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January 2015
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NMPA Board of Directors meeting
Feb 19th 3:00
Santa Fe, NM 

NMPA Legislative Breakfast
Feb 20th 7:30AM
Santa Fe, NM

NMPA Annual Convention 
Sept 24-25-26
Hyatt Tamaya




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State Headlines


Plan on joining us on February 20th in Santa Fe

NMPA will host a legislative breakfast the morning of Friday, February 20th.  The breakfast will start at 7:30AM at the Rio Chama. A board meeting and reception will be held the night prior.  NMPA will have a board meeting on Thursday February 19th at 3:00 in Santa Fe at the New Mexican  If you are interested in attending, please let us know. 
Look for emails to RSVP and to see if your legislator will be attending. 

The session is under way
Committees have formed, bills are being introduced and the 2015 regular session is off and rolling.  Follow the action on the NM Legislature website.  

What are we tracking?
Here is a damaging bill that threatens the due process of the seizure of a renter's property in self-storage units, 
SB311, Amending the self-storage lien act,  introduced by Sen Lisa Torraco would remove the requirement to publish any notice in a local newspaper before a sale takes place.   Only three bidders need to show up for a sale to take place. And in contradictory language, sales could even take place online (Apparently no one has to show up). Instead of publishing a notice that the public will see, this bill allows the owner to advertise in any "commercially reasonable manner". This is a bad bill any way you look at it.   It is identical language from a national self-storage association based out of D.C. that has been introduced, and defeated, in several states around the country in the last year or so.  Now, it is our turn.  
Notices in newspapers are only required after two attempts by mail go without contact being made and bills paid. It is not mandatory once a lien process begins.    

Please contact Sen Torraco and members of the Corporations committee to let them know of the importance of these notices as they appear in print under current law.  It is scheduled for Monday Feb 2nd, so please reach out to the appropriate legislators today or Monday morning.   

For facts on self-storage notices please read the following item, here.    

There are several weeks left before we reach the deadline to introduce legislation and we will continue to monitor and notify the membership of any new items of concern. 

NMPA website 
When you have a moment, go visit   Your association has made a few changes to its website.  
On the homepage we have added a news feed from member newspapers and our twitter feed in the panel now shows member tweets.  It has made the homepage current with up-to-date news and added relevant information for visitors to the website.    
Several enhancements have been made to the directory.  The landing page shows a map with locations of all member newspapers.  It also has a link to a printable directory of all members with basic contact information.   Individual directory listings include: specs, links to websites and social media pages, contacts, an about us section and, what we think is pretty cool, an image of your front page to show everyone what your newspaper looks like.    Check out your local listing and if you want links added, an about us description edited or added, or updates made to any of the contacts just let us know.     
Did you know there is also a calendar of events?  You can find it on the right panel and upcoming events are highlighted.    

Are you uploading? (Another reminder)
There are two places you should be uploading: all legal notices to our public notice website, which is now a requirement of NMPA membership, and all of your pages to NewzGroup - which get us tear sheets faster and you paid faster. If you have questions on how to upload contact us right away.  Another great benefit of NewzGroup is that it provides you with a digital archive of all of your publications.  We have had more than one newspaper experience server issues and the only back-up available was through this program - at no cost.  What a great insurance benefit to have if you need it.       

Advertising Networks
Would you like $280.00 for every 2x2 ad you sell into the network?  How about another $65.00 for every classified ad?  It's easy and your staff can start doing it today.   One 2x2 ad a week would mean $14,560 a year in commissions.   It may take some effort but it is easy money there for the taking.    
NMPS offers advertising clients a classified and 2x2 network throughout the state to help reach customers on a low budget. They are but a few of the many services we provide. Newspapers that participate in the networks run ads on a weekly basis and have the opportunity to receive revenues in two easy ways: receive payments on a bi-annual basis from a pool of revenue from the 2x2 network and receiving commissions on any ads sold into either network. NMPS actively sells clients into these networks on a weekly basis, but you can too!  Download and distribute the sales sheet to everyone on your sales staff.    

Next month we will be sending out bi-annual checks from profits earned in the 2x2 network to all participating members. You will have the option to donate that check back to the Foundation.  We encourage you to consider this option so that we may continue to support future programs, such as the high school journalism workshop.     


Are you a vendor servicing the newspaper industry?  Or, as a member newspaper, do you have a vendor to recommend to the rest of the association?

Then consider joining or renewing your associate membership to NMPA. We have a made a few changes to associate membership and offering some more benefits to help you reach our membership and to become a part of our association. Contact NMPA to join today.  See here for details.


Attorney General Releases Redacted HSD Audit
FOG applauds the decision of New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas to release the Behavioral Health Provider Audit's Final Report. FOG's initial review of the report confirms what FOG has asserted all along - that the report is a public record not subject to any exception under the Inspection of Public Records Act  Read more  Full Report



Industry Headlines  


Around the Industry


Rural mail will suffer with more mail plant closures

It is time for lawmakers to consider how rural and small town mail is suffering.

The USPS plans to close more than 80 mail processing plants in 2015. Smaller plants will be consolidated into urban plants. It has already closed nearly 150 plants in the past three years and says service was not affected. Read more 

Indiana governor cancels controversial news site
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has told the Indiana press corps that he plans to cancel "Just IN," a proposed state-run news source that some feared would be used as an end-around the press.  Read more


Snapchat's new Discover feature 

By putting mobile-native news adjacent to messages from friends, Snapchat could be helping create part of the low-friction news experience many want and need. Read more  


Earl J. Wilkinson's annual Outlook report for 2015 focuses on the trajectory of legacy vs. digital media companies, new value pillars, technology and mobility, the importance of execution, and foundations for future success.  Read more 

USPS to continue Saturday mail service into 2015

Six-day mail service will continue through at least Sept. 30, 2015, unless Congress passes a bill this year overriding its 2014 actions, but that is unlikely.

Late on Dec. 13, the Senate overcame uprisings from its right wing, which was trying to stop President Obama's immigration initiatives, and from its left, which was upset about the weakening of regulations on derivatives trading, to fund the government for the rest of the year.

The final appropriations bill contained no postal reform language. It mandated Saturday mail service and funded both the Postal Regulatory Commission at $14.7 million and the USPS Office of the Inspector General at $243.8 million.  Read more


Holder broadens protections for media
In a bid to shore up his legacy on press freedom issues as he prepares to leave office, Attorney General Eric Holder announced Wednesday that he's making some changes news media organizations had requested to Justice Department policies on investigations involving reporters. Read more 


Beacons are sending a message loud and clear: They have the power to transform the mobile app experience.

Beacon technology enables publishers to actively and passively interact with their mobile audience in innovative ways. The technology also can be used to gain a better understanding of audience members, based on which beacons they encounter. This audience understanding can bolster mobile content and ad strategies.  Read more 





Eric McCrossen, a longtime New Mexico journalist and former Albuquerque Journal editorial page editor, died Sunday at his Northeast Heights home. He was 83.

Alisa Boswell, who grew up in Clovis, studied English and journalism at ENMU, has been named managing editor of the Portales News-Tribune.


The Associated Press has named Susan Montoya Bryan as its New Mexico correspondent to oversee breaking news and enterprise in the state. 






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Newspapers that participate in the Classified and 2x2 networks run ads on a weekly basis and have the opportunity to receive revenues in two easy ways: receive payments on a bi-annual basis from a pool of revenue from the 2x2 network and receiving commissions on any ads sold into either network. NMPS actively sells clients into these networks on a weekly basis, but you can too!

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There are several new job openings posted on the NMPA website. If you have positions open or are looking for a new career please send us an email with the details.    

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