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Dear Friends of DSABC,
Welcome back to another school year! The 2014-15 school year marks 25 years of the DSABC Mentoring Program. Many things have changed over these years, however,  one constant remains which is the unwavering commitment by DSABC mentors in their efforts to make a difference in the life of a student in need of positive adult role models. 
Over the next few weeks I will be working closely with the 19 schools and DSABC partners to confirm students school assignments and intent to participate for this school year. Once all of the students have been confirmed, school liaisons will contact mentors by mid-September to schedule a time to resume mentoring. Mentors should plan on resuming no later than the last week of September. ( I've already heard from several school liaisons that their students have been asking when their mentors are coming to visit. The kids are as eager as the mentors to reconnect after a long break!)

There have a been some exciting changes in the Danbury Public Schools over the summer.  First, a new middle school, the Westside Middle School Academy, is now open. This school houses the STEM (formerly at RPMS) and Global Studies magnet programs for grades 6-8. Second,  three schools have pockets of students redistricted to different schools. Schools with pockets of redistricted students include Ellsworth, Morris Street, and Mill Ridge Primary. Receiving these students are Park Avenue, Stadley Rough, and Shelter Rock schools. Finally, all DPS kindergarten students will have full day sessions.

DSABC plans to add more webinar presentations this coming year. I will be hosting a quarterly series, presenting on a variety of topic while providing a forum for questions and discussion among mentors. The first of the series will be a general "Back to School" update and refresher training to start the year. Other webinar topics will include Goal Setting, Working with Culturally  Diverse Students, and Mentoring Middle School Students. In addition to our webinars, DSABC will host "Lunch and Learn" workshops. The first workshop will be "Positive Mentoring" to be held November 3, 2014.  All of our webinars and workshops will be recorded and posted to the website for future viewing. I hope these continuous learning opportunities help develop your skills as a mentor as well as enhance your mentoring experience.

I'm very excited to begin the new school year and look forward to working with each of you in the month ahead. Thank you!!

Mary Arconti Gregory
DSABC Director

Glad you've joined us


Welcome New Board Member Kristin Goncalves and the following New Mentors:


Danielle Broeder - Boehringer Ingelheim

Diana Orellana - Union Savings Bank

Ginny Burke - Cartus

Bob Port - Independent

Fernanda Franco - Cartus

Jennifer Tomaino - Union Savings Bank

Ellen Kiernan - Cartus



Also welcome New School Liaisons

Susan Cribari - Abbott Tech              Tany Douangta - Broadview

Liz McKee - Morris Street                  Dana Perez - Westside Middle School 

Board of Directors News
Congratulations to the new Board Officers:
  • Doug Orr, Chair
  • Jeff Trocolo, Vice Chair
  • Farley Santos, Treasurer
  • Ernest Gurwich, Secretary
Board Members and Committee Volunteers needed

If you, or someone you know, is interested in serving on the DSABC Board, please contact a Board Member, or Mary Gregory for more information. Board meetings are held once a month and a term of office is three years.



Also, we need energetic, enthusiastic volunteers for a few key committee assignments: 
  • Marketing: 25th Anniversary, Social Media manager (volunteer)
  • Outreach: Identify and recruit new businesses, speakers bureau
  • Fundraising/FC Gives: Planning Committee for online giving day, FC Gives
Please contact Mary Gregory immediately if you're interesting in helping out in any of these areas. 
Mentoring Policy reminders
Just a few reminders as we begin another school year.


School Based: DSABC mentoring program is school based. All mentoring takes place during the school day, on school grounds within the school year. School sponsored events are permissible to attend.


Gift Giving: DSABC prefers mentors DO NOT give gifts to mentees. Should a mentor feel the need to gift-give, please keep it to once per year and $15.00 or less.
Alternative ideas include working on a craft or hobby together (ie, jewelry making), or learning about your mentees interests then bringing a bag of activities, games, books, etc. to each session.


Electronic Communication: DSABC mentors of students grades K-8 are not to engage in any form of electronic communication (i.e. email, texting, social media, instant messaging, cell phone, etc.) directly with their mentees. DSABC mentors of students grades 9-12 may utilize electronic communication for the sole purpose of scheduling meeting times.  


Transmission of photographs/video: Participants may neither initiate nor receive electronic transmissions of photographs or videos from students/youth.


Social Media: DSABC participants should refrain from mentioning other DSABC participants or members of the school community (parent, teachers, administrators, etc.) on personal social networking sites. Professional boundaries with students and colleagues must be maintained (ie, do not "friend" a student on personal social media.)  All DSABC policies concerning confidentiality of student information apply. (This is a summary of our Social Media Policy; for a detailed copy, contact the DSABC Director, or go to the DSABC website.)


Food Policy:  The Danbury Public Schools has implemented a new food policy. No outside food is to be brought into the school buildings due to incidences of food allergies. As with all DPS policies, DSABC mentors are to abide.

School Contact Information



Phone & Email



Abbott Tech

Susan Cribari

797-4460 x 4430

Stacy Butkus

Alternative Center

Dianna Dinardo



Sandra Atanasoff

Doreen Arconti

Broadview Middle

Tany Douangta


Edward Robbs

Pat Morin & Wendy Burke

Danbury High

Kim Trocola


Gary Boccacio


Ellsworth Avenue Elementary

DJ Jiminez


Anna Rocco

Carmen Morrero


Jackie Dinardo

203 731-8215

Jackie Dinardo


Great Plain Elementary

Melissa Hettenbach


Keisha Smith

Marie Narowski

Hayestown Elementary

Rose Coladarci


Stephanie Furman

Linda Rosso

King Street Intermediate

Jennifer Renkert


Tina Hislop

Pat Blaiotta

King Street Primary

Jennifer Looby


Tina Hislop

Angela Cefaloni

Mill Ridge Primary

Eva Caputo
or Liz Shea


Mary Cronin

Colleen Gillotti

Morris Street Elementary

Liz McKee


William Santarsiero

Susan Patton

Park Avenue Elementary

Joyce Burns


David Krafick

Cherie Gardner

Pembroke Elementary

Anne Shields


Edie Thomas

Jean Jackson

Rogers Park Middle

Lisa Basher


Patricia Joaquim

Mary Pritchard

Shelter Rock Elementary

Maria Ortner


Julia Horne

Jeri DiFonzo

South Street Elementary

Kate Schiff

203-797-4787 schifk@danbury.k12.ct.

Heather Pellicone

Liz Pereira

Stadley Rough Elementary

Lauren Gillespie


Lenny Cerlich

Teresa LaBarbera

Western Academy of International Studies

Mary Levassuer


Helena Nitowski

Wendy Aponte

Westside Middle School Academies

Dana Perez


Frank LaBanca

Sandra Sanchez

91% of mentors returned for the new school year
A Long-Tenured Mentor Moves On With Thanks teacher-girl-reading.jpg

I have mixed emotions as I write to confirm with you that I will not be coming back to mentor this fall.  There is bittersweetness  in ending my time in mentoring accompanied by richness that mentoring Glenya and all the rest brought my life.  And, by "all the rest", I don't mean just my mentees.  The teachers, especially Rebecca Miagiano at Pembroke, Pat Seeley at South Street, Lenny Cerlich at King Street Intermediate (he was Glenya's 5th grade teacher); the principals, especially Edie Thomas and Dr. Robb; the "school secretaries" everywhere; the staff of the media center at the high school when that was the place to mentor made going to mentor a high point of my week.  There were times that without the support of Charlie Manos, Mary Kiniry, and you that I might have stopped mentoring too soon.  I am grateful for the good and growing times I have had with DSABC.

Calendar Watch
September 26 - Business Liaison Breakfast Meeting 8:30-9:30 a.m. @ Cartus
September 26 -  High School Mentoring Focus Group Report 11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.@ DHS,
Central Office Conference Room
October 9 - School Liaison Luncheon Meeting Noon-1:15 p.m. @ DPS Admin. Bldg.
October 16 - DSABC Board Meeting 8:15-9:30 a.m. @ DPS Admin. Bldg.
October TBD -  Webinar on Goal Setting (more info to come)
November 3 - Workshop on Mentoring with Positive Approach (time & location TBD)
November 20 - DSABC Board Meeting 8:15-9:00 a.m. @ DPS Admin. Bldg.



For the most current information, consult the school calendar

Danbury Public Schools: 


Henry Abbott Tech: 

Mentor Trainings

Back to School, Back to Mentoring: Tips for a Successful Year

For those you who missed it on September 5th, here's the link to watch the recorded session. 



Remember, all DSABC webinars are archived on the website,, for viewing anytime. 


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