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June 2013
Mowing for Better Growing
Project of the Month
Pruning your Spring Flowering Shrubs

Mowing for Better Growing      

Proper Lawn Care Maintenance   


One of the most important ways to keep a well-groomed and healthy lawn flourishing throughout the year is to use proper mowing techniques.  


When mowing, it's important to keep an adequate amount of leaf surface in order for the grass to produce sufficient food. The height at which your lawn should be cut will vary depending on the variety of grass. Common grasses found in the Philadelphia area include Kentucky bluegrass and fine fescues which need to be cut at 2 inches.Other varieties such as tall fescue and ryegrass need to be even higher, at 2-3".  


The frequency of mowing also contributes to the success or failure of your lawn. Mowing should never exceed the removal of more than 1/3 of the existing leaf surface. Doing so stresses the plant as it struggles to produce enough food. Another error many may make is leaving excessive amounts of clippings on the lawn. If not removed promptly the grass will be smothered causing it to yellow and even die.       


For more information on how to improve your lawn through proper mowing techniques click here.


Project of the Month 
Pond Reconstruction


This spring Cedar Run Landscapes renovated an existing pond that had been installed by another contractor over 10 years ago. The liner had sagged in several places, the waterfall leaked, and the pond overall was not living up to the homeowner's expectations. By adding a new filtration system, re-contouring the footprint and installing new stonework we were able to improve the functionality of the feature while also improving its overall look. Below are before and after images of the project.  


 With a leaky waterfall, the feature did not provide the drama that the homeowner desired.

The waterfall is a single curved piece of stone, and the stream allows the koi to swim right up to the waterfall from the pond.  We directed one of the home's downspouts into the pond, and the pond then overflows into a rain garden nearby. 


We removed all of the pond's components, deepened and widened the pond, re-contoured the stream, and installed a skimming wet well and constructed wetland filter in place of the traditional skimmer box. 



The pond now has virtually no stone below the water line, and we installed a passive bottom drain to collect any sediment that the skimming wet well doesn't capture.  This pond has no filter mats of any kind, and the only maintenance involves removing leaves and debris from the skimming wet well.  The water is kept clean and clear through the use of phytofiltration, the layers of gravel and bog plants in the constructed wetland actively filter the water as it passes through the system. 



 This project allowed us to turn a pond that was a hassle to clean and maintain into a beautiful and interactive part of the homeowner's landscape.Please Contact Us if you are interested in installing a pond or other water feature this season.    



Proper Pruning

Pruning Calendar 

Early Summer Pruning  


If you would like Cedar Run Landscapes to help you with your summer pruning please contact us.



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Kaitlyn Dibble