in the works, but activity slowed to a stop some years ago for a variety of reasons until a dedicated group of residents, spearheaded by the Avery Copp House board, resuscitated the idea, hired the Yale School of Urban Design to update planning, and encouraged the CT State Legislature to streamline the original legislation establishing the park.  On September 6 the plan will be introduced to the public
 in Groton immediately proceeding the Observance of the 1781 Battle of Ft Griswold. 
Bird's Eye View of Thames River Heritage Park, hand-drawn by Yale intern.
The Park Committee is working on organizing a Water Taxi shuttle with possible State funding to begin with a month long trial in September.

  The Coast Guard recently unveiled its newest unit at the home of the CG Research and Development Center in New London.  A ribbon cutting ceremony, attended by VIPs from NOAA, the Navy, Congress and the Coast Guard, was held on June 3 on the new one-of-a-kind modeling and simulation center located at the Coast Guard Research and Development Center in New London. The 3,200-square-foot Modeling and Simulation Center of Expertise on the first floor of One Chelsea Street in Ft. Trumbull will allow the Coast Guard to transfer in-house many functions formerly performed by private contractors, primarily those determining the best allocation of resources and the needs for procurement of advanced technology and ships for the Service. It will create efficiencies and cost savings for the service in their missions to protect our shorelines, monitor the maritime
Capt. Alan Aresenault at ribbon cutting.
environment and oversee marine safety. "The center will house the best and brightest operations research experts and the myriad of tools needed to answer those what-if questions posed by the Coast Guard Capabilities Directorate and area commanders,"said Capt. Alan Arsenault, RDC commanding officer.
          In other news at the RDC, on June 27 Capt. Arsenault passed command at the Center to Capt. Dennis Evans.  Welcome aboard Capt. .Evans!

CREATIVE: Wendy Bury, new director of   The Southeastern CT Cultural Coalition is busy establishing the coalition as a force for artists and the cultural community of the region.  All regional stakeholders, both those in the arts and individuals, organizations and businesses that recognize the value of a robust cultural life to the the economy and the people of Southeastern CT are invited to sign on to the Coalition as a supporter!  No strings, just your support.  Visit the web site to learn more and to join this exciting initiative.  All are welcome -- even those of us who consider ourselves artistically challenged!
          For those you might question the relationship of "work" and the arts, you are also invited to visit and participate in one of the many events in the region this fall sponsored by the CT Humanities Council associated with the Project "Connecticut At Work."  Great way to learn how people work now, and how they worked then, through the eyes of photographers, historians and more!.

BIO-SCIENCE: The CT General Assembly has legislatively formalized  support for a Bio-Science initiative in Southeastern CT.  Another positive development was the formation of a state wide board to oversee funding allocated to advance bio-science state-wide including in southeastern CT.  The Southeastern CT Entrepreneurs Network has been proactive in discussing their issues and ideas for the Bio cluster in the region,particularly with members of the state legislature.  The group is actively planning another  exciting event for the membership and anyone interested in entrepreneurship and bio-science initiatives.  On October 8  four successful entrepreneurs will be offering up their insightsat the Mystic Marriott at 4:30pm,  with a networking reception to follow.  Invitations will be sent in early September.
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