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German and Austrian Clothing

The Christmas Sleigh is pleased to offer to our online customers 

a small sampling of the wide selection of German and Austrian clothing, shoes and boots that we carry in our retail shop in Middleburg, Virginia. 

We are the supplier with the most extensive selection of high quality Austrian and German Tracht for men, women and children arguably in the country, and certainly east of the Rockies. 

If you are unable to visit us in beautiful Middleburg, please don't hesitate to call (540) 687-3665 or email us with your specific requests.

Whether its Irmi Lanz 100% made by hand sweaters that will take your breath away, or Suzanne Spatt girls dirndls, or exquisite mens cashmere blazers made of the finest quality cashmere, or incredibly well made leather boots and shoes, our products are guaranteed made in Austria, Germany and even Italy and of the highest quality.


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Merry Christmas!

Handstrickerei 'Irmi Lanz'
SALZBURG Handmade Sweater

Look at this fabulous color! Another exquisitely hand knitted, hand embroidered sweater jacket from LANZ of Salzburg.  The warmest sweater you will ever wear and possibly the most dramatically beautiful..
Adelheid 'Unschuldslamm' Women's   

These deep blue slippers are made out of natural wool felt. Made by Adelheid in Germany, you can expect the best in quality and design. 

They're sure to keep your feet cozy all year long, you won't want to take them off! 

They feature a soft lamb design and a sweet white bow, as if they weren't cute enough already.  


Bittner Austrian Men's Hat

Bittner Hats is located in the spa town of Bad Ischl in Austria. Since 1862, it has been the leading hat maker of its region.

"ORIGINAL ISCHL HATS" are handmade from top-quality fur felts either in the Ausseer style or as sporty hunting hats.


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Linda Dieter Rausch
The Christmas Sleigh
Austria Lanamoden
Made in Salzburg Austria.

Just beautiful red knitted sweater made in Austria. 

Tightly knit, this sweater is both soft and warm. Knitted in pure new wool, it is trimmed in rich green and decorated both front and back in lovely tiny flowers stitched into the sweater. 

Adorned with traditional Bavarian wooden buttons.