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March 2014
Striving for Excellence
Winter Damage
Plant of the Month
Organic Mulch
Hardscape Financing

Striving for Excellence

Dedication to Customer Service


Cedar Run Landscape's #1 priority in its 34 years of business has been to deliver outstanding service to our customers'. We believe that our consistent dedication to providing first rate customer service is what has provided the company with so much success over the years. Our staff's attention to detail and willingness to respond to our customers needs has allowed us to enjoy loyal, long term relationships. Cedar Run Landscape's success is in part due to the recommendations and referrals that so many of our customers have provided. Although we strive to become more innovative in our design/install approach and provide more organic and sustainable practices, the one thing that you will not see change is our dedication to serving our customers.

Winter Damage and Spring Cleanup

Preparing for a New Season 


This winter's weather has left many properties ravaged by ice, wind and snow. Cedar Run Landscapes is beginning to survey the damage and prepare our customer's properties for the spring. It's important to properly remove broken and damaged branches from shrubs and trees to help them recover from the harsh winter. Other issues that plants may have faced this winter include desiccation and salt damage. Unfortunately some plants will need to be removed as the stresses of the season have been too much for them to survive. As the cold weather subsides and the snows melt, the need for a spring clean up of your property will quickly become apparent. Contact us to schedule our crew to come out to your home and help maintain the health of your landscape and prepare it for the new season.  

Plant of the Month

Cornus sericea 'Cardinal'  Red twig Dogwood


Before the early spring buds emerge, I always try to notice plants that have special features in the winter garden. The Red Twig Dogwood provides a wonderful example as its interest lights up any space with salmon red stems. These stems begin to turn red in late summer to early fall and continue to brighten as the snow arrives. With the coming of spring tiny white flower clusters begin blooming, usually in May to early June. These flowers mature into bluish-white fruits which attract birds in August to September. In the autumn the dark green leaves turn to a reddish purple. This variety of dogwood can reach a height of 9' and spread to 12'.  Use these attractive shrubs in a wet area or rain garden. It is also a great screen or border. For best performance plant in a full sun to part shade.  

100% Organic Mulch

Land Care Services


Last month we introduced our new organic lawn care program. This month we are highlighting an exciting new product we are offering our customers, 100% natural organic mulch. This mulch is a mixture of natural hardwood bark and organic compost. Opting for use this organic choice provides many benefits to your landscape. This mulch will increase organic matter and nutrients available within the soil. It also introduces new microorganisms which will work hard to increase nutrient availability. By using this product you will strengthen the plants in your landscape while decreasing the need to use chemical fertilizers. This mixture of hardwood bark and compost is the closest match to what nature creates in the forest. Please contact us if you would like to use our Organic Mulch this spring.  

Finance your Landscape

E.P. Henry Project Financing


Have you been thinking about an overhaul of your property but are unsure how to handle the cost? Now E.P. Henry has made financing your landscape project budget friendly and convenient. Several of our customers have gone through the financing process with them and couldn't be happier. Financing allows you to take your dream and turn it into a reality without having the hassle of installing a project in stages. Whether installing a pathway, fire pit, patio, or retaining wall along with your landscaping, lighting & water features, financing is available. Head over to their website to learn more about how E.P. Henry's Project Funding program can help you move your project from "Maybe" to "Done!" 


We hope you enjoyed this month's newsletter.E-mail us with any suggestions for our future newsletters.



Kaitlyn Dibble