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December 2014
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NMPA Board of Directors meeting
Feb 19th afternoon
Santa Fe, NM 

NMPA Legislative Breakfast
Feb 20th 7:30AM
Santa Fe, NM




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Happy New Year.  Thank you for all your support in 2014 and we look forward to a prosperous 2015.   


Save the date...

NMPA will host a legislative breakfast the morning of Friday, February 20th.  The breakfast will start at 7:30AM at the Rio Chama. A board meeting and reception will be held the night prior.   Be on the lookout for more details and plan on joining us for this important event.  The legislative session opens Jan 20th and is a 60-day session.   We have a room block at Hotel Santa Fe for those coming in the night prior, contact NMPA for details. 

As a reminder NMPA will have a board meeting on Thursday February 19th at 3:00 in Santa Fe.  If you are interested in attending, please let us know. 
Legislative Updates: 
Bills for the upcoming session have started to pre-file.  You can see the progress of bills that are introduced here,  


Please forward us your 2015 rate cards
If you don't expect any increases, please forward us a 2014 rate card so that we can be assured we have the most recent rates on files. Send us everything you have - print and digital, local and national, inserts and classifieds.

We also need updated specs, so if it is not listed on your rate card (and it should be) please tell us your column widths and page depth. We need circulation too. Please tell us your total printed circulation for all days published and digital as well - paid subs and/or average monthly visitors.

Are you uploading? There are two places you should be uploading: all legal notices to our public notice website, which is now a requirement of NMPA membership, and all of your pages to NewzGroup - which get us tear sheets faster and you paid faster. If you have questions on how to upload contact us right away.





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The next big turning point in the net neutrality debate

In recent weeks, momentum seems to have been building at the Federal Communications Commission for aggressive net neutrality rules similar to the kind endorsed by President Obama in November. The stronger rules laid out in Obama's plan would see the FCC treat lightly regulated broadband companies like their more heavily regulated cousins in the telephone industry, in an effort to keep them from speeding up or slowing down Web sites.

Although large Internet providers such as Comcast still strongly oppose that idea, new filings to the FCC suggest a growing realization that aggressive rules may be coming, regardless.

Full story 

The Year in Native Ads
If 2013 was a year of hand wringing over so-called native advertising -- a tactic in which ads are meant to mimic editorial content -- 2014 was all about adoption and investment. Full story 


Hopefully, Steady Path Ahead for Newspapers

The explosive growth in the mobile audience consuming newspaper content is likely to continue, given the substantial audience growth that occurred in 2014.  Over the past 12 months, many newspaper operations reconfigured how their digital content is delivered, using responsive design to serve content in a more attractive, compelling way to all users, especially those on smartphones and tablets. Mobile advertising revenue to date has been small and lagged audience expansion, but the growth curve is beginning to resemble the proverbial hockey stick. Full story 


3 advertising trends to prepare for in 2015 

In the new year, media companies can expect to see an increase in programmatic buying and selling, opportunities in advertising guidance, and a proliferation of digital services.  Full story 




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Looking for extra revenue?

Newspapers that participate in the Classified and 2x2 networks run ads on a weekly basis and have the opportunity to receive revenues in two easy ways: receive payments on a bi-annual basis from a pool of revenue from the 2x2 network and receiving commissions on any ads sold into either network. NMPS actively sells clients into these networks on a weekly basis, but you can too!

Click Here for more information  NMPS Networks

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 Job Openings

There are several new job openings posted on the NMPA website. If you have positions open or are looking for a new career please send us an email with the details.    

Visit NMPA website for current openings.