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DACC Newsletter

December 3, 2012

Greetings from Delaware Area Career Center!  We hope all students are enjoying their DACC experience.  We have a few items to update you with; hopefully you will find DACC's newsletter informative and useful.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the South Campus Director at 740-201-3210 or North Campus Director at 740-203-2201.

R. Dale Hayes, South Campus Director

Mary Titus, North Campus Director



Upcoming Events


December 6, 2012- Open House (5:00-8:00PM)


December 20-21, 2012- First Semester Lab Exams


December 24-January 4, 2012 -Winter Break


Stay up to date on all of our upcoming events on the DACC web site.

Weather Policy


Winter officially arrives on December 21st and while it doesn't quite feel like winter yet, the attendance office would like to share with you information about delays or closures.  In the event of a school closing or delay, information will be posted on local radio and TV stations.  In addition, we utilize the Honeywell Instant Alert System to notify parents of school closings and delays.  

Given the fact that more than 15 schools feed into the Delaware Area Career Center, we would like to share our position on home school delays and closures.  Road conditions and weather can vary from location to location and our main concern is your child's safety.  To that end, students are not expected to attend if their home school is closed.

Students are, however, expected to arrive after the school delay, whether one or two hours. Ultimately, parents reserve the right to decide whether or not to send their child when there is a delay or closure due to the weather.  However, this may be recorded as an absence.  

Please follow the normal procedure of calling your child off from school at 740.203.2268 should you decide to keep them home from school and send a note upon their return. 


Winter break is soon approaching, but before we are able to spend time with family and regenerate for the second half of the school year, all students will be taking semester exams in their career-tech programs. Exams for career-tech programs are scheduled for December 20 & 21. Semester exams in academic classes are scheduled for January 10 & 11.


Students who expect to have an exam conflict with their home school are required to discuss the situation with the Attendance Counselor prior to obtaining a Pre-Arranged Absence Form from the DACC Attendance Office. Home schools are expected to work with DACC students to ensure they are present for exam days at DACC.


As part of our ongoing efforts to improve student performance and provide helpful information to parents, this month's tips focus on study skills.

Student of the Month


The staff of DACC wishes to recognize all the students nominated for December's North Campus Student of the Month:


Sophomore/ Junior Nominees:

Jacob Lawhon - AT

Chester Hines - PSDT

Blaine Dissinger - CG

Jordan Upchurch - CAT

Hayden Kelley - ECE

Jordan Fling - AT

Kayla Bowmar - COS

Aaron Stirewalt - FST


Senior Nominees:

Rainie Taubman - EQS

Justin Viers - PSDT

Brandon James - PSDT

Dixy Aplicano - AE

Erin Talanantes - ECE 

Jeff Armentrout - AT

Megan Weber - COS

Jacob Shaw - FST


The Sophomore/Junior December Student of the Month is Chester Hines of Power Sports and Diesel Technology.  The Senior December Student of the Month is Justin Viers of Power Sports and Diesel Technology.  Congratulations!


North campus students of the month are nominated by and voted on by north campus staff members. Every month a senior and a junior or sophomore, are voted Student of the Month based on their excellent attitude and commitment to learning.

Toys for Tots


The DACC North Campus is a community drop-off for Toys for Tots. Donations can be made up to December 13th, 2012. The Delaware Area Career Center is teaming up with our area fire stations to collect toy donations for the needy children in Delaware County.  We appreciate any donation of unwrapped brand new toys.  There will be a big box decorated and designated for this in the alcove in the Commons.  Donations can be dropped off from the community Monday through Thursday from 7:30AM to 8:00PM and on Friday from 7:30AM to 4:00PM. 

DACC Promoting Parent Partnerships


Study Tips & Study Skills


Study skills are learned and your high school student can always improve them. It is important as a parent to both encourage study time and reinforce that practice. There are many suggestions for improving study skills of high school students and to keep it simple, let's break them down into preparation and actual study skills tips.




1. Motivation to learn is the key

    ingredient to developing good

    study skills. We live in an era of

    lifelong learning and being

    motivated to learn as much as

    possible is key to being successful

    at work and in school.


2. Students must know how they learn.

    Do they learn from listening, watching,

    doing, or a combination of these?


3. Students need to attend class

    regularly, be prepared for class, and

    complete homework. Students need

    to stay focused in class, concentrate,

    listen to the teacher, and ask lots of



4. It is important for students to set

    realistic goals for earning good

    grades and be aware of grades at

    all times.


5. Students must take good care of

    themselves physically, mentally, and

    spiritually. They need to get plenty of

    sleep, exercise regularly, eat healthy,

    and spend time relaxing.


6. Organization is critical. A planner or

    student agenda is helpful. Students

    must also be able to manage their

    time well. Note taking in class is also



Study Skills Tips:


1. Students should begin by finding a

    comfortable place to study, free from

    distractions. Studying should always

    take place in the same location and

    all materials need to be kept close

    by. Students with effective study skills

    know when they do their best work-

    studying at night or in the morning.


2. A study partner or group is

    sometimes helpful as long as time is

    spent on studying and not making

    plans for the weekend, etc.


3. It is recommended that students

    begin by studying the hardest

    subjects and the ones disliked most.

    Favorite subjects should be studied



4. Notes from class should be

    reviewed regularly. Notes should

    be reviewed before a quiz or test.

    Cramming or waiting until the last

    minute are not recommended.


5. Deep learning is important

    when working with complex

    concepts. Using an acronym

    can be helpful when having to

    remember lists. Breaking

    materials into smaller parts is

    called chunking.


6. Index cards are helpful too.

    They can be made into flash

    cards. For example, put the name

    of the math formula on one side

    and the formula itself on the other

    side. Parents or friends can use

    the flash cards to help prepare for

    tests or the student can use them

    by themselves.


7. Keep water and healthy snacks

    close by. Finally, remember to

    take breaks-15 minutes per hour.


Guidance counselors and special education coordinators are a great resource for improving study skills, so contact them if you need additional suggestions. Please review these tips with your high school student and encourage them to commit to do their very best to succeed in school. 

If you have any suggestions for future topics or wish to comment on the column, please e-mail me at wilsont@delawareareacc.org.        

                  ~ Mr. Tom Wilson


Open House


The Delaware Area Career Center will have an Open House at North and South campuses on Thursday, December 6, 2012 from 5-8 pm.  This event provides an opportunity for students considering applying to the DACC, as well as current and former students to visit our programs, instructors, and facilities.This is a great opportunity to see what the Delaware Area Career Center has to offer.  The DACC also offers adult education classes.  Parents and former students may wish to consider these opportunities as well.   We hope to see you there. 

Perfect and Excellent Attendance


The DACC is preparing for an awards presentation for our first marking period.  Students with perfect and excellent attendance as well as students recognized as academic achievers will be recognized.  Parents and family members will be invited to the campus their student attends in order to see their student recognized.  Stay tuned for a December letter indicating the date of our student recognition ceremony.


Mock Interviews                                                        

Seniors will prepare over the next month to participate in senior Mock Interviews conducted at both North and South DACC campuses.  During this preparation period, students will create a resume, practice the roles and courtesies of participating in an interview, review do's and don'ts in regards to person or distance interviews and then finally participate in a practical interview with an advisor for the student's lab program.  Proper, dress, manners and language will be a focus, along with resume building.  Please ask your senior student about these important topics.  On November 26th, seniors attended a presentation by Mr. Dan Geske from Miami-Jacobs Career College.  The presentation entitled, Casting Call:  Why Should I Hire You? touched on all of these very important concepts. 


Application to college or career and technical post-secondary schools has been ongoing for many of our seniors.  Some may also move directly to the workforce after completing their program.  The time is now to discuss interviews and getting a job, to better employment with your student.  Interview skills for post-secondary college, university or training are just as critical.  We remind students that a great resume will get them an interview, but interviews are often used to "close the deal" on educational or career possibilities.  Feel free to have your student contact his/her DACC lab program instructor, guidance counselor, or Mr. Snouffer at South with questions about the senior Mock Interview process.  


ACT and SAT Scores


The guidance office asks students taking the ACT or SAT to send a copy of the earned scores to their DACC guidance counselor.  Mrs. Tornes and Mrs. McKinney can assist students in applying for scholarships or other available monies using verified scores from at least one of the two scores. 

DACC Students Visit Body Worlds at COSI

On November 8th, Mr. Lobdell's junior and senior Anatomy and Physiology classes, along with instructors from the Bioscience, Dental, and Health Techologies labs attended the Body World's exhibit at COSI in downtown Columbus. For more information check out the article on the DACC website.

Important Extension Numbers 


North Campus 

     Director: Mary Titus, 740-203-2201  
     Administrative Assistant: Debbie Pemberton, 740-203-2201
     North Attendance: Diane Reynolds, 740-203-2268

     Vocational Special Education Coordinators:

                Sheree Ellis, 740-203-2264

                Linda Teach, 740-203-2270


South Campus

     Director: R. Dale Hayes, 740-201-3210 
     Administrative Assistant: Anita English, 740-201-3210
     South Attendance: P.J. Taylor, 740-201-3211    

     Vocational Special Education Coordinator:

                Jackie Johnson, 740-201-3245       


Guidance: Emily McKinney and Kathy Tornes,

                 740-203-2218 or 740-203-2215


Give Us Your Feedback!
This newsletter was created with YOU in mind - that's right, you right there - you know who you are. So tell us what you think. We'll do our best to keep you informed with the news you want to hear about DACC. E-mail MowryA@DelawareAreaCC.org to submit your thoughts.