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September 2013
Concrete Paver Cleaning and Sealing
Fall is For Planting
Lawn Restorations
Pansies and Bulbs

Paver Cleaning, Sanding, and Sealing  

Clean and Protect Your Hardscape 

Just like any other exterior surface such as asphalt or wood, concrete pavers last longer when regularly

maintained. The accumulation of dirt, grime and organic matter in paver joints as well as on the surface can make patios, walks and driveways appear old and dirty. Additional discoloration will occur with heavy traffic and exposure to the elements. 


Cleaning, resanding and sealing concrete pavers will restore the beauty to your pavers while helping to protect your investment from future wear and staining. Head over to our Blog to read more about cleaning and sealing your pavers.  


If you have any of the following issues with your pavers, it is time to schedule a paver cleaning, resanding and sealing:

  • Accumulation of organic matter within joints and on surfaces
  • Mold, moss, algae, and mildew growth
  • Oil or grease stains
  • Food and beverage spills
  • Mineral deposits such as rust and efflorescence 
  • Weed or ant infestation

  Please contact Cedar Run Landscapes if you are interested in cleaning and sealing your hardscape by e-mailing us or by calling 215-653-0707.

Add to Your Garden This Fall
Why Fall is a Great Time for Planting  
Fall is a great time to install a new garden. Cool evening temperatures, abundant rainfall and warm soil provide an ideal planting environment. Warm soil conditions stimulate root growth that continue into winter until the ground freezes. With the first signs of spring, these roots will begin new growth. While the root systems of spring-planted plants react much slower in cool soil conditions, a fall-planted plant has already become well established, outperforming its spring-planted counterpart. Having a well established root system will also be beneficial to fall-planted plants once heat and drought arrives during the summer months.

If you are interested in making improvements this fall please contact our design team.


Lawn Restorations
Get on Our Schedule  

Our lawn restorations are in progress so please dont be left behind. Contact us if your lawn needs the help of a lawn care specialist. . For more information about what is involved in a lawn restorations head over to our blog.

Start Planning for a Pretty Spring
Plant Pansies and Bulbs   .1

Add drifts of color in your landscape for fall to early spring interest with Pansies. These colorful flowers love the cool weather and can bloom throughout the winter if it's mild enough. These pretty little things are edible and nutritional too.  


Fall is also the prime time for planting hardy spring bulbs. These pops of color will be a welcoming sign as spring arrives next year.  


We hope you enjoyed this month's newsletter. E-mail us with any suggestions for our future newsletters.



Kaitlyn Dibble