Approved by the Shepherdstown Town Council!      Spring 2016

In March we reached a major milestone in getting Shepherd Village built when the Shepherdstown Planning Commission voted to send our excellently executed Outline Plan on to the Shepherdstown Town Council for approval. Many of us attended that March meeting and were encouraged by the positive, supportive opinions expressed by several residents of Shepherdstown and by the Commission members.
So it was with high hopes that we went to the Shepherdstown Town Council meeting on May 10. Nineteen of us attended: the meeting room was packed, standing room only! More importantly, our hopes were realized! The Town Council approved the recommendation to change the zoning classification of our land from R-1 to Planned Unit Development and--ta dah!-simultaneously voted to approve our Outline Plan!
This means we have reached and passed another critical milestone. We now have the zoning that fits the design for our village; and with the Outline Plan approved, we can give the green light to our civil engineer to begin scoping out and drawing up where utilities, water, and sewer will go.

At the Town Council meeting, Nan, Kay, and Phil ably described who we are and what we plan to build. Phil deftly handled follow-up questions. Then two well-regarded members of the Shepherdstown community stood up to speak strongly in favor of our plan. We all applauded when the Town Council voted unanimously in our favor, and later we gathered happily outside on the sidewalk in front of the Town Hall to chat and enjoy the moment.

Interest in Shepherd Village was big at our Open House

Attendees  took a walking tour of the land
A surprisingly large number of people (20-25) came to our Open House on April 30 despite the chilly wet weather - including folks from Takoma Park who saw the flyer posted there, folks who read about the event in the Martinsburg Journal, someone who had a conversation with one of us earlier that morning, and someone who saw the Open House on a listserve and then signed up for the Orientation session the following Saturday!

Common House design moves forward

We have signed a contract with local architect Sara Lambert to complete work on the Common House.  On May 4, members of our design team  had a very encouraging and productive meeting with Sara, reviewing our consensed Program and identifying the areas still needing attention.  Then Sara set to work.  Stay tuned!

Conflict resolution workshop

As our community deepens, we want to create an environment in which differences and diversity of viewpoints are valued, and in which we can use our wide spectrum of backgrounds, gifts, and experiences to enrich and strengthen the fabric of our life together.  To this end, we hired facilitator Jeff Feldman to lead us in a conflict resolution workshop.  This he ably did on May 14.  We saw how our differing styles can work together and brainstormed ways we want to communicate and listen to one another, particularly during the inevitable, and quite normal, moments when opinions or values collide.  It was a rich, encouraging, and community-building day.

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