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August 2015
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 NMPA Board of Directors meeting 
Sept 25 9:00 a.m.
Hyatt Tamaya

NMPAF Golf Outing
Sept 24 1:00 p.m. 
Twin Warriors

NMPA Annual Convention 
Sept 24-25-26
Hyatt Tamaya




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Association News 

Here is your monthly public service announcement: Stop what you are doing, make sure you have up-to-date anti-virus software and back up all of your files.  Right now, go back up your files.  We got hit with a nasty little virus yesterday through an email from a regular contact and it knocked out our computers.  That caused a delay in ShopTalk and a late night recreating old files - lots of old files. We are good to go now. 

Slow news days in New Mexico the last week or so...  There has been outstanding coverage from our member newspapers on the handful of stories taking up the headlines recently - from breaking news to in-depth coverage and investigative reporting at its best.   Kudos to all and keep up the great work.  

Convention planning is in full swing.  Quite a bit goes in to the registration process and having everything ready for your arrival. We are also busy downloading PDFs of all the winners and creating the awards presentation - virus almost wiped out a week's worth of work.   The deadline for registrations and hotel bookings is this Friday.  Please send in your registrations and go online to book your hotel room:

Follow all the convention updates on social media #NMPA15

Our foundation, among other projects, supports journalism via scholarships to high school students at our summer workshop, college interns and funding university projects.  There are two events coming up that can help grow these programs, NMPA Foundation Raffle and the annual Golf outing. Both are held during the convention.  The golf outing is Thursday, Sept 24th at Twin Warriors.  The raffle takes place during the entire convention.  You can help by signing up for the golf tournament along with your staff and favorite advertisers or partners.  You can also donate a gift for the raffle.  Contact NMPA with details of your donation.   

This month the Press Service sent out checks totaling over $8,000.00 to participating newspapers in the 2x2 network.  That's the bi-annual payout to members that run the 2x2 ads each week.  You can earn money two ways - running the ads and receiving revenue sharing and selling into the networks and getting BIG commissions.  If you are not in the network, contact NMPA today. 


State Headlines

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The 107th Annual NMPA convention is right around the corner. Please plan on joining us September 24-26 at the Hyatt Tamaya. Registration now open! #NMPA15 Go to for details, registration forms and schedules.   Friday Sept. 4th is the deadline to register.  

The Valencia County News-Bulletin is thrilled to announce the coming launch of its newly designed website.
The new mobile-friendly website, developed by TownNews, will give readers greater accessibility to local information and news in a more timely, user-friendly way.
The new site will have the same, familiar web address - - and will go live Tuesday, Sept. 1. 

The New Mexico Foundation for Open Government has conducted an extensive review of New Mexico city and county websites. The review is an opportunity to provide guidance to government bodies by identifying best practices for websites. FOG is dedicated to ensuring that the public can easily access information from its government.

Time for a redesign of our Public Notices section
Ed Henninger
One of my suggestions (surprise!) is that we pay greater attention to the design of legals.

For starters, let's stop labeling them "legal advertising" and call them what they really are: Public Notices.

Here are some suggestions: Keep reading 

Advertising Networks
Would you like $280.00 for every 2x2 ad you sell into the network?  How about another $65.00 for every classified ad?  It's easy and your staff can start doing it today.   One 2x2 ad a week would mean $14,560 a year in commissions.   It may take some effort but it is easy money there for the taking.    
NMPS offers advertising clients a classified and 2x2 network throughout the state to help reach customers on a low budget. They are but a few of the many services we provide. Newspapers that participate in the networks run ads on a weekly basis and have the opportunity to receive revenues in two easy ways: receive payments on a bi-annual basis from a pool of revenue from the 2x2 network and receiving commissions on any ads sold into either network. NMPS actively sells clients into these networks on a weekly basis, but you can too!  Download and distribute the sales sheet to everyone on your sales staff.    


Industry Headlines  
Around the Industry

Witnessing the evolution of the newspaper industry
Caroline Little, president and CEO, NAA
Four years ago, most of us wouldn't have predicted award-winning TV series would debut via online streaming on websites such as Netflix and Hulu and would never be aired on cable or network television. Just four years ago, it seemed unlikely that people would prefer online music streaming and radio apps over CDs and iPods, let alone be willing to pay for it. And four years ago, most of us wouldn't have imagined we would get our news updates on our watches.  Keep reading 

Cord-Cutting Ramps Up as Pay TV Sees Record Subscriber Losses
Services Lose 625,000 in Subscribers During Biggest-Ever Quarterly Drop
Cord-cutting is gaining steam.
Pay-TV services recorded their biggest-ever quarterly drop in subscribers, losing 625,000 TV customers, according to a report Thursday from the research firm SNL Kagan.
While about 100.4 million households still pay for traditional pay TV, the report underscored investors' fears that cord-cutting is gaining momentum and starting to fray the TV industry's business model. Keep reading 

4 reasons news brands are still relevant across generations
Denise Turner
Though many aspects of news brands have navigated to a digital space, the print platform still offers a sense of authority and helps readers develop news-related habits.  Keep reading 

We're doing mobile journalism wrong: Here are 4 ways to do it right
Mobile journalism has its strengths and weaknesses. As Judd Slivka, an assistant professor at the Missouri School of Journalism and a MobileVideoDIY instructor, has learned many journalists quickly find the weaknesses of shooting photos and videos on their mobile devices when they expect too much from the devices. When the devices don't produce the results they want, they often decide to throw in the towel, he says. In Slivka's latest blog post, he encourages journalists to not give up, know that mobile journalism is limited, and to remember to focus on what mobile journalism is good at. He shares four advantages to using the technology in the newsroom.  Keep reading 


The Silver City Daily Press welcomed a new reporter and photographer to its staff on Monday.
Anthony Albidrez, 23, joined the Daily Press fresh off of a paid internship with the Las Cruces Sun-News, after graduating from New Mexico State University with a degree in English this spring.
He is a Silver City native and a graduate of Silver High School.

A member of the family that has owned the Roswell Daily Record for decades has stepped in as the new publisher.
The Roswell Daily Record announced the appointment of Barbara Beck on Wednesday. She replaces Charles Fischer, who left in early August after eight years at the helm.
Beck is a daughter of Robert Beck, president of Roswell Publishing Co., and sister to Cory Beck, who was the paper's publisher for nearly 20 years until his death in 2006.




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Looking for extra revenue?

Newspapers that participate in the Classified and 2x2 networks run ads on a weekly basis and have the opportunity to receive revenues in two easy ways: receive payments on a bi-annual basis from a pool of revenue from the 2x2 network and receiving commissions on any ads sold into either network. NMPS actively sells clients into these networks on a weekly basis, but you can too!

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Colorado Mountain Weekly Newspaper & Tourist Guide

One of the oldest newspapers in Colorado with loyal readership and minimal competition. Legal newspaper of record for several government entities. Solid margin with room for growth in online platforms and ancillary publications. Consistent award-winning Journalism. Paid subscriber base with a growing number of e-paper subscribers. Fishing, hunting, hiking, world class skiing, camping and anything else you desire in owning a newspaper where you vacation. Contact Ben Mahrle, Mountain States Business Brokers & Advisors,, 970-221-9950

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There are several new job openings posted on the NMPA website. If you have positions open or are looking for a new career please send us an email with the details.    

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