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May 2014
Green Up Your Pond
Enhance Your Landscape
Rain Gardens, Project of the Month
Garden with Annuals
Green Up Your Pond

Add Unique Aquatic Plants


Aquatic plants are considered to be an excellent addition to any pond and are important to your pond's ecosystem. Vegetation provides cover, nesting areas and food for wildlife. It also helps increase oxygen production within the water, keeping your pond well aerated for any koi or other fish. Not only do these plants benefit the wildlife but they also add beauty to the pond itself.


Cedar Run Landscapes is beginning to stock up on all your aquatic plant needs. Please  contact us if you would like to set up a time to meet with our experts and discuss your aquatic plant needs. 

Helping To Enhance Your Landscape
Improve Your Outdoor Living Space    

Have you been thinking of improving your landscape but you're not sure where to start or can't seem to visualize what it is you want? Cedar Run Landscapes can help you define your needs and offer ideas by creating a landscape design for your property.


A well prepared landscape design can save you time and money while greatly enhancing your lifestyle. Our designs will compliment your home's architecture and aesthetic taste.  


Designs graphically illustrate the overall layout of your landscape with notes on design features, including storm water management, tree location and general plant placement. Let us help you plan for improvements by setting up an appointment with our designer.


Project of the Month

Rain Gardens


This month we are highlighting several rain gardens that our crews have created this spring. A rain garden is a depressed garden bed which collects storm water runoff from places like driveways, downspouts and sump pumps. 


Rain gardens help our waterways by capturing runoff before it hits the storm sewers. These gardens help clean and infiltrate storm water allowing excess nutrients  

and other contaminants to be captured in the bed while water is absorbed into the water table.


The plants which are selected for these gardens are most often native species that are adapted to tolerate the inundation of water for an extended period of time. These plants also provide habitat for local wildlife such as birds and butterflies.

Garden with Annuals

Add Interest to Your Landscape this Summer


Our yearly supply of annual flowers is soon to arrive. Blooming from mid may to the first frost, vibrant annuals add interest to the landscape. These great additions to the garden provide a dramatic and striking landscape all summer long. Their diverse colors and textures provide the gardener with numerous opportunities, filling in open spaces, defining an edge, or jazzing up an area with planter boxes and containers.


Would you like Cedar Run Landscapes to spice up your gardens with a diverse range of unique and colorful options? Contact our office to schedule your annual planting.  


We hope you enjoyed this month's newsletter. E-mail us with any suggestions for our future newsletters.



Kaitlyn Dibble