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December 2012
The Pond Lifestyle
Winter Lawn Care
Project of the Month
Winter Pond Tips

The Pond Lifestyle    

Join the 'Water Garden Lifestyle' This Holiday Season  


 An integrated water feature within your landscape can create a tranquil backdrop for relaxing and entertaining. The sound and sight of flowing water provides homeowners with a therapeutic respite from a hectic day. Connect to nature by adding aquatic vegetation and fish. Attract wildlife that you otherwise wouldn't see such as frogs, butterflies, dragonflies, and birds.



Water features also provide a great setting for entertaining. Backyard water features create a gathering spot for friends and family. The adults can unwind and relax as children learn and play. Have your garden stand out from the rest. Add LED lighting to extend the time you and your guests have to enjoy your outdoor space. 


Give a Gift This Season: 

This holiday season Cedar Run Landscapes is offering 5% off any package in our Water Feature Brochure. With the range of items offered in our brochure you will find the perfect  gift for that special someone.  If you or a loved one want to be a part of the Water Garden Lifestyle this season, please contact us.


Winter Lawn Care    

Apply Dormant Fertilizer with a Pre-emergent weed control


Applying winterizing fertilizers just before your grass goes dormant will provide a boost of nutrients to your lawn, making your lawn more winter hardy. By using a fertilizer that has a Pre-emergent weed control mixed in you will be preventing weed seeds from germinating during the winter and early spring months.



Project of the Month

Revamping an Old Feature


Our customer asked us to replace their existing pond with a pondless water feature and create two freestanding walls to replace the hedge that was planted around their back patio.The Pondless feature provides the sights and sounds associated with a pond but without the maintenance.  


A Before Photo of Their Pond


Finished Pondless Waterfall Feature


Two Free Standing Walls Flank the Feature
Side Photo of Feature. The Freestanding Walls Create an Intimate Space for the Customer



Winter Pond Tips  

Keeping Your Feature Flowing 


Here are a few tips to help keep your pond running this winter. For more tips, head over to our Blog.


Cold Water Bacteria:

Add a cold water bacteria solution to help keep your pond water clean and clear. This beneficial bacteria solution is adapted to work in temperatures lower than 50 F to help reduce organic material and reduce ammonia, nitrite and other excess nutrients. Regular use of this bacteria solution throughout the cold months will help maintain water quality and reduce spring maintenance.


Healthy Fish:

Your fish will have a more difficult time digesting their usual food in the winter months. Switching to a wheat germ based fish food will keep them happy and full of the nutrients they need while being easily digestible. Be careful not to overfeed. You can feed 2-3 times a day what they'll eat in 5 minutes or less, then remove any excess food. When the water temperatures fall below 50F, it is time to stop feeding.


Aeration Pump:

If you shut off your pond during the winter, oxygenating the water is important. Place a small re-circulating aeration pump on the top shelf of your pond. This will help keep a hole in your iced over pond to allow harmful gasses to escape and oxygen to get into the water.


Pond Heater:

In areas where the aeration pump will not be enough to keep a hole in the forming ice, consider adding a pond heater. This product will prevent a portion of your pond from freezing over and allow for the necessary gasses  

to transfer in and out of the water.



Cedar Run Landscapes can supply you with all of these products and help you install them. If you are a DIY type, head over to our online store by clicking the link below to purchase these products and have them delivered directly to your door.




We hope you enjoyed this months newsletter. We wish all of our customers and associates a Happy Holiday Season. Please let us know if there is anything you would like us to write about in the up coming issues.
Alden R. Zove