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DACC Newsletter

November 2, 2012

Greetings from Delaware Area Career Center!  We hope all students are enjoying their DACC experience.  We have a few items to update you with; hopefully you will find DACC's newsletter informative and useful.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the South Campus Director at 740-201-3210 or North Campus Director at 740-203-2201.

R. Dale Hayes, South Campus Director

Mary Titus, North Campus Director



Upcoming Events


November 5, 2012- College and Career Fair (Held @ South Campus)


November 19-20, 2012- School to Career Days


November 21, 2012- Parent Conferences Trade Day (No Classes)


November 22-23, 2012- Thanksgiving Break (Buildings Closed)


November 29, 2012- Parent Teacher Conferences (4:30-8:00PM)

  • To schedule a conference please contact Deb Pemberton at North Campus (740) 203-2201 or Anita English at South Campus (740) 201-3210

PSDT Donation


The Power Sports and Diesel Technology Program trains students for working on agricultural and heavy equipment, lawn and garden equipment, utility vehicles, ATV's, and automobiles. Learning to work on such things requires tools, which are very expensive for the school.  This is especially true during these uncertain times in educational funding.  Tractor Supply Company of Delaware generously donated several different hand tools to aide students with the necessary training needed to succeed in the Power Sports and Diesel field.  The donation of these tools will help current students and future students for years to come.


Student of the Month


The staff of DACC wishes to recognize all the students nominated for November's North Campus Student of the Month:


Sophomore/ Junior Nominees:

Christa Smith - Equine Science

Cameron Hood - Power sports and Diesel Technology

Brittany Harter - Cosmetology

Shane Bennett- Welding and Sheet Metal

Holly Bennett - Career Graphics

Mason Hill - Power Line Technician

Janae(Myca) Bell - Early Childhood Education

Donald Good - Welding and Sheet Metal

Marco Monsalvo - Automotive Technology


Senior Nominees:

Twylia Cook - Early Childhood Education

Justin Viers - Power Sports and Diesel Technology

Heidi Oswalt - Cosmetology

Erin Lockwood - Landscape and Turf Management

Riley Simpson - Cosmetology

Zac Caron - Powerline Technician

Amanda Petrime - Early Childhood Education

Anthony Monaco - Automotive Technology


The Sophomore/Junior November Student of the Month is Holly Bennett of Career Graphics.  The Senior November Student of the Month is Twylia Cook of Early Childhood Education.  Congratulations!


North campus students of the month are nominated by and voted on by north campus staff members. Every month a senior and a junior or sophomore, are voted Student of the Month based on their excellent attitude and commitment to learning.

DACC Student Ambassador Community Service Day


The Delaware Area Career Center Ambassadors along with Mrs. Reinhart led a Community Service Day at the Stratford Ecological Center located on Liberty Road in Delaware. The Stratford Ecological Center is a non-profit educational organic farm and nature preserve on 236 acres. Several DACC students, staff, and Ambassadors lent a hand with maintenance, repairs, and improvement projects such as: cleaning nature trails, fence repair, barn painting, and vegetable and apple picking. The DACC ambassadors look forward to hosting another Community Service Day at the Stratford Ecological Center in the near future.


Ambassador Community Service Day



Jim Flanagan and Frank McGarvey from Storytellers of Central Ohio were at The DACC North Campus on October 10th, 2012.  Jim and Frank spent the day telling stories to students and staff. Most of their stories were "ghost" stories, though they did tell some about their own past.  They stressed the importance of telling stories, how to "embellish" the facts to make a good tale, and the importance of listening to grandparents and other older family members.  Their stories were mostly moving, scary, or funny and sometimes all three!  Jim and Frank were able to be here at DACC because of a grant through Target.  They were also promoting the Delaware County library's Orange Branch's Storytelling Festival that took place the following Saturday (October 13th).


When they were leaving the building they were chatting with Mrs. Titus & Ms. Cremeans and said that the students at DACC were one of the best audiences that they have ever worked with in a school.  They found them to be great listeners as well as polite and attentive. 

School to Career Days


Keep an eye out for a letter to parents in grade card mailings about the School to Career days on November 19 & 20.  It is a reminder that most students will job shadow or do an online assignment provided by their teachers.  Those students who will help on that day will receive a special form asking for parent permission to participate.  If you do not receive a permission form to sign, your student is expected to complete the online assignment(s) and return them by Monday, November 26, 2012. 

Field Trip to Hobart


Welding and Sheet Metal  

On October 9th the Welding and Sheet Metal l & ll students visited the Hobart Institute of Welding Technology in Troy, Ohio.  Students enjoyed touring the campus, checking out the welding booths and classrooms, learning about their curriculum, and visiting the Hobart Gallery of Welding History.  For more information on Hobart please visit

Support DACC's FCCLA in Thirty-One Style


On November 29th (Parent/teacher conference night) from 4:30-8:00pm the Early Childhood Education program is hosting a Thirty-One Fundraiser.  This will be held in the ECE related classroom located next to the lab.  You can help the students and FCCLA by making a purchase, booking a party, or becoming a consultant.  Don't miss out!

College and Career Fair


The 7th Annual DACC College and Career Fair will be held at South Campus on Monday, November 5th, 2012.  The fair starts at 8:30am and ends at 2:00pm.  This is a great opportunity for students to meet and chat with different colleges and employers.  Parents are welcome to stop by (please sign in at the front counter upon arrival).

Parent Teacher Conferences

The next date for parent/teacher conferences is November 29, 2012. Please use your parent PowerSchool login and password to check your student's assignments and to use as a guide with your student's grade card.  This may help you with your decision to schedule upcoming parent/teacher conferences.

DACC Promoting Parent Partnerships

School-To-Career Days are soon approaching and a significant number of our students will be asked to job shadow while DACC showcases our programs to prospective tenth-graders from the surrounding area. Students who are not required to participate in School-To-Career Days must either complete written assignments or job shadow. Students will be charged with UNEXCUSED absences if they do not complete the written assignment or job shadowing experience. School-To-Career Days are scheduled for November 19 & 20.


The Association for Career & Technical Education defines job shadowing as "a work-based learning opportunity in which students explore a job by spending the workday as a shadow to an experienced worker."


Why Job Shadow?


Job shadowing provides for numerous opportunities for your high school student. For example:


  • Explore career options.
  • Find out what the field is like.
  • Make better career choices.
  • Know what skills are needed.
  • Create realistic career goals.
  • Develop possible career contacts.
  • Experience firsthand the world of work.
  • Observe "soft skills" such as customer service, teamwork, and professionalism.


Job shadowing has also been reported to be effective in getting students interested in school, reinforcing student learning, connecting classroom work with future career success, improving student achievement, and helping to motivate students to attend college.


Tips for Job Shadowing


A successful job shadowing experience requires planning and organization. Before your high school student goes on their job shadowing experience in a few weeks, please take an active role in their education and review the following tips with them:



1. Arrange for transportation well

    in advance.


2. First and foremost, remember

    the safety rules you were taught

    in your program.


3. Confirm the date, time, name of

    the person, phone number, and

    location of the shadowing



4. Arrive early. If you are not sure

    of the location, make a trip to

    the location the night before.


5. Dress appropriately and use

    proper hygiene. Leave the

    jeans, shorts, or tank tops at



6. Introduce yourself and shake

    the person's hand. Smile, be

    friendly, have good eye contact,

    and relax. Make a good first

    impression. Address people as

    Mr., Ms., Dr.


7. Turn your cell phone off.


8. Do your homework. Know

    something about the company.

    Read about them on their

    Web site. Have a few good

    questions to ask them.


9. Prepare for changes. If

    something happens and the

    shadowing experience has to

    be cut short, react positively

    and ask if you can reschedule

    for another time.


10. Make the best of your

      shadowing experience even if

      it is not what you had hoped

      for. Listen and learn all that

      you can. Be prepared to help

      and get involved if possible.

      Remember to gather some

      business cards for future

      networking. Bring along a

      notepad and pencil to take



11. Never ask for a job.

      Remember to send them a

      thank you note via e-mail or

      regular mail.



I hope that you have found these tips interesting and helpful. Remember to review these tips with your son/daughter and ask them about their job shadowing experience when they arrive home from school.

If you have any suggestions for future topics or wish to comment on the column, please e-mail me at        

                  ~ Mr. Tom Wilson

Important Extension Numbers 


North Campus 

     Director: Mary Titus, 740-203-2201  
     Administrative Assistant: Debbie Pemberton, 740-203-2201
     North Attendance: Diane Reynolds, 740-203-2268

     Vocational Special Education Coordinators:

                Sheree Ellis, 740-203-2264

                Linda Teach, 740-203-2270


South Campus

     Director: R. Dale Hayes, 740-201-3210 
     Administrative Assistant: Anita English, 740-201-3210
     South Attendance: P.J. Taylor, 740-201-3211    

     Vocational Special Education Coordinator:

                Jackie Johnson, 740-201-3245       


Guidance: Emily McKinney and Kathy Tornes,

                 740-203-2218 or 740-203-2215


Give Us Your Feedback!
This newsletter was created with YOU in mind - that's right, you right there - you know who you are. So tell us what you think. We'll do our best to keep you informed with the news you want to hear about DACC. E-mail to submit your thoughts.