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September 23, 2014

DACC Parents and Families - 

September is a busy month for many of our students. We hope everyone who took part in the Delaware County Fair had a great experience.

Upcoming Events


September 24th
Parent Teacher Conferences
For anyone who hasn't already scheduled a meeting, we welcome all parents to come and meet with their child's teacher. You may schedule meeting times with instructors by calling the follow conference coordinators:

For all students who attend DACC South for their lab:

Debbi Pemberton - 740.201.3210

For all students who attend DACC North for their lab:

Renita Russell - 740.203.2201

If your student attends a south campus lab, but north campus academics, please call Debbi Pemberton at South and she will help you schedule your academic meetings.


October 17th
COTA Day - No High School Classes
COTA day is designed to allow time for teachers to enhance their professional development goals through workshops, community service opportunities, programs, speakers, etc. that are beyond what the district is currently offering. This day serves to enhance the ongoing learning that our teachers participate in on a daily basis. We are excited to implement what they learn into the classroom. There will be no high school classes on this day.


Stay up to date on all of our upcoming events on the DACC web site.

Honeywell Instant Alerts


The Delaware Area Career Center uses the Honeywell Instant Alert system to notify students and parents of emergencies, weather delays, and weather cancellations.

On Thursday, September 11th at 7:00pm, a test message was sent out to everyone who has subscribed to this system. If you did not receive a test message, please visit the Honeywell page on the DACC web site to subscribe or review the information you provided. 


Bill Grubb Named Ohio's Fire Instructor of the Year 

On September 17, Bill Grubb was recognized as the Ohio Fire Service Instructor of the Year by State Fire Marshall Larry Flowers and the Ohio Department of Public Safety. Bill is the Fire Charter Director for the Delaware Area Career Center and a Firefighter for the City of Columbus.

We are very proud to have Bill as part of our staff and we congratulate him on his award.

Read more about Bill & his award on our web site.

During this 2014/2015 school year, the Delaware Area Career Center is celebrating 40 years of service and 40 years of support from the Delaware community. While community service is always a part of what we do, we are boosting our efforts this year to give back to the community that gives so much to us. Watch out for the #DACCGivesBack hash tag to see other great things our students are doing.


So far this year, our students have already participated in a number of activities.


Wildlife & Resource Management students participated in a BioBlitz in support of Delaware County Preservation Parks to help preserve Delaware County's natural resources.


Equine, Construction, & Landscape students spent time out at the Delaware County Fairgrounds, volunteering their time to prepare the grounds for the fair.


South Campus students gave blood to the Red Cross & our Health Technology students volunteered to help coordinate the blood drive. Later this week, North Campus students will be donating.

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