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April 2014
Photo Contest
Pond Maintenance
Blog: Invasive Species
Plant of the Month
Lawn Fertilization

Cedar Run Photo Contest

Win $100 Gift Certificate



Get your cameras out this season. Cedar Run Landscapes is hosting a Project Photo Contest. Post your favorite picture of a project we did at your home by June 15th on our facebook page. The winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to Joseph Ambler Inn.

  - Above photo courtesy of a current customer

Spring Pond Maintenance 

Getting Your Pond Up and Running 


Pond clean-outs should be done before plant life begins to fully emerge and pond bacteria haven't started colonizing, usually before the water temperature reaches 55F. A full clean out replaces nutrient rich water with fresh clean water, a process similar to the way spring rains and snow melt naturally flush out our natural ponds and lakes.


Cedar Run Landscapes provides full pond services and will soon be starting our annual spring clean outs. Even if you think your pond just needs some tidying up we would be glad to assist you. To be added to our list of pond maintenance customers, contact us at


Invasive Species 

Protect Your Local Ecosystem


Head over to our blog to learn about what invasive plant species are and what they do to our local ecosystems.  


Plant of the Month



Tiarella cordifolia is a wonderful native perennial with numerous cultivars. Commonly called the foam flower, this plant is happiest in part to full shade and likes average, medium, or well-drained soils. Depending on the variety, this plant will grow in a clump form to 2 feet wide or spread by runners forming a dense ground cover. Tiny, white or pink flowers with long stamens appear in spring for nearly 6 weeks. These guys will look great in a shaded rock garden, woodland garden, along a border or in a naturalized landscape.Tiarella is also known to be deer and rabbit resistant.   



Spring Lawn Maintenance

Weed Prevention    


If you prefer a weed-free lawn, spring lawn care is an important step in keeping a healthy green lawn. Applying an early spring fertilizer to your lawn will help give it a healthy boost. Incorporating a pre-emergent weed control, which prohibits seed germination, along with this fertilizer will prevent unwanted weeds such as crab grass, nutsedge, or dandelions from taking root.


Please contact us if you would like to schedule spring lawn care services.

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Kaitlyn Dibble