January 2013 Newsletter

Mary Gregory 
Message from Director:
January is National Mentoring Month...what better time to kick off DSABC's inaugural issue of our new quarterly newsletter! I hope you find this publication an enjoyable medium to get updates about DSABC, find inspiration from mentor and mentee stories, and find practical, useful tips for successful mentoring and recruitment. To that end, DSABC invites mentors, business partners, school staff and students to submit their experiences and successes for publication in future editions of this newsletter.
DSABC appreciates the commitment of 270 mentors and their employers who support our school-based mentoring program everyday, but with January being National Mentoring Month,  I personally want to extend a very special THANK YOU to everyone who makes our program a success. Our mentors, business liaisons + corporate leaders, Danbury Public Schools, especially school liaisons, and DSABC Board of Directors....together we are able to sustain the 24 years of success with the school-based mentoring program. To share one of my favorite quotes from Margaret Mead,  "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizen can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
Thank you for your interest in DSABC....Mentoring Making a Difference!
Best Always,
Mary Arconti Gregory, DSABC Director

DSABC recently replenished the mentor game kits at each of the Danbury Public Schools with brand new board games and educational activities. The kits are used by the DSABC mentors and mentees during their weekly sessions. Funding for this project was made possible through Union Savings Bank Foundation grant.

 Pictured : (Left) Lisa Basher, RPMS School Social Worker +DSABC Liaison, along with DSABC mentee, Frankie (Right) Pembroke Elementary School Social Worker + DSABC Liaison  happily accepting their new set of games for DSABC participants. 

Mentoring Myth-buster
"I didn't feel wanted. I guess I was expecting him to run into my arms and be excited to see me from the first day. Maybe this isn't for me."
Mentors - especially new mentors - may feel like they're failing if they don't instantly bond with their mentee. And even experienced mentors can find themselves wondering if they're making any impression. It takes time and consistency to build a strong mentor/mentee bond. In fact, it's much more likely that your mentee will act nonchalant, or even disinterested, but that doesn't mean you aren't making an impression and building a lasting relationship. And even if your mentee never tells you so, your relationship will become very important and impactful in her or his life.
"For a long time, I couldn't tell if my mentee even wanted to see me. It took almost two years before she would look me in the eye and another year before she started to open up and talk about herself at all. It took a long time, but now we're in our fifth year together and having a great time. I finally feel like I'm making a difference in her life and that I'm needed."

A Mentor's Story

I saw [my mentee] today and am elated that he has applied to Naugatuck Valley Community College. After he receives his Associate's degree, he will have the money to transfer to WCSU to complete his education.  He finally has a plan! This was a long ride for me, but it looks like I may have accomplished something.  At least for now, he is not planning to continue working at  for less than minimum wage as he has been doing for the last 6 years. This was very likely to happen if he did not have the incentive to go to college and follow his dream.  Today was an important day for me and I wanted to share it with someone who would understand my joy.

Welcome to our New Mentors! Welcome

Danielle Alston                         Nercida Fernandez                         Trinnapat (Amy) Passara

Paul Amado                              Jessica Greenwood                         Elisa Pica

Michele Barnett                       Jessica Hyde-Cadogan                    Emily Pogers

Patricia Beck                             Betty Kloth                                       Rachael Rogers

Rosina Burns                            Hector LaPaix                                   Shannon Rountos

Jason Chin Chitty                     John Marin                                       Patricia Sghia

Diane Cooke                             Meredith Martin-Obreiter            Arthur Sinclair

April Damraksa                        Lorraine McInerney                        Chris Stunkel

Anthony DeLamar                   Kathy Miller                                     Michelle Swiderski

Maryellen Deschamps            Deolinda Moniz                               Janice Thomas

Lisa Donovan                            Dana Nunes                                     Andrew Walker

                                                                                                               Madeline Wilczewski


Welcome to our New Corporate Partner!


Bellimo Air Controls


Calling all mentors - we need your newsletter contributions!
Do you have a story to share about mentoring?  Maybe a challenge, a success, or even a question?  We need your input for future newsletters.  Email contributions to kbheering@sbcglobal.net
Important Dates




National Mentor Month


February 1

8:30 - 9:30

Business and School Liaison Appreciation Breakfast + Roundtable

Cartus, 40 Apple Ridge Road, Danbury


February 5

11:45 - 1:15


Mentor Workshop: Setting Goals; Assisting Your Student to Achieve Their Dreams Union Savings Bank, North Street Branch


February 28

2:00 - 3:00


Mentor/Mentee Workshop: Exploring Post Secondary Career/Education Options with Your Mentee

Danbury High School Career Center


May 16

7:30 - 9:00


Annual Scholarship and Appreciation Breakfast

Amber Room, Stacey Rd.,  Danbury




 The  Mission of DSABC is to Help Danbury Public School Students Achieve Personal and Academic Success.


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