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November 2012
Fall Clean Ups
Compost Tips
Pre-winer Lawn Care
Helping Local School

Time for Fall Clean Ups

Pick up those leaves before its too late 


Removing dead plant material and other leaf debris in your garden beds is a proactive step in establishing a healthier garden for next spring. Fall garden bed clean outs minimizes the places for insects and other diseases to ride out the cold winter months. This is not to say you have to chop everything in your garden down to the ground. Leaving healthy perennials that are evergreen and semi-evergreen can provide structure, form and color during the winter months.  

Cedar Run Landscapes provides full service leaf clean ups and fall garden maintenance. If you need help with your landscape cleanup please contact us.

Compost Tips
 What to do with all those leaves

Head over to our Blog to get some tips  on turning all your fall leaves into nutritious compost for your spring garden.
Pre-winter Lawn Care
Raising the Ph 


High acidic soils inhibit turf growth because important nutrients such as phosphorus, zinc and copper are not accessible to the root system when the soils acidity levels are too high. Adding lime to the lawn brings the Ph levels to a desirable range for these important nutrients to be available. Lime also furnishes calcium and magnesium which are both important plant nutrients.


Apply Dormant Fertilizer with a Pre-emergent weed control


Applying winterizing fertilizers just before your grass goes dormant will provide a boost of nutrients to your lawn, making your lawn more winter hardy. By using a fertilizer that has a Pre-emergent weed control mixed in you will be preventing weed seeds from germinating during the winter and early spring months.



Helping Local School Students
 Getting an ecosystem up and running


Cedar Run Landscapes makes every effort to promote educational opportunities that engage children to the natural environment. That is why we offered our expertise and services to help maintain the Knapp Elementary School's pond. Our pond specialist, Curtis Goldman, visited a few weeks ago to spruce up the the feature and cleaned out the system. We'd like to thank Knapp Elementary School for allowing us the opportunity to give back to the community and to help improve such a great educational experience for their students. 



We hope you enjoyed this months newsletter. Please let us know if there is anything you would like us to write about in the up coming issues.
Alden R. Zove
Cedar Run Landscapes