Large selection of German Smokers - 

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The Christmas Sleigh is pleased to offer to our online customers a small sampling of the wide selection of KWO & German Smokers that we carry in our retail shop in Middleburg, Virginia.  

What are German Smokers and where did they come from? - 
The German smoker has a long and interesting history that tells of the ingenuity and hardworking spirit that makes the German people so interesting and traditional in their ways of life. 


From the earliest beginnings of Christianity to the long held traditions that make the German people some of the greatest craftsmen in the world, the German smoker is a very special gift that has filled the homes and hearts of many families with joy for generations. 


Our FREE Gift to the first 10 Smokerman orders

The first ten people who order a smokerman will receive the following as our gift: 

One German Smoking House

One Box of CHRISTMAS Incense Cones Raeucherkerzen

One Box of German PINE Incense Cones Raeucherkerzen

One Box of SANDALWOOD Incense Cones Raeucherkerzen  
(a $25 value)

American based company, Ginger Cottages, take inspiration from the German smokers with this delightful incense burner. 

Place some incense inside and smoke comes out the chimney! It's quite the delight to see and everyone young and old loves 'em!

What good is a wonderful German smokerman without that fantastic German incense? 

The beauty of the incense is that while it comes in countless scents, they all share one thing in common...they all smell like a fireplace burning...with just a hint of the particular scent. 


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The first 10
The first ten people who order a smoker will receive the following as our gift: (online only)
One German Smoking House Sommerhaus

One Box of CHRISTMAS Incense Cones Raeucherkerzen

One Box of SANDALWOOD Incense Cones Raeucherkerzen
(a $25 value)