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August 2013
Lawn Renovation
Project of the Month
Storm Water Solutions

Prepare for a Fall Lawn Renovation

 Improving Your Turfs Appearance


The summer heat is here and your lawn may be in for a long hard fight. Make sure to get on our Fall Lawn Renovation Schedule.  

In most cases aeration, fertilizer, lime and water may be all that is needed to heal your lawn.  However, if 50% or more of your lawn has browned or is dead, it is time to do a full renovation. Cedar Run Landscapes can help your lawn regain that green vigor. 


 For a full renovation we will, 

  • Test your Soil - understanding the nutrient and pH levels of your soil will help us know what your lawn needs 
  • Dethatch - removing the thick dead organic layer between your lawn and soil will prevent future disease and pests
  • Aerate - providing space for air, water and nutrients to easily move to the grass roots
  • Slit Seed - planting lawn seed mechanically by slitting the soil, depositing seed and firming soil to set the seeds in place.
  • Fertilize - using a special formula to help your lawn thrive while minimizing runoff contamination      

Click the links below to learn more about lawn care:

Residential Lawn Management 

Lawn Challenge 


Please contact Cedar Run Landscapes if you are interested in a fall lawn restoration by e-mail or call 215-653-0707.

Project of the Month 
Improving with Simplicity


This summer Cedar Run Landscapes was asked to improve a backyard garden bed while providing access from the deck to the driveway and to hose bibs and the side garage door.  

Plans began in early spring to rejuvenate this area by removing an old tree, adding sod, defining garden beds, and installing a pathway.


The white string highlights the location of the future pathway


E.P. Henry DevonStone Chilton Steps have helped address the elevation change from the back deck to the driveway.  


Now the customer has a great foundation to create a lovely garden 


 This small project provided us with the opportunity to turn a portion of a property that was  neglected and unorganized  into a clean and practical part of the homeowner's landscape.Please Contact Us if you are interested improving your property.     


Storm Water Solutions
Sustainable water management

Storm water management systems can include a variety of elements that work together to capture, filter, and infiltrate storm water in order to minimize runoff that will end up in the municipal sewers. Rain gardens, bio swales, permeable surfaces, infiltration wells and harvesting systems can all be incorporated and interchanged depending on the site.  


To better understand these complex systems make an appointment to visit our office. Cedar Run Landscape's friendly and knowledgeable staff will walk you through our display gardens and explain your different options to managing your storm water. Highlighted below is a permeable driveway, rain water harvesting system, and rain garden.  


Permeable walkways, patios and driveways allow rain water to flow through the space between the hardscape materials and percolate into the ground instead of flowing over the surface.  
Our unique harvesting systems can be challenging to understand. Above is a cross section of what goes into the construction of these underground cisterns. The water collected in these systems provides a homeowner with the opportunity to conserve non-potable water use.

rain garden section
Rain Gardens and Bioswales help purify storm water by capturing runoff, allowing water time to percolate into the ground.


A Rain Garden collecting lawn runoff instead of it running into the street


Cedar Run Landscape's unique management systems often also incorporate waterfalls, streams, dry river beds and ponds to provide not only function but also beauty. If you would like to solve your storm water issues while beautifying your landscape please contact us.


We hope you enjoyed this month's newsletter. E-mail us with any suggestions for our future newsletters.



Kaitlyn Dibble