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Dear Friends of DSABC,

Happy Spring! After a very long and disruptive winter, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the spring edition of the DSABC newsletter. Despite the inclement weather these past few months, our volunteers have been very productive recruiting and matching new mentors, raising funds, expanding awareness of the DSABC mentor program, and providing learning opportunities.

Thanks to the continuous efforts of our partner companies, DSABC has placed 10 new mentors this quarter.  Our recruitment efforts vary from formal presentation events, the simple one-on-one ask, to bringing a friend to mentor for a session. Each tactic, large or small, yields great results for students in need of the support of a caring adult. And although a critical need remains for mentors at every grade level, DSABC is seeing an increase in referrals of middle and high school students in particular need of positive male role models. So, if you are a mentor, spread the word to your friends and colleagues, and if you aren't a mentor, please consider joining us in making a difference!

On March 7, 2014, DSABC participated in the first annual FC Gives 24-hour Giving Event, sponsored by Fairfield County Community Foundation and Bank of America. Thanks to the generosity of more than 97 donors, DSABC was able to raise over $5,000 in online donations. We also won a $1,000 incentive prize and will be the recipient of a $1,000 corporate matching gift resulting in a total of $7,000 raised. This will provide three students with DSABC Scholarships! Many thanks to Sarah Bollert of Cartus who developed the promotional plan for this event. Sarah put her marketing skills to work on our behalf by writing press releases, social media messaging, developing flyers for distribution and organizing a post-event gathering at Molly Darcy's. Not only was the meet & greet a lovely celebration, but it also provided an opportunity to promote DSABC and created a fun promotional video which you can view by clicking this link.   Cartus employees also got involved in promoting FC Gives by setting up a donation "hot spot" outside of their cafeteria. This was a great event with lots of energy and enthusiasm from all involved. DSABC is looking forward to participating again next year! 

DSABC provided learning opportunities for mentors as well as students this past quarter. Two workshops were presented for high school mentors/mentees at Danbury High School. On January 15, 2014, representatives from Wells Fargo Bank, Lucille Harriman, Cindy Mixcus, and Mike Yacavone, conducted a workshop on Financial Literacy. They provided an overview of basic money management, budgeting, use of credit cards and saving. The following month, February 19, 2014, human resource professionals Kerry O'Mahoney and Scott Robinson of United Technologies Aerospace presented information on effective resume writing and interviewing skills. Additionally, DSABC launched our first webinar for mentors on
March 11, 2014 with Carol Dores of Positive Discipline of Western Connecticut providing tips and strategies for mentors on ways to effectively develop positive relationships with mentees.  If you missed the webinar but are interested in the topic presented, click here to view.

All of these activities, and of course the countless hours of support mentors provide to students, are all provided through the generosity of volunteers giving up their time by sharing of themselves with others. April 6-12, 2014 is National Volunteer Week. This awareness campaign, sponsored by the Points of Light Foundation, is about inspiring, recognizing and encouraging people to seek out imaginative ways to engage in their communities. It's about demonstrating to the nation that by working together, we have the fortitude to meet our challenges and accomplish our goals. So, I'd like to take this opportunity to THANK each and every one of our DSABC volunteers for all that you do to make a difference!!!   


Mary Arconti Gregory, Director




DSABC mentors represent an invaluable resource - approximately $350,000 annually - in volunteer hours to Danbury Public Schools.



Branson Ultrasonics


NEA Danbury


Savings Bank of Danbury Foundation


$7,000 in 24 HOURS - WOW!
Thanks to everyone who supported our first annual
FC Gives event!  Even though there were a few glitches with the website, overall the campaign was a resounding success earning over $290 per hour!

A big thank-you to Team Leader Sarah Bollert and to our event photographer
Carol J. Gibson of Creative Photography by Carol.

Sarah Bollert of Cartus, DSABC Mentor and FC Gives Event Leader giving the thumbs up for a successful event
Also, many thanks to Molly Darcy's for helping to promote DSABC's participation with FC Gives and for hosting the DSABC/FC Gives celebration. Mentors and supporters had an opportunity to mingle, share mentoring experiences and celebrate a successful event.

DSABC Board members and Mentors: Back Row L-R: Doug Orr, Ellen Meyst, Rusty Beers, Kathi Barese Heering, Keshar Nath Jason Chinchitty.
Seated: L-R: Mary Arconti Gregory, Sarah Bollert
Molly Darcy Staff Promoting DSABC
DSABC Mentors Sarah Bollert, Kathy Miller, and Jason Chinchitty enjoying the celebration
THANK YOU, FC Gives Donors!

Anonymous (15)                

Muriel Fontana

Bob and Ellen Meyst

Joseph Russo

Lori Allen

Francis Gallichotte

Judson Monroe

Joyce Sands

Steven C. Alverson

Veronica Ganley

Jim Moretti

Kathleen Santos

Donna Amiano

Paula Grayson

Bonnie Nadler

Farley Santos

Lauren Archiere

Jessica Greenwood

Keshar Nath

Nikita Saxena

Barb Aziere

William and Mary Gregory

Rhonda Nolan

Robin Shepard

Russell Beers

Ernie and Marsha Gurwich

Kerry O'Mahony

Judith Silliere

Sarah Bollert

Brian Hickey

Edmond Oliva

Peter Small

Elisabeth Booth-Barton

Dan Keating

Douglas Orr

Roger Smith

Thomas Brown

Krissy Kull

Martin & Maria Ortner

Janet Smith

Sherry Cheng-Dexter

Teresa LaBarbera

Amy Partrick

Deborah Stanton

Jason Chin Chitty

Tracey Laterra

Susan Pierce

Barbara Stauder

David Croft

Trevor Macomber

Carla Pierce

Jeffrey & Kelley Troccolo

Kristopher Davidson

Sally Markiewicz

Shelley Pitser

Brian Trusiewicz

Patricia DelVecchio

Glenn Martin

Corey Pullen

Thomas Vitale

Lisa Donovan

Des McKell

L. Sean Raney

Edward Waterbury

Debra Fausner

Ellen McMahon

Nancy Reilly

Keith Wolff

Joan Fazekas

Samantha McTarsney

Madeline Ross

Sayuri Womack

Michael Ferguson

Claudia Menezes

Elizabeth Rumbold







Tiffany Campbell              David Liss

Yvonne Cook                    Stephen Siguenza

Elisa DiCarlo                     Bryan Subach

AnnMarie Fuccillo            Dorene Via

Alicia Goncalves               Otto Williams

Kim Gregg


"Mentoring is going very well and enjoying visits with Syanne. She is very talkative and each week we play a game. Sometimes a friend of hers joins us. I missed a few weeks in December due to holidays and weather so when we met I was greeted by a big hug from her. We have definitely made a connection."

On March 20, DSABC participated in the United Way event held at the War Memorial to promote literacy and mentoring in our community. 
Director Mary Arconti Gregory is pictured here at the event with NFL player Kevin Boothe.


CalendarCalendar Watch

April 11 - Early dismissal for Professional Development

April 14-18 - Schools closed

April 22 - Early dismissal

April 24 - Mentor Webinar: Stages of the Mentoring Relationship

April 30 - Governors Prevention Partnership Corp. Honor Roll Event

May 1  -   High School Mentoring Focus Group

May 15 - Mentor Breakfast, Amber Room Colonnade

May 20 - Early dismissal

May 23 & 26 - Schools closed

June 6 -   Year End Surveys 



Mentor Trainings: Please  also check DSABC website, for latest dates and times.
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