A New EANT Member Benefit!
Join Our Online EANT Member Resource Community

EANT Member Resource Community

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Dear EANT Member:


We are delighted to announce an exciting new EANT membership benefit - our online EANT Member Resource Community.


We encourage you to participate in this dynamic platform. You can share your own innovative ideas, teacher resources, spiritual practices and more with other members worldwide. You also can view 2014 conference videos, the 2015 EANT Membership Directory, and previous editions of TALK, as well as post your own photos, videos and event listings. 


The EANT Member Resource Community is hosted on Google+. You will need both a Gmail account and a free upgrade to Google+ to join:

Please keep these directions handy and refer to them as you complete each step below.


1.     Go to mail.google.com.


If you already have a Gmail account, sign in. 


If you do not have a Gmail account, click on the blue "Create an account" button at the top of the page to set up your profile. 


2.     Join Google+. Skip this step if you are already a Google+ member.


Google+ To join Google+, go to our Community page and click on the red "Join Google+" button at the top of the page. Follow the steps to set up your account. (If you prefer, you can just keep clicking "Continue" without filling in the profile information).


3.     Ask to join the EANT Member Resource Community


Once you have joined Google+ and are logged in to your account, return to our Community page and click on the red "Ask to join" button. After we confirm that your membership is current, we will approve your request.


4.     Confirm membership verification


You will not receive a confirmation email. To verify that your request has been approved, log in to your Google account. When you see a red number on the bell, click on it to confirm that you have access to the EANT Member Resource Community.


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If you do not see the approval notification within a few days, please send an email with your Gmail address to community@enneagramassociation.org.



5.    Participate in the Community 


Visit the EANT Member Resource Community at any time by clicking on the "Communities" tab on your Google+ page, or bookmark this direct link for easy access: https://plus.google.com/communities/118319614861149221789


We look forward to connecting with you in cyberspace!


Warm regards,


Tom Baldwin, EANT President        

Monirah Womack, EANT Past President

FOR TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Please send an email to Evangeline Welch, EANT Member Resource Community Moderator.