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February 2013
Rain Water Harvesting Lecture
Spring is Around the Corner
Winter Lawn Damage

Rain Water Harvesting & Permeable Pavers

Educational Opportunity  


Join Alden Zove as he speaks about the different ways to harvest rainwater and minimize your stormwater run off.


Primex Garden Center on February 23rd at 1 pm


Seating is limited. You must RSVP @ 215-887-7500  



Spring is Around the Corner

Start thinking about your landscape needs 


Have you been thinking about giving your outdoor living space a make over?  Now is the time. Start planning for a new look this year with a landscape design. Our experienced design team will be able to provide ideas and create a beautiful unique space for you and your family to enjoy.  


groundhog day  

Winter Lawn Damage 

Improve the Look of Your Lawn 


The winter months can be unkind to our turfgrass areas. Mechanical damage from snow plows and other snow removal equipment along with chemical damage from deicing products can make a once beautiful lawn unsightly. Head over to our blog to get a few tips on how to repair winter damage.


We hope you enjoyed this months newsletter.  Please let us know if there is anything you would like us to write about in the up coming issues.
Alden R. Zove