Shepherd Village has momentum...and a website!

We are on our way!                                          March, 2015
This is the inaugural edition of the Shepherd Village News!  You are receiving this email because you have expressed interest in staying informed about our vibrant co-housing community in Shepherdstown, WV.  Like us, you believe that the fall and winter seasons of life can be richly rewarding and creative and want to keep tabs on us as we  build a community that
  • encourages connection and mutual support,
  • allows for privacy,
  • affirms environmental sustainability,
  • is nestled in an interesting, culturally creative, and lively small town,
  • nurtures our continuing well-being and search for meaning as we age.
A lot has been accomplished!
We have purchased 19 acres within Shepherdstown and have grown to 15 household owners with more exploring becoming part of us every day.  We have hired Kathryn McCamant of Cohousing Resources as our development consultant. We are well into a search for an architect who meets our unique specifications and we are on the verge of partnering with a developer and builder.
We have a website!
Thanks to the creative talents and patient work of Nan Broadhurst, Bob Sabath, Leslie Williams, Ed Spivey and the "two cents" of all the pioneers, we have a beautiful logo and an amazing website!   Visit today!
Check out these upcoming events
March, 2015
  • March 10, 7:30 - 8:30 am - for Rotary Club meeting at Bavarian Inn in Shepherdstown. Project overview at 8 am.
  • March 14 and 28, 1 - 3 pm, - Saturdays, Two 2-hour Orientation Sessions about Shepherd Village for those with serious interest. Registration required. Optional Site Walk following. Location: 140 Fairmont Avenue, Shepherdstown. Contact 
  • March 18, 6:30 pm - presentation for Mt. Rainier community. 3806 30th Street, Mt. Rainier, MD. Contact 
  • March 24 (tentative), 8:30 am - Shepherd University Lifelong Learning Program's Cafe Society. Contact Charlotte Baker-Shenk for information, 301-801-2793
  • March 25, 8:00 am - Shepherd University's WSHC Radio Station Interview at 89.7. Contact Ellen Smith for information, 301 467 9516

April, 2015

 May, 2015

  • May 2 and May 16, 1-3 pm - Saturdays, two 2-hour Orientation Sessions about Shepherd Village for those with serious interest.  Registration required.  Optional Site Walk following.  Location: 140 Fairmont Avenue, Shepherdstown. Contact
  • May 29 - 31, - National Cohousing Conference. Durham, NC.