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DACC Newsletter

April 18, 2013

Greetings from Delaware Area Career Center!  We hope all students are enjoying their DACC experience.  We have a few items to update you with; hopefully you will find DACC's newsletter informative and useful.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the South Campus Director at 740-201-3210 or North Campus Director at 740-203-2201.

R. Dale Hayes, South Campus Director

Mary Titus, North Campus Director




Please note that the date for the National Technical Honor Society Induction Ceremony is
Thursday, April 25th

Upcoming Events


April 27, 2013-DACC 2013 Prom


April 28, 2013-National Technical Honor Society Induction Ceremony

  • 7:00PM, at DACC North Campus Auditorium

May 1, 2013- Parent Teacher Conferences (4:30-8:00PM)

  • To schedule a conference please contact Deb Pemberton at North Campus (740) 203-2201 or Anita English at South Campus (740) 201-3210

May 2, 2013-Acceptance Celebration

  •  6:00PM, DACC North and South Campus

May 27, 2013-Memorial Day (Buildings Closed)


May 28, 2013-Senior Awards Ceremony

  • 7:00PM, at the Aladdin Shrine Center

Stay up to date on all of our upcoming events on the DACC web site.

2013 DACC Prom


The Delaware Area Career Center 2013 Prom will be held on April 27th, 2013 from 8PM to 11:00PM, at the Brookshire Event Center in Delaware, Ohio.  This year's prom theme is Masquerade Ball.  Masquerade masks are permitted within good taste.  Prom tickets are $25 per person and are now on sale.  Students may purchase their prom ticket(s) at DACC before school, during lunch, or after school from Mrs. Pemberton at North Campus or Peggy Harris at South Campus. Tickets will NOT be sold at the door.



The DACC Board of Education Student Code of Conduct will be in effect at all times.  Students who choose to bring an outside guest are responsible for picking up and completing a guest form.  Guest forms are located with Mrs. Pemberton in the main office or on the DACC website.  Forms must be completed and returned to DACC by April 24th before 3pm.  DACC does not permit guests over the age of 21 or in middle school.  All guests must follow the DACC Code of Conduct.  No guest will be admitted the night of the dance without a guest form on file.  All guests must present photo identification upon arrival.  DACC students who bring an outside guest are responsible for properly informing their dates of the DACC Student Code of Conduct.  For the safety of our students any students who arrive after 9:30PM will be refused entry.  Once students leave the DACC Prom they will not be able to re-enter.


Semi-Formal Dress

Gowns may be strapless, have an open back or may feature spaghetti straps. However, bare stomachs or bare midriffs are not permitted.  Undergarments should not be visible.  See through apparel and gowns or dresses with slits that are above the mid thigh area are not permitted.  Garments that are extremely tight or extremely low cut are also unacceptable. 


Male attire needs to be semi-formal.  No (blue) jeans, t-shirts or graphic t-shirts.


Dance Style

The DACC Prom should be considered an elegant, first-class event.  Offensive, inappropriate, or suggestive dancing will not be tolerated.  "Grinding" and most types of "front to back" dancing is included.  It is at the sole discretion of the chaperones as to which types of dancing are allowable.  Students who fail to comply are at risk of having their parents contacted and being sent home with no refund of their ticket.


Student of the Month


North campus students of the month are nominated by and voted on by north campus staff members. Every month a senior and a junior/ sophomore, are voted Student of the Month based on their excellent attitude and commitment to learning.


The Sophomore/Junior April Student of the Month is Aaron Stirewalt of Fire Service.  The Senior April Student of the Month is Bryan Mellen of Power Sports and Diesel.  Congratulations!


Sophomore/Junior Nominees:

Aaron Stirewalt - FST

Austin Adkins - AE

Hayden Kelley - ECE

Allison Marstiller - FST

Shelly Bennett - MO


Senior Nominees:

Amanda Petrine - ECE

Marissa Smith - FST

Bryan Mellen - PSDT

Brad Sheilds - CT


You can see photos of all of our Students of the Month on our Flickr site.

National Technical Honor Society


National Technical Honor Society practice will be held on Monday, April 22, 2013 from 8:30-10 AM.  Students attending the DACC for half day will have an excused absence requested from their home schools to be in attendance if they are scheduled to be at their home schools in the morning.  Students who attend DACC for the full school day, and who are National Technical Honor Society 2nd year members or new inductees should come by school bus or car to the North Campus at the start of the school day.  Those who need to be in attendance at the South Campus for an afternoon lab will be able to take the Delaware bus to that campus for Monday.  


Students and parents having questions may contact Mrs. Tornes or Mrs. McKinney at the North Campus Guidance Office by calling (740) 203-2214.  Mrs. Wallace will get them in contact with at least one of the two advisors for the event.  


National Technical Honor Society Induction Ceremony


Please Join Us as We Recognize & Celebrate DACC Student Excellence


Delaware Area Career Center

National Technical Honor Society

Induction Ceremony

Thursday, April 25th

North Campus Auditorium

7 PM


Thirty-three Delaware Area Career Center students will be recognized with continued or new membership in our local chapter of The National Technical Honor Society.


2nd Year Member Honorees Include: 

Westyn Bennington * Sharon Brown * Makayla Cimini * Hannah Clegg * Breanna Floyd

Miranda Huang * Lindsey Laubacher * Nicole Nelson * Alexis Spiers * Rebecca Votaw


Senior, One-Year Inductees Include:

Nicholas Ambrozich * Bethany Cognion * Wilma "Deanna" Hatfield * Harshpreet Kaur

Sarah Kelly * Jared Mohler * Nicolas Pierce * Patrick Sech


Junior, One-Year Inductees Include:

Myca "Janae" Bell * Natalie Berg * Ashley Day * Jillian Graff * Hannah Greene

Maggie Hogan * Dermot Hutchinson * Emma Jeck * Abigail Jokerst * Hayden Kelley

Robert Pasco * Elizabeth Penton * Skylar Piatt * Abigail Spiers * Duc Ahn Vu


Acceptance Celebration


Students and families:


As promised in your acceptance letter, the Delaware Area Career Center welcomes you and offers these details of the upcoming Acceptance Night Celebration for the 2013-2014 school year.  Please consider posting this flier to a special place in your home to remind you of this important event.  We look forward to seeing you at the Acceptance Celebration on Thursday, May 2, 2013. 


  • Purpose:  To welcome accepted students and provide overview to parents about expectations for the upcoming year. 



6:00-6:30: Mingle, appetizers, name tags, check-in, t-shirt pick-up, pay fees, etc. in Commons area NORTH; Large Group

area SOUTH


6:30: Welcome and begin program (Auditorium & LGIA)

          (Presenters, Administration, Discussion Panels,

                       as pre-arranged)


              Student activity- Student Ambassadors and

                     team of teachers SOUTH/NORTH


6:55: Dismiss to career technical labs

             (Students follow an Ambassador)

             (Parents leave general area following a                                        designated Student Program Escort)


7:00: Presentations for each program by lab teachers

            (curriculum, uniforms, fees, credentials earned, 

                college credits, etc.)


7:30-7:45: Conclusion of the evening

Stations in the commons to pay fees, pick-up t-shirts


If you have questions regarding the event, please contact:

Anita English, Administrative Assistant SOUTH at (740) 201-3210 or

Debbi Pemberton, Administrative Assistant NORTH at (740) 203-2201.


Golf Outing


The annual DACC golf outing is a fund raising event that benefits student scholarships and future levy campaigns. With the money we have raised in the past, we have helped send students to college who would otherwise have not been able to afford the expenses.

If you like to golf or you have a desire to support DACC's efforts, getting involved with our golf outing is a great way to help out and it's tons of fun!

For more information, check out the entire article by clicking here


Give Us Your Feedback!
This newsletter was created with YOU in mind - that's right, you right there - you know who you are. So tell us what you think. We'll do our best to keep you informed with the news you want to hear about DACC. E-mail MowryA@DelawareAreaCC.org to submit your thoughts. 

Important Extension Numbers 


North Campus 

     Director: Mary Titus, 740-203-2201  
     Administrative Assistant: Debbie Pemberton, 740-203-2201
     North Attendance: Diane Reynolds, 740-203-2268

     Vocational Special Education Coordinators:

                Sheree Ellis, 740-203-2264

                Linda Teach, 740-203-2270


South Campus

     Director: R. Dale Hayes, 740-201-3210 
     Administrative Assistant: Anita English, 740-201-3210
     South Attendance: P.J. Taylor, 740-201-3211    

     Vocational Special Education Coordinator:

                Jackie Johnson, 740-201-3245       


Guidance: Emily McKinney and Kathy Tornes,

                 740-203-2218 or 740-203-2215