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March 2014
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State Headlines



Clovis Media Inc., publisher calls it a career
Kevin Wilson CMI Staff

Ray Sullivan spent last week unpacking his Clovis office of countless memories of a life in journalism - one that started in junior high and only let him take detours before always drawing him back because, "I missed newspapers."
The community around him has changed, with Cannon Air Force Base moving into a special operations mission, three different governors and three different presidents during his 14 years at the Clovis News Journal, the flagship paper of Clovis Media Inc., which includes properties in Portales and Tucumcari.
His desk featured a computer and his mobile phone, both with bookmarks for the newspaper websites - which never existed in their current forms when he came to Clovis in late 2000 from Lima, Ohio, to take his first publishing job.
But the place he left Friday at age 66 still has many of its original charms. His office still gave a view of the family-owned office supply across the street, and his love for the news product never wavered.
"Opening up a paper is a great moment," said Sullivan, "but the better moment is when you look at a story that sums up a person's life, whether it's what somebody wrote or it's what somebody said and you had the privilege to be there to write it down and relay it to people."
That's what drew Sullivan, a native of Pueblo, Colo., to newspapers in the first place.  Full Story  


New CMI publisher
Mike Jensen comes to Clovis Media Inc. after a career of newspapers that most recently included his second stint at the Uinta County Herald in Evanston, Wyo.
Born in Logan, Utah, but a native of Provo, Jensen said he was born into the job. His father was a newspaper publisher and executive, and childhood to adulthood took him from carrier to mailroom worker to ad sales associate to general manager to publisher throughout Wyoming, with four years in South Dakota.  Keep reading 

Governor: Enforcing public records law unconstitutional
Steve Terrell The New Mexican

The Martinez administration contends court enforcement of the state Inspection of Public Records Act to make the governor and state agencies turn over travel records would violate the U.S. Constitution.
Legal documents filed Monday in state District Court by lawyers representing Gov. Susana Martinez and some state agencies say the public records law is "pre-empted" by the Supremacy Clause in the U.S. Constitution - and that the records being sought by The Associated Press would require a warrant under federal law.

 Full Story


Sentinel Adds New Publication With Purchase Of Hatch Citizen
Sentinel Staff

Readers of the Sierra County Sentinel will find a new publication included in their weekly newspaper beginning this week as the owners of GPK Media have purchased the Hatch Citizen.

The Hatch Citizen will now be called the Hatch Valley Sentinel and will include weekly news on government happenings, school and sports as well as obituaries, readers' letters, classifieds, and other news of interest to residents.

"We are excited about our expansion into the valley and the purchase of the Hatch Citizen will give us the opportunity to serve the residents of our neighboring community," said GPK Media co-owner and Sentinel publisher Frances Luna.  Keep Reading


Computer system cuts public access
Patrick Lohmann / Journal Staff Writer

A new, streamlined computer system at Metropolitan Court that is to go live Monday will vastly reduce the amount of information the public can get online.
Those requesting information on felony cases that are older than two years will have to travel to the Downtown courthouse to get it, as will those seeking misdemeanor cases older than five years. However, all domestic violence and DWI cases will continue to be available online.
"It's a bad decision, because you're taking a lot of years of public records - that are now fairly easily accessible - and making them hard to get," said Greg Williams, an attorney and board member for the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government. "Any time access to public records is diminished, the public suffers."


Eddy County's first newspaper
Valerie Cranston Special to the Current-Argus

The Eddy Argus newspaper was published for the first time on October 12, 1889.
The newspaper was owned and published by the Town Company, P. I. & I. Co. (Pecos Irrigation and Investment Co.). It was a Republican newspaper. The first editor was Richard Rule, who many referred to him as the non-resident editor. He was the editor of the El Paso Herald.
The P. I. & I. Co. was organized by Charles B. Eddy, Charles W. Greene and others with capital stock of $600,000. It was Greene who toured eastern states and Europe boosting the scheme and selling vast blocks of stock. However, it was never enough to keep pace with the huge cost of construction in the area. James J. Hagerman later joined the company.
When the Eddy Argus was established the publishers expected little if any patronage since there was only one store and a commissary in the town site of Eddy. The newspaper was located in a small wooden building in the 300 block of Canyon Street across from the P. I. & I. Co.  Keep reading 


Police academy to release curriculum
Nicole Perez / Journal Staff Writer

The state Law Enforcement Academy's curriculum should be released by the end of next week, according to State Police Chief Pete Kassetas, who said Wednesday he would release it in both his capacity as chief and as a member of the state academy board.
"We were always going to release them," Kassetas said. "I think releasing them is a good thing so people can see what we're doing. I stand behind our training, and I'm always open to changes. I take pride in the training of our officers."
He said it was academy Director Jack Jones' responsibility to get the curriculum online.
The curriculum was approved in December, and a rule passed by the state law enforcement academy board in September mandated it be put online.  Full Story


From Sunshine Week...


Government works better when sun's allowed to shine
Kathi Bearden New Mexico Foundation for Open Government

March 16-22 is Sunshine Week in New Mexico and nationwide. Take a moment to celebrate! Sunshine Week focuses on the importance of open government. No open government, no democracy. No transparency, no government accountability.

I care about Sunshine Week both as a citizen and as a former newspaper employee/publisher for 22 years. We relied heavily upon the State of New Mexico's strong public records and opening meeting acts to help keep public officials accountable and public bodies honest.

We have many good examples of open government in our state. If the leader of a local government, school board, state department or other entity is committed to open, professional government, the citizens of that government are well served.

In my career we used the acts to shine a light on government business, such as inequities in salaries of public employees or incorrect and illegal payment of expenses to government employees. When citizens can't obtain such information, rumors proliferate, trust in our public servants dies and our officials lose the ability to lead.  Keep reading 


FOG letter to Gov. Martinez about Records Custodian

ALBUQUERQUE-In a letter delivered yesterday to the Office of the Governor, the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government (FOG) has asked Governor Martinez to clarify her policy directing inquiries from legislative committees to her chief of staff, Keith Gardner.

Although an Associated Press story on Monday did not mention the Inspection of Public Records Act (IPRA), FOG sought clarification from the governor on Mr. Gardner's status in regard to IPRA requests.  Keep reading 


New design coming in Silver City

Your Silver City Daily Press will have a new look beginning on Monday, March 3.

Although the Silver City Daily Press and Independent is entering its 79th year of public service to Grant County and surrounding areas, the Daily Press is also as new as the current day's edition, and we've redesigned our front page to reflect both of these truths about who we are.

The new look will prominently feature the distinctive original Daily Press logo, designed by our founder, the late Clyde E. Ely, combined with some of the more recent hallmarks you've come to rely on and a dynamic layout style that is uniquely the Daily Press'. It was designed by General Manager Nickolas Seibel, based on extensive input from the entire Daily Press staff.


High School Journalism Workshop 

Change of venue alert  - The High School Journalism Workshop is now scheduled to be held at UNM June 8 - 11.  A conflict with availability of resources at ENMU forced the move.   We'll have information going out to all high schools in the coming weeks.   We are trying to beat our record numbers from last summer and will be ready to train the next generation of journalists.   If you are interested in participating in the workshops contact NMPA.   



ISWNE Convention in Durango


You're invited!  The International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors invites editors and publishers to its 60th annual conference in Durango June 25-29 at Fort Lewis College.  The hosts of the conference are our very own Guy and Marcia Wood.   For more information and registration forms visit  They have put together an outstanding agenda with great opportunities to learn and have fun while doing it.   Visit the website for all the details.   



Spring Board meeting

The NMPA, NM Press Service and NMPA Foundation will host its spring board meeting on Friday April 25th from 9AM through a luncheon in Ruidoso at the Inn of the Mountain Gods.  If interested in attending please contact NMPA HQ for rooming information and meeting details.   



Industry Headlines


Around the Industry


Press associations urge Senate Finance Committee to drop advertising tax proposal in tax reform discussion draft 

Arlington, Va. - Forty-seven press associations, representing daily and weekly newspapers across the country, have voiced their opposition to an advertising tax proposed by Senate Finance Committee Chairman, Sen. Max Baucus, in his paper "Discussion Draft on Cost Recovery and Accounting Language," which was released in December. The ad tax proposal would require all advertisers to wait up to five years before they can fully deduct the cost of half of their advertising as a business expense. Read on

NNA gains hub use instruction to help area newspaper delivery within closed SCFs

The National Newspaper Association gained official policy last month for a long-sought practice to keep local and area newspapers within their former Sectional Center Facilities, now designated as "Hubs" in postal vernacular. 

With hundreds of small SCFs merged into larger postal processing plants, and mail sortation of "working mail" moved further "upstream," NNA's Postal Committee had been promised since March 2011 that those "losing SCFs" would keep direct containers "dock-transferred" within the old SCF territory.  Read on 


Sunshine Week, the annual celebration of openness in government, was celebrated March 16-22. Sunshine Week's goal is to "enlighten and empower people to play an active role in their government at all levels, and to give them access to information that makes their lives better and their communities stronger."

During the week's events, Washington, D.C., was host to many public discussions and panels, legislative hearings, receptions and film screenings to promote  government transparency and the public's right to know what the government is doing and why.  Read on 

Tax Reform Bill Would Have Negative Impact on Newspapers
Kathy Mason NAA

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp released in late February a comprehensive tax reform package with the goal of fixing "America's broken tax code by lowering tax rates while making the code simpler and fairer." At the heart of the sweeping proposal is the lowering of the corporate tax rate from 35 to 25 percent, and consolidating the seven individual tax brackets into two - a 10 percent and 25 percent bracket. There is, however, a 10 percent surcharge assessed on some professionals earning $450,000 or more in income. 
In order to get revenue that would offset this lowering of rates the chairman is proposing major changes in the business and individual sections of the federal tax code, and some of these changes would have a serious impact on newspapers across the country. Read on 




Our People 




Carl Donald "Donnie" Moreland, 79, of Frankfort, KY passed away peacefully on March 6, 2014 in his home, with family by his side.  He became the sports editor for the Roswell Daily Record, and left as the city editor in 1967.
Yolanda Lunsford radiated joy and friendliness both within her large New Mexico family and at the Albuquerque Journal, where she worked for 35 years.  Lunsford, 53, died of heart failure, said James Lunsford, her husband of 25 years. 






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